Unknown Destination – Episode 6


Unknown Destination

Chapter 6

“Wait” Sanskaar said almost screaming

“No wait.Your small bro has come from USA .I have to get a treat.” Laksh said with a wink

K..Fine .Lets go – Sanskaar said

They went to a hotel and ate many things.

Do you want more -Sanskaar asked

Yes – laksh said

Are you kidding me -Sanskaar said

What do you think – laksh said winking

Pheww!! Lets go home

Sanskaar was driving.They reached home.Sanskaar was parking the car.

I am so excited to meet Mom and Dad…Its a long time

Laksh they are not here

Sanskaar ..I mean bro are you serious..Where did they dissapear now ?

No where just to USA

Is that no where ?

Laksh chill.Its just for 2 years

2 yrs..You gotta be kidding bro

I am serious – sanskaar said with a irritated voice

Ok Finee..So no screaming

Thank God

Sanskaar you are the same..

Scene 2

Ragini’s Room

In Ragini’s room she was roaming around .She finally found it .Their album.She then found a picture of hers and sanskaar eating icecream.

She had a happy face and why not it was sanskaar with her.He was her world.

She held that picture and cried.It was her favourite picture

I want you back – she mumbled

She then heard a knock on the door..

One minuite – she answered

SHe kept the album in her suitcase and washed her face off.. To her suprise Julliet was standing there

You – Ragini told shockingly

Were you crying??

No I was not – ragini answered

She came and locked the door.

Ragini stop crying for a person who does not even care about you. – She told

He does care about me dude..I just need to get to the bottom of this

Ok Fine..Whatever you wanna do .Do what you want but please dont hurt yourself more

Ragini nodded

Swara Room

Swara had changed in her night suit and she was in her bed.She wondered about all that had happened and mostly she felt something cool over there.That lock she needs to find anyone else wrote on it..She said with a smile.

Swara POV:- Swara why are you smiling stop being a baby.Your grown up but I miss you mom and dad .I wonder how Ragini lives without them.
Swara’ phone rang..She quickly picked up her phone..

S: Hey Rahul

R: Hey Swara.So how is France

S: ummm..not bad ,but USA is the best

R: I know…Dude everyone misses you over here.You could have studied over here

S: i know but you see I wanted to try something new

R: Ok..but are you free

S: ya but why

R: actually I was planning to come to Paris to meet you

S: Rahul are you gone crazy .If my sis sees you then we are dead.


S: were you joking

R: Of course Swara .You think my mom is gonna allow me..

S: Thank God

R: but make your hair proper..

S: Why ???

R: I am gonna connect everyone to the call.I meant video call

S: Video Call not required

R: Swaraaa

S: connect everyone fast.I am so excited

R: Ok Miss Swara..Have patience

S: cant Mr Rahul

Rahul connects everyone

Friend 1 : Divya Friend 2 : Maria Friend 3 Ryan

S: Hi everyone

Friend 123 :- (in unison) Hi swara

S: I have been missing you all. Am sure I will not get idiots like you

Friend 1 :- Maybe but i doubt you finding your Prince Charming over there in clg

Friend 2 :- Oh ya .By the way did you meet anyone for now.I mean Boy

S: not anyone till now but ya one guy is there . He is in the 3rd year.His name is Sanskaar and the part I felt strange is his full name is Sanskaar Dsouza

Friend 3 : Shit!!! he is in the third year

Friend 2 :- I know

Friend 1 : Swara c’mon find some guy of your age

R: calm down people .Her college journey has not started and top of that more things are gonna await for her in the college

Friend 1 :- Oh God ..We know you are in the 3rd year but please no lectures

R: not lectures dude just that she will have lot to say once the college start

Friend 1 :- why are you like this?

R: I like myself the way I am

Friend 2 :- Guyzzz we are shifting from the topic.

R: Yaaa

Friend 1 : Any other guy Swara

There was no response from Swara

Friend 123 + Rahul : not again

R: why does she need to sleep

Friend 1 : see the time duffer

R: oh god why do you need to fight everytime

Friend 3 :- shut up guyz. I am gonna smack both your faces if you dont shut you mouths. Now cut the phone and please no screaming
R: k

Friend 1 and 2 : ok

Gud Night

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