How can I forget you still I am alive episode -1


Hllo everyone.. thanks a lot for this Much support… I don’t think this much.. at the time of writing.. I think it will be the most stupid one.. but your comments make me it is not like that.. sorry for no updates on yesterday… I am somewhat busy… and I get some little time.. at that time I need to read my favorite ffs… so after this.. I will tell you I Will punctual. And if there is no ff on tomorrow I will inform you all.. so let’s get into story..
Purab: di.. please.. I knew your pain and situation… I can’t leave u alone.. I promised my bulbul that I will always be with you.. I can’t break my promise to her… if I do so she will started to hate me.. I don’t bear it..
Pragya look at him.. she hugs him..
Pragya: purab… because of me.. you are bearing this pain… k.. I will come with you.. I will do whatever you said.. because if I go away from him.. there is no meaning for my bulbuls sacrifice…
Purab get her into car.. and bring her to his home…
Purab calls sarla : maa … di is in my house.. she will stay here.. you don’t worry about her.. I will take care her..
Sarla: k purab.. it better to stay her there.. I will come to meet her..
Purab: maa.. I will call you.. now we need change dis mind..
Sarla: purab… you can do as ur wish.. I knew you Will look her better than me.. she ends call..
Purab : di that’s your home.. go and fresh up.. he goes… after sometime he sees pragya still sitting there looking his photo..
Purab take some dress give it to her..
Pragya:this costume…
Purab: haa di… from today on ward’s you are going back to old fuggi whom abhi loves… go and change… I will explain my plans after that…

Scene shifted to mehra Mansion..
Tanu came to abhis room.. abhi is playing guitar she hugs from back.. abhi sees her and keep a distance from her..
Tanu tried to come close…
Abhi: tanu.. you just keep some distance from me.. as I am not comfortable now.. I don’t knew tanu.. why so? I feel that all around me have changed.. I feel missing someone.. I feel that I am alone now as you all are around me.. I feel that I lost the one whom loves me a lot.. I feel that there is someone other than me in this room.. but now I don’t how is?
Tanu:( in mind) oh god.. abhi don’t remember pragya.. but he really missing her.. which means there is pragya still in his heart.. if I don’t get married with him soon.. I will lose him..
Abhi: tanu why are you silent…
Tanu: abhi.. this all are your illusion as you get a severe accident..
Abhi: tanu.. how I get accident?
Aliya comes there…
Aliya: Bhai it’s time for medicine.. she gave it and make him take rest both leaves..
Abhi: why I feel that they are hiding something.. why I feel that there is some distance between us.. oh God.. so much confusions… I will get answer for this only from purab…
Dadi aliya and tanu at room
Tanu: aliya… abhi have some feelings for pragya still in his mind..
Dadi: what for pragya?
Aliya: no dadi.. not like that.. u knew na.. if Bhai came to knew about his past then..
Dadi:I knew.. I will not give chances for that.. for my abhi I will go to any extent… she goes..
Aliya: tanu look now ball is on our court.. we just make dadi in tension and make her feels that if you get to bhais life all will get clear..
Tanu: but aliya… now abhi is keeping some distances from me..
Aliya: tanu… you just tried to make him believe that it’s you whom my Bhai feels missing..
Tanu: k I will do it…

Scene shifted to purab house.. as his door bell ring.. pragya opened the door.. she looked in shock.. ( sanam re plays) they both look in each other..
Abhi: hllo is this purabs flat right?
Pragya: haa..
Abhi: then if you don’t mind then don’t you tell me.. who is you?
Pragya: me…
Purab: hllo abhi please get in…
He gets in..
Abhi: purab.. who is she?
Purab: my sister…
Abhi: sister.. I don’t knew someone like that..
Purab: she is my relative.. not so close.. as she came here for some work I told her to stay here..
Abhi: hey why are you standing sit here…
Pragya sits
Abhi: Hllo chashmish. ( purab and pragya get shocked). I am abhishek prem mehra.. the rock star you can call me as abhi..abhi forward his hand towards her..
Pragya: I am pragya Arora.. I am just searching job now… they both shake hands…
Abhi: purab… why don’t we give her job in our own company…
Purab: oh that’s really great… but I think your family..
Abhi: hey purab.. if I decide no one will interfere in it..
Purab: then fine.. but what job…
Abhi: we will make her as your assistant.. as you are my assistant na.. so you both will always with Me.. she will also get comfortable as she is with you..
Purab: abhi how do I make you understand that her life is with u.. ( in mind)
Abhi: hey chashmish.. do you like this job? Sorry for calling that name but I will call you like that..
Pragya; I am k.. you can call me like that..
Abhi : so sweet of you ad pulled her cheeks…
Abhi; so chashmish and purab I am leaving now.. abhi get into car. Oh abhi for what you have gone? I forget about it.. but now I am really get fine.. is that because of her.. or my purab… but I feel something strange with her.. when she shake my hands.. I feel so happiness by her touch and her smile and that two eyes.. abhi what are you thinking of.. he takes car.. next morning..
Abhi still in sleep fuggi.. where is my coffee…
Tanu who is standing get shocked by hearing the name fuggi…
Tanu: fuggi.. abhi opens his eyes.. good morning tanu.. what is fuggi? As I see you calling that name..
Tanu: fuggi.. vo just.. you have it now.. abhi sips the coffee and vomits..
Abhi: what is this tanu? Is this coffee? Just tell my Dadi to get my spl coffee..
Tanu: it’s dadi who make it..
Abhi: is this made by Dadi? This is not my coffee he leaves to wash room
Tanu: it means my life is in danger

Abhi get ready..
Aliya: Bhai.. where are you going?
Abhi: where? Aliya today I have concert..
Aliya: concert?
Abhi: Haa.. I am getting late now..
Aliya; but I don’t knew about it..
Abhi: what? U don’t knew thank god if purab is not there then.. aliya you are not serious In your work.. just look at purab he goes..
Aliya: which means.. purab is upto something…
Abhi reached at concert..
Purab: hllo abhi… go and do your arrangement..
Abhi: where is chashmish..
Purab: she is at green room..
Abhi goes there… he sees pragya .. who is doing some arrangement in light.. he noticed that.. there is some spark.. he rushed and pulls pragya… and hugs her ( allah warriyan plays)
Abhi: hey chashmish.. what are you doing.. if I am not there then..
Pragya: then I will be not anymore.. that’s not a big matter.. as I feel that better now… she goes..
Abhi: why this much pain I felt in her..
Purab comes..
Abhi: purab.. why she is so sad..
Purab: because she loves someone..
Abhi: is that reason..
Purab: haa.. because that love gives her pain only..
Abhi: pain in love..
Purab: abhi.. it’s time for concert..
Abhi get in to stage.. all are calling abhi abhi..
Abhi: what pain in love.. I will make her happy…
Abhi : hllo my dear fans.. today.. I am calling someone here to be with me on stage.. this show is really dedicated for her.. so let me invite miss. Pragya…
Abhi sees chashmish in crowd.. he goes to crowd and forward his hand..

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