Sasural Swaragini Ka 23 (RagSan, SwaLak and RoSid)


Hello everyone Dafsi here with another episode of my ff and yeah here we go.

Sasural Swaragini ka Ep 23

The episode starts with Ragini getting ready in front of the mirror. Sanskaar comes out of the washroom and is awestruck to see Ragini. She has worn a red saadi and is combing her hair. Sanskaar comes and stands behind her while Ragini pretends to be angry. Sanskaar comes and hugs her from back.
Sanskaar : You look beautiful in this saadi.
Ragini blushes but doesn’t show it to Sanskaar. Ragini releases her from his grip and moves aways. Sanskaar fumes.
Sanskaar : Anger on top of your nose.
Ragini : If you don’t get reay I’m gonna leave alone.
She leaves banging the door behind while Sanskaar drop his jaw to the ground.
Sanskaar : Attitude.
Ragini smiles while getting downstairs.

Ragini’s POV
Look Mr. Sanskaar Maheshwari what is your wife is upto. You will have to bear the punishment for peeping the room and yelling at me
Ragini’s POV ends.
Ragini goes to kitchen and finds Ap and Anamica preparing dinner along with Pari.
Ragini : Maa I and Sanskaar are going to our house for dinner.
Ana : Ohh okay beta be careful and go.
Ragini : I thought of taking Laksh along with us as Swara will also come.
Ap : Very good idea beta, they will at least get time to speak with each other.
Ragini nods and leaves. She goes to Laksh’s room and knocks it. Laksh opens the door.
Ragini : Laksh I and your bhai are going to dinner to our place, why don’t you join?
Laksh : Why should I be the third wheeler?
Ragini chuckles.
Ragini : Your wheel is also coming so come join.
Laksh feels embarrassed but nods.
Ragini and Laksh are waiting for Sanskaar in the car.
Ragini : Your bhai is very slow at dressing I have no idea how am I going to tolerate him for the life time?
Laksh : Arey what am I supposed to do?
Sanskaar comes, Laksh gets in front while Ragini in the back. He has worn a white t shirt and black balzer with blue denim while Laksh is in dark blue shirt, black leather waist coat and blue pants.

Ragini : We will pick Swara on our way.
Sanskaar nods and drives off, they go to BM to pick Swara. Swara comes out wearing a long yellow anarkali with her hair left open, she smiles looking at Laksh and Laksh smiles back. She gets in and Swara hugs Ragini.
Swara : After a long time Ragini.
Ragini : Haa Swara its been long time that we went out together.
Sanskaar is smiling looking at Ragini’s happy face while Laksh is looking at Sanskaar. Ragini notices Sanskaar is lost in her.
Laksh : Bhai don’t you have any idea of driving off?
Sanskaar nods and drives and suddenly his car break down.
Ragini : What happened?
Sanskaar : The car couldn’t carry you weight maybe it broke.
Ragini fumes while Swara chuckles.
Laksh : Stop kidding bhai. Now what are we to do?
Ragini : Ask your bhai to get down and push the car.
Sanskaar : Yeah you are very thin that I have to carry you.
Ragini grits her teeth and gets off the car and bangs the car door while Sanskaar laughs at her cute behavior. Ragini leans to the car and folds her hand crossed.
Laksh : Wait let me call someone.
Laksh takes out his phone and doesn’t find coverage.
Swara : Let me check, (She also doesn’t find coverage) No coverage.
Ragini taps the window and Sanskaar rolls down the shutter.
Sanskaar : Now what?
Ragini : I’m hungry.
Sanskaar rolls up his eyes while Ragini looks on cutely pouting her lips.
Sasnkaar : Shall we go back home then?
Ragini : Ma must be waiting for us.
Sanskaar : Then let’s walk for a while and find any other vehicle and go.
Sanskaar gets down while Laksh and Swara too gets down. Sanskaar locks the car and all four of them walk. Ragini is really hungry she keeps on holding her stomach and Sanskaar notices it. He thinks of a way to calm her hunger but doesn’t find any solution as there are no shops or houses in the road. Swara was walking and her legs get tripped and she falls down and her leg gets sprained. Laksh rushes to her.
Laksh : Are you okay?

Swara shakes her head and gets teary.
Swara : It is hurting.
Laksh makes her stand with the help of Ragini.
Ragini : Who asked you to wear this big wages?
Swara stands up and is unable to walk. Laksh sighs and carries her. He starts walking while Swara looks at him lovingly. Ragini smiles looking at them and she looks at Sanskaar and frowns. They start walking and they reach the main road. Sanskaar stops a taxi and they get in to it and they reach GM. After few formal talks and after they finish having their dinner they leave taking Ragini’s car. They reach BM. Laksh carries Swara and walks to in to the house while Sumi, Sid and Uttara are shocked. Ragini and Sanskaar are in the car.
Sumi : What happened beta?
Laksh : Nothing ma just a small sprain, if you don’t mind can I drop her in her room?
Sumi : Sure beta there is no problem at all.
Laksh takes Swara up.
Uttara : Jiju is really sweet and caring.
Sumi nods, scene shifts to the car. Laksh reach Swara’s room and places her on the bed and smiles, he turns to leave and Swara holds him by his wrist.
Swara : Are you sure of marrying me? You don’t have to marry me with the family pressure and think that I’m your bhabhi’s sister or jiju’s sister.
Laksh chuckles.
Laksh : You are the one who is going to live the life with me, not bhabhi or jiju. So why should I think about them to marry you.
Swara : But I’m having a bad name in your family. I loved you elder brother and was the reason for separating you other brother.
Laksh : But you are the reason why I am living right now.
Swara looked at Laksh lovingly while Laksh left tapping her cheek. Ragini is looking out of the window and lost in his thoughts and Sanskaar is looking at Ragini.
Sanskaar : Ragini how much do you eat a day?
Ragini looks at Sanskaar and frowns.
Ragini : Listen, I and you are enemies don’t try to speak up and get me cooled.
Laksh comes and gets in and Sanskaar drives it off. They reach home and it is late night. Laksh runs up while Ragini starts climbing the stair case and two hands suddenly caries her. Ragini looks at Sanskaar shockingly.
Ragini : Leave me down Sanskaar what if someone sees?
Sanskaar : I’m carrying my wife not the next door man’s wife.
Ragini : It is fine you and I are enemies. (Sanskaar reaches their room) don’t try to cool me down with these buttery works. (Sanskaar closes the door by his leg) You didn’t lock the door.
Sanskaar : Then you do it.
Ragini : Leave me down.
Sanskaar : Can’t.
Sanskaar moves forward.
Ragini : Okay I will lock. (She bolts door) Now leave me.
Sanskaar walks to the bed and sits making her sit on his lap while Ragini blushes, she had her hands wrapped around his neck both of them share an intense eyelock.
Sanskaar : You look too hot and beautiful today in this red Saadi.
Ragini’s cheeks turned to the exact colour of her Saadi and Sanskaar pecked her red cheek. Ragini releases from his grip and stands up while Sanskaar smirks and stands up. He stood behind her and wrapped his hand around her waist and Ragini closed her eyes. He dragged her closer tightening his grip. Sanskaar gently moved her long layered hair to a side and Ragini shivered to his touches. Sanskaar pecked her neck and planted few wet kisses on trace while Ragini closed her eyes tightly and he added few love bites while she gasped. She turned and looked at Sanskaar with her lips apart and eyes smiling while Sanskaar raised one of his eyebrows and Ragini nodded back and hugged him tightly clutching his shirt. Sanskaar carried her and placed her on the bed and pecked her forehead and they shared an intense eyelock he kisses her lips it was a soft one in the beginning it turned out to be a passionate one with minutes. He switches off the light and they consummated their marriage.

It is morning and Ragini awakes and finds her on Sanskaar’s chest. He still had her hand wrapped around her and a soft smile on his lips. She just lied back beside him and hugged him back. Sanskaar awoke and found her on her chest with closed eyes and she leaned to peck her and Ragini suddenly opened her eyes.
Ragini : Trying to take advantage?
Sanskaar shakes his head and dragged her on top of him.
Sanskaar : There is no any need to take advantage while you are sleeping biwi ji, now you are awake and I’m ready to take advantage even now.
Ragini holds his ear.
Ragini : You are getting alte for your hospital, it is you last day on duty.
Sanskaar : It is fine I have no any appointments so I can leave late.
Ragini shrinks her eyes.
Ragini : Sanskaar…
Sanskaar : Okay I’ll be a good boy.
Ragini smiles and nods.
Ragini : I love you.
Sanskaar caresses her hair.
Sanskaar : I love you more.
Ragini kissed on his lips leaving Sanskaar shock but he reciprocates it and it lasts for few minutes.

Scene shifts to the dining table where Pari is arranging the table. Ragini is seen struggling to wear her saadi in hurry. Sanskaar comes out of the washroom finds Ragini struggling.
Sanskaar : What happened jaan that you are struggling to wear it?
Ragini : This saadi is slippery and is hard to wear and I’m getting late to go down. I’ll wear another one.
Sanskaar : Wait let me help you.
Ragini : Do you know to even hold a saadi.
Sanskaar walks to her and makes her turn holding her waist with his wet hands while Ragini gasps. Sanskaar neatly takes the pleats and pins it and tucks it. He finishes making her wear and looks at Ragini’s blushing face with closed eyes. He just kisses her shivering lip and Ragini opens her eyes and finds her wearing the saadi very neatly and tidily.
Ragini : When did you learn to wear Saadi?
Sanskaar : Last night.
He wears his shirt.
Ragini looks at him confusingly.
Ragini : Last night?
Sanskaar walks to her and leans to her ear.
Sanskaar whispers : While I was unwrapping it I got to know how many pleats to take how to take and all.
Ragini : Really?
Sanskaar laughs looking at Ragini’s shocked face.
Sanskaar : Yeah really.
Ragini : You are seriously a corrupted jerk.
Sanskaar laughs.
Sanskaar : I was kidding baby, actually there is nothing to learn in it. In fact I just only tried making you wear it. I was just observing very carefully how you usually wear and tried it today.
Ragini : Still you are jerk only, you have been watching me wear saadi.
Sanskaar : I have been watching my wife wearing Saadi not anyone else.
Ragini : No matter what you say can’t change the fact you are a jerk.
Ragini leaves fuming while Sanskaar laughs. Ragini reaches the kitchen and works very hyper and happy everyone notices it. Everyone comes to the dining table and sits. Ragini and Roli starts serving along with Pari.
Sanskaar : Day after tomorrow we are having the fight at night 9.35 p.m.
Everyone looks on worriedly while Sanskaar also looks upset. Ragini feels bad as everyone is suffering because of her. She just looked at everyone’s faces and looked at Sanskaar. Everyone finished eating, Ragini ran up stairs to get Sanskaar’s stethoscope and suit case. She picked them up and came out of the room and collided with Sanskaar. She looked at him and tried hard and ended up smiling yet through her tears, he wiped them and looked in to her eyes. He could understand the pain what she would be going through. He pecked her forehead and left taking the stethoscope and the suit case. She just wiped and went to Roli’s room as she was the only person who Ragini could speak freely after Swara. She knocked the door and Roli opened.
Roli : Come in Ragini.
Ragini : I have to speak something important with you.
Roli and Ragini sit on the couch.
Roli : Bolo Ragini.
Ragini : I’m planning to stay back.
Roli is shocked as well as happy.
Roli : Are you serious?
Ragini nods and sighs.
Ragini : Though Sanskaar is okay to leave the family for me for two years he doesn’t seem so happy. He himself united with the family after year and I don’t want to be the reason to separate him again. I can continue my studies here too.
Roli : I’m really happy about your decision Ragini but your dream?
Ragini : It was just a dream to study in Australia and I did study but now I can’t be selfish Roli. I can study the same thing here right? Also I have to fulfill the duties of a bahu towards her sasural.
Roli nods and hugs Ragini.
Roli : I’m really lucky to get a bhabhi like you.
A voice from behind : And I’m really lucky to get a bahu like you.
Ragini breaks the hug.
Ragini : Mom.
Anamica comes and caresses her hair. Ragini stands up and Anamica hugs her.
Ana : Are you really not going?
Ragini nods and Anamica’s eye get welled up.
Roli : I’m so happy ma
Ragini : But I’m not sure if he will accept it.

It is night Sanskaar is busy on a phone call and Ragini comes out of the washroom. She ties her hair in to a bun and sits beside Sanskaar and he drags her to his ches. Ragini smiles and encircles her hand around him. Sanskaar hangs up and drags Ragini to his lap and unties her bun.
Ragini : Sanskaar…
Sanskaar doesn’t respond but slowly leans towards her.
Ragini : Sanskaar…
Sanskaar just pecks her lip and she stands up leaving Sanskaar shocked.
Ragini : We will stay here forever I don’t want to leave this house.
Sanskaar stands up and makes her turn and finds her in tears.
Sanskaar : Are you okay? Now why are you crying?
Ragini : I don’t want to ruin the happiness of this family, please let’s stay here. I can study here. I really love it in this way. Early morning puja, preparing food eating with the whole family, we both can leave together and come together, family time, functions, I don’t want to miss anything. I just want to be here.
Sanskaar smiles and hugs her and caresses her hair.
Sanskaar : Okay we will stay.
Ragini hugs him back tightly.

Screen freezes on their hugging position.


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