you exist in the secret chamber of my heart-chapter:10



Our episode starts with abhigya still turned..abhi suddenly got gleam-minded..he says arey..yaar..why didn’t I think of it??…pragya slowly eared there to hear abhi..abhi says I should have phoned to’s OK’s better late than never..abhi says..u r really gr8..pragya imitates him silently..u r really gr8..and smirks…abhi turns to pragya..he pushes her ..takes his mobile..he found the battery was dead…he thinks oh god..what cud I do now??..if i says it to her..then she will taunt me…no shud maintain this..abhi tells in a loud tone..why shud I call purab??..u shud.
call bulbul..pragya says why can’t u call him??abhi says it was ur fault..pragya looks at abhi suspiciously….pragya puts her hand inside her bag…she didn’t find her mobile..pragya thinks oh god ab kya karoon ??if I tell him that I didn’t bring my mobile..he will taunt me more.pragya says why waste time??u call in your mobile..abhi says call…pragya in a loud tone..I’m saying u call…tries to grab his mobile from his hand..abhi says no..u call..he grabs pragya’s bag,..pragya says u call and by the way..u vl chat and flirt with girls…can’t
you make a call for ur frnd??how unkind u r??abhi says why
??everytime i have to show my kindness…u …do it…they both r fighting to grsb each other’s things…abhi got pragya’s bag..and pragya got abhi’s mobile..both got shocked..abhi searches pragya’s bag…mobile was not there..pragya sees abhi’s phone…the battery was dead…abhi in a surprising tone says jhooti…so as pragya says …jhoote…abhi says so you were pretending…pragya didthe same..don’t forget..i know would have been chatting with ur girl frnds…and made battery to dry..abhi says I have phone at least..but u…doesn”‘t even know where ur mobile is???…abhi throws her bag to pragya..pragya catches it and stared at him…after a while:
Abhi is moving pragya’s scooty..abhigya are walking…both have got tired..pragya is walking..she got her eyes out..pragya says oh god..i can’t walk..abhi i’m moving ur scooty and walking..i’m managing both.can’t u just walk bearing urself??pragya says hann…hann..don’t show more attitude??i agree that u r moving scooter and walking..but it doesn’t mean that only u hav the record of doing it…abhi says achha..then u move this..he leaves it..scooter is abut to fall down..pragya catches dare u??.abhi asks what??pragya says I mean how dare and strong u r…pragya in pleasing tone says why r u getting serious??i was just joking..she asks abhi to move it in a pleasing tone…here purbul reaches bridge road…they didn’t find them…bulbul says where r they??.purab says I think they would have gone home by walking….bulbul says may be..pur and bulbul reaches Bulbul’s home..there abhigya waiting for them…purbul comes there..bulbul asks did u reach home ?..pragya in a puzzling tone asks what??..purab says she meant how did u reach before us??..bulbul says yes…abhi says ask me..bulbul ur sister is indeed a great driver u know…he explains everything…then at last..we found a petrol bunk and filled fuel there…actually this happened becoz of my smartness.if I didn’t get that idea..then we wouldn’t have reached home…he smirks seeing pragya..pragya says excuse me..the
plan of walking to find somehelp was mine…abhi says haann..but who moved this scooter??..purab says abhi..let’s leave..purab waves bye to prabul..abhi is abut to wave bye to pragya..but he waves seeing bulbul..he says i:’m not waving u..pragya says even I don’t want it.Pragya comes in..pragya got angry..tanu asks how was ur ride with him??..she got excited and asks khaash..if were in your place..i wud have enjoyed it thoroughly..pragya says i didn’t
enjoy…pragya is muttering here.pragya says who asked him to take lift from me??did I please him??bulbul nods no..pragya says he was blaming me for all those mishappenings..but bulbul..I don’t know how ..the fuel dissapeared..???tanu says I think..someone would have stolen it..pragya says yes..u r ryt..bulbul got frightened face..she thinks oh god..if I say that it was my plan..then di will not leave..pragya asks what r u thinking bulbul??she says nothing…
Next day:In college:
Pragya is walking through corridor..she enters her department..everyone claps for her…she comes to her place..everyone asked abut abhi..she got irritated by their question and says I don’t know…??and why everyone is asking for abhi??he will be somewhere here..abhi enters inside the class…everyone goes and crowds abhi..they all asked party from abhi..abhi says sure..we vl do party..tanu got over excited…tanu says hot he looks??..pragya got jealous and says I don’t think so…abhi comes to pragya..he takes a rose..and gives it saying this is for u..pragya is abut to get it..abhi says this is for u tanu..tanu got happy..and screams real!y…pragya got angry…abhi laughs inside …that lecture goes..after a while:
Pragya is going library…where a girl comes…she stops pragya …she says pragya..will u recommend my name to abhi for a date???pragya asks i can’t..she says becoz…he’s ur best frnd,..pragya says exactly..I’m ..but I can’t make u fall in danger..she asks what??..abhi comes there..she sees pragya talking with the girl…pragya says I know abhi is my frnd but I have to say it to u…he’s u know??vampire is one who drinks blood….pragya asks her to come close and says vampires will live normal life..he will be charming,dashing..abhi reaction changes inch by inch by hearing pragya…pragya continues this is his way to trap girls..abhi takes a stone and tries to throw on pragya..but by seeing it was big stone..he backed out…abhi thinks ur is ur very big villain…..pragya says then he will..the girl asks what??..she says he will suck the blood of girls like drinking beetroot juice with straw taking them date outside…the girls screams no,.abhi here thinks I will surely see this chashmoo..the girl leaves..pragya llaughs and thinks achha hua,.she believed it…pragya turns..she sees abhi…abhi was staring at her..abhi started scolding her..u betrayer …I’m vampire…I will drink blood…yes u r ryt..I’m gonna drink ur blood…pragya dissapears from that place…abhi wonders where does she go??abhi and all are sitting and chatting…pragya comes there..both stared each other..purab asks still..both r fighting..abhi says u ask
her…she was filling ears of a girl against saying that I’m vampire..purab laughs and asks what??..spoiled my date with a beautiful girl..there comes peon…he gives abhi a bouquet..and says that it was delivered by a man from flower shop..he gets that was from solace…he
reads the note in it,,he starts abhi…congrats..for wining I told that I will come…I had come to see ur performance and even wished u..abhi remembers that someone he holds in his arms..he reads anyway..u didn’t find’s OK..u will get more chances..try to catch…abhi smiles while reading letter…he reads keep missing ..I love u..
Solace…bulbul asks were angry at abhi…ryt,,then when did u planned for this.?..pragya says chashmoo,.is angry at abhi..not his secret lover solace(pragya)..she smiles…abhi thinks…I have seen her very close..but I didn’t get her…he remembers her the way her eyes looked so beautiful…abhi thinks but someday I will find u…he smells a flower from her bouquet..everyone smiles…pragya becomes super happy…the screen freezes..

Hi Frnds.abiya,reshma,prathi,maha,monesha di,minu,priyanka,akshaya,di and all….I will make it as soon….finally now I can able to take a long breath..finally my exams all over..I hope u all missed my ff…i ‘m in I will keep updating episodes…missed ur comments and u all.

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