A Beauty Came To Heal Beast’s Life With Her Love (Part 1)

Hey guys Tooba is here and thanks a lot for this much response I’m really glad plsssss keep supporting me like this and leave your precious comments which meant really much for me. Some were saying that it is like drama Bashar Momin but need to read further to know whether it is really like that or not.


@ Night In city Kolkata

A house is shown of 700 square feet, not much bigger than high class people but well-established, white colored walls with grey embroidery, well designed wood doors, neat Garden which is decorated with flowers and lights on tree and from inside the house there’s a small place with glass door and in inside it is clearly seen that it is a swimming pool room which is decorated lilac colour curtains everywhere, the pool is filled with Lilies roses and diyas, then some rooms are shown decorated and then a big Hall is shown which is filled with Guests, the hall is decorated with Jasmine, Rose, Lilies and Sunflowers flowers from everywhere especially the pillars and stairs, every corner of Hall is decorated with curtains.

It is clearly seen that a ceremony is going on and A man is shown instructing servents everything then suddenly he heard someone’s voice calling him.

Voice: Shekhar now just stop it yaar!!! And bring my Daughter fast.

The man turns (He is non other than Shekhar).He smiles and came towards the other man.

Shekhar (pointing towards man): For your kind information she’s still my daughter, and your to be daughters-In-law.
Man: Hawww!!!! That’s not fair yaar!!! I agree that you are her biological father but for a girl her In-Laws are her own. You understand Mr. Shekhar Gadodia, and for your kind information I was the one who used to take care of her in your absence. You always gone out for your absence. You always gone out for your work and sometimes haven’t come for days so she is my daughter understand.

Shekhar was listening him calmly and was smiling at his childish behavior and tried to stop him.

Shekhar (trying to calm him down): Hey my friend!!! My bro Viren!!! Just calm down yaar!!! Uff Okay fine!!!No one can win from you she’s all yours….

(The Man is non other than Viren Mathur).

Viren: Yeah!!!! You better get that she’s only my daughter!!! understand!!!
Shekhar (smiles): “Yeah!!!! understand boss!!! Now will you please give a tight hug after all our relationship is going to more stronger yaar. We are going be Samdhi”.

[Sorry guys I don’t know what do we say Samdhi in English]

Both Laughs and hug each other emotionally. After sometimes both breaks the hug. Both compose themselves and tries cheer each other.

Shekhar (breaks the hug): Okay now more emotional drama yaar!!! If your Saddu daughter will see you like this na then surely I’ve to reinvent the house as bcz the flood will come in my house in the form of her tears!!!
Viren (Fake anger): “Hey!!!! Don’t you dare to say anything about my daughter. She’s such a Divine of God!!! Not like you Hitler…. Hmmmfffff.” He said making a pout face.
Shekhar Laughs at him and gets a deadly glare from Viren. He stops deadly glare from Viren. He stops Laughing but after sometimes both starts Laughing and side hugs each other.
Shekhar (laughing): Ohhh God Viren!!!! Hahaha you are still like childhood Stubborn, Funny and Angry bird. Hahaha….. Now I understand why your son doesn’t live with you. If I’m Hitler then you are Mogambo!!! Hehehe.
Viren: Hahaha right yaar!!! Sometimes I really get childish. But Mister!!! My Son loves me from core it’s just his job bcz of which he is away from me. Understand!!!
Shekhar: Hahaha!!! Yeah understand by the way don’t you want to meet your daughter or I say my daughter hmmm
Viren: Oh God I totally forgot. I eagerly want to see her.
Shekhar: So shall we move!!! He winks at him and side hug him.
Viren(response back to the hug): Yes let’s go!!!
Shekhar: To our Sweet & Cute daughter…..
Shekhar & Viren (Shouts looking up): Shonaaaaaa!!!!!!


A room is shown of Pink colour with dark Pink shades and White embroideries. It is decorated with traditional show pieces, the corners of room are decorated with net lilac coloured curtains with flowers. There’s a big comfy bed of white sheet with baby pink velvet blanket on it, at the back wall of bed there’s a design of an big Peacock showing it’s back, the design of the Peacock is drawn in Rainbow colour with colourful Beads and glitter touch on it. The room is looking simple yet really beautiful with Natural beauty. Some girls are shown helping a girl to get ready and also teasing her for some purpose.

Aradhya: Yaar!!! You are soooooo Lucky…. you know that your to-be-hubby is soooooo handsome!!!!! Hahhhhh yaar I just fall for him!!!! (Acts like Dreaming)
Nikita(Kavita from serial): Arey!!!!! Yaar don’t say like that or else that Handsome’s to-be-wife will kill you. (Giggling ?)
Uttara: Yaar stop it guys or else you all will kill the bride by making her shy and blush. Then with you all I will also have sh. Then with you all I will also have to go in jail for killing a girl on her engagement day!!!!

[Even she’s giggling, naughty girls ?]

The Girl was listening them and was smiling at their teasing. Her Pink heart-shaped are shown which were smiling lightly, then her ears are shown in which she was wearing long Jhumkas, Her forehead is shown in which her hairline is decorated with Tika and then she put a Bindia on the center of her head, Her big sparkling black eyes are shown in which anyone can fall. Soon suddenly they all heard a voice to stop their teasings.

Aradhya: Yaar Nikita if he shouldn’t be Shona’s to-be-hubby then there’s would have been a chance for me…. ryt!!! (She ve been a chance for me…. ryt!!! (She ask desperately)

[Hawwww ? silly girl!!! Keeping a bad eyes on your jiju!!!! Very Bad ?]

Nikita: No yaar there would have been no chance of you as Handsome boys doesn’t make psychos as their GF…..(Saying this she Laughs with Uttara)
Aradhya: Hawww…… So mean!!!! Go I’m not talking to you (She makes a pout face ?)
Voice: Now if your teasings are over so can we see the bride now!!!!

All girls turn and found Shekar and Viren there!!!!

Aradhya: See na uncle they all are making fun of me (making pout face ?)
Viren to(Nikita & Uttara): Hey girls why Viren to(Nikita & Uttara): Hey girls why are you saying that. Even she’s a human don’t say like that…..Ryt Aaru (Aradhya’s Nick name)
Aradhya (with a winning smile): Ryt uncle
Nikita: Uncle that’s cheating you are taking her side you don’t even know what was she saying…..(even she makes a pout face ?)
Viren: Arey!!!! I heard everything and why are you saying that Handsome boys can’t get psychos GF……(To Aradhya lovingly) Don’t worry Aaru we will get a more Handsome and Dashing boy than my son for you OK after all no one will get such a beautiful psycho like you ryt…..
Aradhya: Really!!!! (Hugs him) Thank you soooooo much uncle!
(Realized what he said then breaks the hug and saw everyone giggling)
Aradhya: You all are making fun of me ? even you uncle!!!
Then all starts laughing and giggling including Aradhya. Then soon they asked for bride.
Shekar: OK Ok stop and take the bride or else the Mahurat will get late.
Viren: Yes you are right!!! Ok so(To the girl lovingly) you are ready Shona?

The Girl who was sitting on the seat stands then slowly turns. Her face is revealed she is non other than Swara, (Swara Gadodia).

Everyone get mesermined seeing her Beauty she was looking Divine in that Pink Lehenga which had Golden printed work on it and the corners of the Lehenga was swing in Pearl chain. Then at the top of Lehenga she was wearing a dark Pink Chunri which was going from her waist to shoulder and then another Chunri on her head. Both the Chunries had Pearl work on it.
She smiles lightly and very at very low and shy tone replies making them come back in senses.

Swara (shyingly looking at them): Yes Papa!!! I’m ready.

Screen freezes on Swara’s smiling face.

Precap: Swara and the boy’s POV, Swara gets happy seeing a man.


Here is the part 1 of my FF will come back soon.

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