A Beauty Came To Heal Beast’s Life With Her Love (Part 2)


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Recap: “Ceremony at Gadodia House.”

Swara (shyingly looking at them): Yes Papa!!! I’m ready.

Hearing her voice everyone comes back in senses and Both Viren and Shekar goes towards her making her shy and looking down. Shekhar and Viren smiles at her shyness and praises for her innocence and beauty. Then trio have emotional hug.

Viren: See Shekhar my daughter is so shy to look at us.
Shekhar: Yeah you are right Viren!!! But what to do my daughter is so innocent to face people even her papa and baba.
Viren (patting her head): “Surely my Shona is a Divine by God see how mannerly standing in front of us like an obedient child so cute and (then he picks her head up by holding her chin with his palm) How Beautiful she is looking today in this engagement dress like an Angel.” (He said lovingly)
Shekhar(side hugs Swara): Yes!!! That’s why she is our Shona. Right Viren???
Viren(winks ?): Right!!!!
Shekhar (turns Swara towards him): You know Swara why we call you Shona????

Swara innocently nodes her head in no.

Shekhar (smiles ?): “Bcz Shona is a person…. Who is really kind, really loving and really Beautiful.(taps her nose by his finger) Just like my Swara. Which is the best thing ever happened in my or anyone’s life!!!Who always make everyone smiles with her silly talks and jokes, who gets everything she wants by showing her cuteness, who forgives everyone that tries to hurt her, who never lose hope, even being really sensitive she always stands for the right……. So in a way you are perfect Swara. Perfect!!! The most precious gift sent by God to us. We are blessed to have you. You always makes us proud and I know you always will be!!! And no need to worry as I’m sure your Mother is showering her love on you…… You know why I never missed your Mother. Cause she was here (cupped Swara’s face) in front of me inside you Swara. You are just like her and you never made me felt her absence. So never cry for any reason just don’t lose hope, have faith on God everything will be fine my SHONA!!!” (He said this all emotionally ?)

[Guys I know it’s too much emotional scene but what to do these parents na always makes us cry ? with their emotional talks….. Hehehe ?‚ see even Shekhar makes our Shona saddu!!! Just think about her makeup once yaar. With so many effort she got ready but you are spoiling it ? Okay!!! Okay!!! Now no more bak bak and move forward in the story]

Swara gets emotional and teary eyed so she hugs Shekhar and assures him to be a better daughter, wife and mother.

Swara (hugs Shekhar ?­): “No Baba!!! you are not the one who is Lucky I’m the one who Lucky to have such an nice father like you. You never made me feel that my mother is not with me. You always fulfilled every wish of mine. Never scolded me on my pranks. You are the best Baba in the world and I promise I will never let down. I will be a better daughter, a better wife and a better mother. This is the promise of SWARA GADODIA!!!!!”

Viren also gets teary eyed seeing the scenario in front of his eyes so to lighten the environment he speaks in b/w.

Viren: Haww!!! If he’s the best father. Then who am I??? hmmm!!!! (makes a pout face ?)

Shekhar and Swara release the and goes towards Viren.

Swara (smiles ?): You are the best Papa and he (point towards Shekhar) is the best Baba. Fine???
Viren (smiles ?): No!!! First also give me your tight hug then I will be satisfied.

Swara smiles and hugs him tightly while Shekhar was smiling at them. Soon Viren also ask him to join in hug and later all have group hug with Swara’s friends.

Viren (to Shekhar): Hey Shekhu!!! Do you need invitation card to join in just come here. (Saying this even Shekhar joins them in hug)
Uttara (wipes her tears): Hey Old people even we are here. You have done all your Emotional drama and not even asking for a hug. So mean!!!
Nikita (pats her shoulder): Right yaar!!! They trio forgot us. Aren’t we also their family??? (makes pout face ?)
Aradhya: Go we are not talking you!!! (Turns her back)
Viren (Releases the hug): Ohhh my Nautankies!!! How can I forgot you huh.
Shekhar: Right!!! So now stop your drama and come join the hug.

Girls smiles and joins them in hug. All have a group hug. After sometimes all breaks the hug and takes Swara down.

Shekhar (releases the hug): OK!!! OK!!! Now enough of this family drama and take my Shona to her Destiny. Right Shona!!!??? (Teases)
Viren (joins him): Yeah right!!! Today the ceremony is going to be flat by her beauty so what are we waiting for let’s rock the show!!! (winks 😉 )
Girls (UNISON): So Let’s go!!!

All takes her down in hall for the engagement ceremony.


Everyone is gathered in Hall to bless the couple of tonight for going to start a new relationship with each other which will also join their two families into one. All are ready to start the ceremony but Swara’s eyes are searching for someone badly who is the precious for her to attend this special day of her life but her search is disturbed by her father who knows the reason of her restlessness and ask her to the ceremony now it self. Soon the ceremony got completed with the deep thoughts of the couple of the evening.

Shekhar: Swara what are you waiting for start the ceremony. Whom are you searching for???
Swara: Actually Baba Bh……(she was cut by Shekhar who knew the reason)
Shekhar: Swara no need to waste time for others if they really care they will come. You just start the ceremony.
Swara: But Baba Bh…….(again cut)
Shekhar: Swara the Mahurat is getting late. It will be auspicious if you will not start the ceremony. Right now nothing is more important then your engagement so just concentrate on it rather than others.
Swara (nodes ?): Yes Baba!!!

Shekhar smiles and covers Swara’s face with Chunri as it’s their ritual. Soon the ceremony started with first the bride then the groom with sweet feeling of the couple.

Swara’s POV:
“I don’t know who you are, I have never seen you nor talked to you but I’m sure that you are perfect for me as my Baba choose you for me (smiles ?) and I promise that I will fulfill this responsibility with the core of my heart with honesty. I will never let you be ashamed. Today you are going to make me wear the of ring your name which is directly attached to my heart so from now onwards my heart is only belongs to you.”
Swara’s POV ends

She made the boy wear ring and everyone claps for them. On the other side the boy was also in his thoughts like Swara.

Boy’s POV:
“I’ve never seen you nor talk to you but I’m sure you are perfect as my Dad has chosen you for me. (smiles ?) It’s my promise that I will give you every rights and happiness you deserve and will never let you cry. Today you have made me wear this ring which is connected to my heart so from now onwards I’m only yours.”

[Wow!!! ? Both are thinking same how good of me na I wish even I would have been on Swara’s place but what to do I myself made these characters. ? OK!!! OK!!! Enough of my bak bak and get back to the story ]

He also made her wear ring and everyone once again whole heartily claps for them.


Then the bride and groom goes to separate places, The groom starts talking to the guest while Swara’s friends ask her the reason of being sad.

Nikita: Arey!!! Swara why are you sad??? Hawwww!!! ? Don’t tell me you didn’t like the groom or else we can exchange your place with Aaru. (winks at Aradhya ?) Right Aaru!!!
Aradhya: Right yaar!!! You can say Swara I don’t any problem. (acts like blushing ☺)
Swara: Shut up guys!!! I’m already worried and you are irritating me.
Uttara (concern): What happened Swara is everything fine???
Swara (sad ?): Yaar!!! They haven’t came yet.
Nikita: Aww!!! Now I understood why are you sad don’t worry dear they will come.
Swara (innocently ?): But when???

Before Nikita could say anything a voice came which makes Swara’s dull face into happy one.

Voice: Now!!!

All girls turn and saw a man of early 30’s in Brown designer Sherwani standing. Swara seeing the person happily goes to the him and hugs him tightly.

Swara (breaks the hug): Where were you??? (innocently ?)
Person (cups her face): Sorry my Shona but what to do this work na and even after that your Bhabi, don’t know how much time these girls take for this final touch up.
Another voice came from backwards: So you are complaining against me to your sister.

Both turns back and saw lady of late 20’s in Orange colour designer Saree with Golden blouse and borders coming towards them. Swara gets happy seeing the lady and runs towards the lady and hugs her.

Swara: Bhabi!!! ? (hugs her)
Lady (breaks the hug): How are you Swara and congratulations.
Swara: I’m fine Bhabi and thank you.
Guy: Hey you both forget me!!! And Shona you are more excited to meet your Bhabi than me. How mean!!!
Swara: Coz I’m angry with you. You came late so that’s your punishment. Adharsh Bhaiiiii!!!! (she said stretching the name)

Yes the Person is Adharsh Gadodia and the lady is Parineeta Gadodia Adharsh’s Wife.

Adharsh: Not fair yaar!!! (he makes a pout face ?)
Swaneeta (UNISON): Everything is fair in Love & War.

Adharsh again makes pout face while Swaneeta (Swara & Parineeta) Laughs and gives Hi-fi seeing his condition.

Uttara: So finally you came Bhai Bhabi. You know Swara was really sad seeing that you both are not here in the most special occasion of her life.
Adharsh (side hugs Swara): Ohh!!! My little sissy was so sad sorry this will never happen again promise.
Swara: Pakka!!! Pinky Promise. (she said childishly ?)
Adharsh: Yes!!! Pinky promise. (Hugs her)

Everyone was admiring the sweet bond of the brother and sister but there was one person who was not at all happy with this bond and that was the jealous SIL of Swara who thinks that her husband is giving more importance to his sister above her. There was a mask of sweetness on her but evilness can be seen in her eyes which was unnoticed by everyone but those eyes wanted to burn Swara alive for getting the attraction of her husband. Soon they all heard a voice to bring them back to their senses.

Shekhar: So finally you came or else I didn’t thought that you will even remember about it or not. (Rudely)

Swadharsh (Swara & Adharsh)
breaks the hug and saw Shekhar coming towards them. Shekhar comes and stands in b/w Swadharsh.

Shekhar: So finally you got time to come here.
Adharsh: Dad!!!……. (try to explain but couldn’t)
Swara (trying to sort out): So what’s the big deal Baba at least Bhai came for me leaving his important work that is enough for me.
Shekhar: Yeah I know which important work is that…..(cut by Swara)
Swara: Baba please!!!! ?Today is my engagement so don’t spoil my mood with these useless talks plssssssss (she said pleadingly ?)
Parineeta (in mind): What an actor don’t know how she traps everyone in her trap. I just hate her.
Shekhar (melts): Fine go enjoy even I’m going from here. I have to bids bye to Viren’s son. He got some urgent work so he has to leave today itself.
Adharsh (surprised ?): He is going on his engagement day???
Shekhar: Yes!!! Do you have any problem??? (rude but calmly)
Adharsh: But haven’t even met him yet!!!
Shekhar: You don’t need to worry Adharsh he’s a nice guy, I myself have seen him and talked to him and I have also investigate about him. He’s a really good match for Shona and moreover we can trust him as he is Viren’s son.
Adharsh (calm): Fine if you say so!!! Till then I will talk to others.

Shekhar nodes and leaves. While others start talking and like this the time passes and all guests leaves. Now it was time for Parish to leave for home so they bids bye to Swara and ask permission from Shekhar to send her to Parish’s mansion for a whole day.

Adharsh: Shona we will leave now as it’s really late and I have to attend an important meeting so bye.
Swara (sad ?): You are leaving Bhai but I wanted to spend some more time with you and Bhabi.
Adharsh: Aww!!! My Shona don’t be sad (cups her face) look you want to spend some time with us na so come my home and spend whole day there with us.
Swara (excited ?): Really!!!! I will surely come but (sad ?) Baba!!!

Adharsh understand her situation and gets sad. At that time Shekhar also came there who listened their conversation. Seeing Swara’s sad face he melt.

Shekhar: It’s alright Swara!!! Day after tomorrow it’s Sunday even your College will be off so you can go.
Swara (excited ?): Really Baba!!!
(hug him then kissed on cheek) Thank you!!!
Shekhar (smiles ?): Your always welcome my dear!!!
Adharsh (smiles ?): OK!!! So I will leave now Bye.
Swara: Bye Bhai!!! ?

With that Adharsh and Parineeta left for Parish mansion.


In Swara’s room

Swara was near the window of her room and was admiring the beauty of Moon. She was in her night dress. She was wearing a loose cream colour silk T-shirt with the Logo of “LOVE IS LIFE” on it and a White Plazo.

Swara (smiles ?): Hahhh!!! Swara you will be someone’s wife and from now onwards you have to be more responsible to your duties. (She looks at Moon) Wow!!! Even you are happy for me right that’s why you are glowing this much today. I know you have seen my to-be-hubby and he must be perfect. You know na Baba and Papa both try to show me his pic but I never see. You know why cause I want to see him with my own eyes so that I can save that movement forever in my heart. I want to feel that emotion of love b/w us. I know I’m crazy but what to do I’m just like this so will wait to meet him. Okay good night my dear friend and give me some sweet dreams. Bye!!! Love you!!! ?

She goes to her bed and sleeps peacefully without knowing about fact soon going to come in her life which will change her life. While the Moon, Stars and Nature was showering their love on her seeing her innocence and blessed her to get some strength to understand fact what destiny will bought for her.


With whom Swara got engaged??? Why Shekhar was rude with Adharsh and Parineeta??? Why Adharsh and Parineeta stays separate from Shekhar and Swara??? What game will destiny play with Swara???
Stay tuned to know more!!!!!


Guys here is the second part of my FF!!! Hope you all like it and please leave your precious comments!!!

Credit to: Tooba

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