Qubool Hai because we love each like Beintehha ((: Episode 1

Qubool Hai because we love each like Beintehha ((: Episode 1
Hey guys Nusz here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What up my cutie pies he-he!!!! But yes I have started on Qubool Hai and Beintehha Fan-Fiction my all time favorite TV serials. This Fan-Fiction is only based on Asya (Asad and Zoya) and Zaya (Aliya and Zain)!!!! So guys I hope you enjoyed the intro of the very first episode… (I am Nusz aha)
Link for Intro

In the upcoming episodes there will be a few more characters in this FF…
Alright Sarah, Sunehri and Zuha will be main characters of this Fan-Fiction. If you guys want to play role I will add you in on my upcoming Fan-Fiction!!!! Or this one if you want because I love you all so much aha…!!!!!!
New Characters
Barkat Osman Abdullah (22 years old) (But they call her Sunehri, Suni or Bak Bak for short… She will be playing the role of Zain’s sister… She’s really sweet and innocent…. Sunehri will enter the show on episode 2-3 …. She is doing her studies New York with her best friend…
Zubair Qureshi (24 years old) His Aliya’s best friend… He will be introduced on episode 2-3…
Sarah Khan (22 years old) she is Zubair’s sister and Sunehri best friend… Will be introduced on episode 2-3…. (She’s a new character added… not from Qubool Hai or Beintehha)
Rehaan khan (24 years old) His a big business and a friend of Zubair… entering on episode 2-3…..
Now let’s get started with this beautiful Fan-Fiction based on Beintehha and Qubool Hai… I have already planned out how long this Fan-Fiction will go now for… It’s going to be about 50-60 episodes… I know I write Destiny Vs love very long but this probably going to be shorter… Not that short but pretty short…. You guys will love this Fan-Fiction just like my other ones… Love you guys aha.
Couple naming
Asya (Asad and Zoya played by Surbhi Joyti and Karan Singh Grover)
Zaya (Zain and Aliya played by Preetika Rao and Harshad Arora)
Hunyaan (Humeria and Ayaan played by Ketki Kadam and Vikrant Massey)
Zuiwan (Zuha aka Aayat and Rizwan played by my bestie Zuha and Karan Kundra)
Sunhaan (Sunehri aka Barkat and Rehaan played by my bestie Sunehri and Namish Tanjea)
Sabair (Sarah and Zubair played by my bestie Sarah and Yash Maltohra)
New couples will be added soon aha!
Najma is played by Jo aha
A beautiful girl wakes up in the morning… She sees the clock and its 6am…. She gets up and runs into the shower… After she finished shower she wears a beautiful yellow salwar Kameez… The girl is Aliya Ghulam Haider… A sweet and caring girl….
Aliya: Oh Allah I have to go to Dargah today…. But I still haven’t made breakfast… It’s okay Zuha and Zoya will make it
Aliya grabs her bike and starts bicycling… The beautiful sun was starting to shine in Bhopal and Aliya smiles seeing this… Aliya sees the beautiful sea… She quickly leaves her bike and runs towards the water and jumps on the canoe… Then Aliya see the beautiful Dargah of Bhopal… She puts a Hijab on her head and waits to reach there… After ten minutes later she reaches the Dargah…
Aliya walks in while Mere Maula plays from Beintehha…..
Link for Mere Maula

Yeh Maula….. Yeh Maula….. Ali Ali dum dum… dum Ali… Teri Maula… Meri Maula…
Aliya sits down and prays to Allah….
Aliya: Yeh Allah… Today I came all the way here to pray… because Allah I know you will always understand me and help my family out… I am very grateful of you Allah… Today I have also given a letter to Mamu… I hope he can read it and reply back to me soon… I really miss talking to him…. Lastly Allah I just want my marriage to get fixed today…
While Aliya finished praying she remember today the boy’s family is coming to see her…
Aliya: Allah!!!!! I forgot today the guy’s family is coming to see me… I am so stupid….
Aliya all of a sudden gets phone call from Zuha but she doesn’t pick it up because if she does Zuha and her Ammi will start screaming at her for going to Dargah…
Aliya: Oh no way I am picking up the phone… But what can I do… I need to go to Dargah everyday because it makes me happy and safe…
All of sudden Aliya sees the canoe about to leave she starts screaming at him so he can wait…
Aliya: HEY!! Wait I am coming… (Running down the stairs really fast)
Then all of a sudden Zuha calls her again
Aliya: Allah Yeh Zuha is going to kill me
She picks up the phone call this time….
Zuha: Appi where are you??
Aliya: Um….
Zuha: Appi did you go to Dargah today again??
Aliya: Yes and I am paddling right now Zuha
Zuha: Appi!!! The guy’s family is already here and waiting for you
Aliya: Allah I am coming just tell Ammi I went to Dargah again
Zuha: She already knows Appi, but just hurry up
Aliya: I will if you hang up the phone…
Zuha: Oh okay Appi bye
The phone conversation ends and Aliya starts paddling even faster than before…

Aliya: Allah I need to reach home before the guy’s family starts blaming my Ammi….
Twenty minutes later Aliya reaches home… But is very late because the guy’s family already left the house…
Shabana: Welcome home Aliya
Aliya: I am so sorry Ammi (pulling her ears)
Shabana: Did you go to Dargah today too?
Aliya: Ammi you know me I need too… It’s my habit now…
Shabana: Aliya why are you such an angel?
Aliya: What do you mean Ammi??
Shabana: You’re a blessed child… I am honestly proud of you today… You didn’t care about the guy’s family that came to meet you… But instead you went to Dargah to pray for your family…
Aliya: Oh Ammi are you mad at me??
Shabana has tears in her eyes…
Aliya: Ammi why are you crying??
Ghulam: Your Ammi is crying because she’s proud to have you…
Aliya: Abbo please tell Ammi to stop crying
Shabana: Chup (hush) you’re driving me insane…. I told them my daughter is not feeling well today instead…
Aliya: Ammi what’s wrong with you??
Shabana: I don’t want them to get mad at you
Ghulam: Your Ammi loves you a lot Aliya that’s why she always lie…
Zuha: No fair Abbo you guys like Appi more than me…
Ghulam: Don’t worry Zuha I love you a lot too (opening his arms)
Zuha: I love you too Abbo (giving him a hug)
Aliya gets a emotional seeing her family happy…
Zuha: Oh Appi please don’t start crying again…
Aliya: Zuha I am not crying
Zuha: Yes you’re
Aliya: It’s because I am really happy today
Zuha: Aw Appi I love you so much (giving her a big hug)
Ghulam: I am going outside I will be back soon
Zuha: Abbo wait I need to tell you something
Ghulam: Yes Zuha?
Zuha: Can you please get me a chocolate bar today?
Ghulam: Okay this time I promise I will bring it (He leaves)
Shabana: It’s already 10am and Zoya is still sleeping…
Zuha: I think she’s sick
Shabana: Really is she okay?
Zuha: No Ammi she’s fine I think she has the chicken pox
Aliya: Chicken pox (in mind): Nice try Zoya time to teach you a lesson…

At Zoya’s room
Aliya enters Zoya’s room and sees her coughing….
Aliya: Zoya it’s already 10am
Zoya: Appi…. I am really sick see I even have the chicken pox now…
Aliya: Oh my god Zoya are you okay? (Rushing towards her)
Zoya: No Appi my head is hurting and I can’t get up
Aliya: Oh Zoya let me call the doctor so they can give you a needle shot…
Aliya: Why are you screaming Zoya??
Zoya: I don’t need needles
Aliya: But you’re sick
Zoya: I know but I just have the chicken pox
Aliya: You mean chicken pox with red marker dots….
Zoya: Ofc not Appi… why would I do that
Aliya: Oh really
Showing her the marker and starting to pull her ears
Zoya: Allah Miya Appi you’re hurting my ears badly now…
Aliya: Well lying is a bad thing
Zoya: Oh Appi I was only doing a prank on you
Zuha: You always do this Zoya
Zoya: Hey don’t call me Zoya I am older then you
Zuha: I think I act older then you
Zoya: Hey don’t mess with me
Zuha: Oh I am sorry Ms. Witch (sticking her tongue out at her)
Zoya: ALLAH MIYA SHE CALLED ME A WITCH… NOW WATCH ME (getting of the bed and running after Zuha)
Aliya: Allah Miya what’s wrong with guys?? Wait a minute when did I start saying Allah Miya too? Oh Allah I am going crazy too (hitting her head hard)
Aliya runs after them….

Osman’s company
Osman was walking through a beautiful building which belongs to him… Everyone starts saying good morning to him… A man comes up to him and says something.
Guy: Sir this letter was in your mailbox today
Osman: Oh is this from Aliya?
Guy: Yes sir it’s from Bhopal
Osman: Thank you so much
Osman gets really happy getting a letter from Aliya after a long time… after a couple minutes he reaches his cabin and sits down and reads her letter…
Letter says
“Salam-u –Alaikum Mamo… Today I went to Dargah to pray to Allah for everyone’s well being… I am really missing you and I hope you come visit us soon… I am sending this beautiful Surah which explains about people’s good being… I hope everyone is doing fine in Mumbai and I hope you can visit Bhopal soon… I would love you to meet my sister Zoya soon… I hope you do enjoy this beautiful Surah… Inshallah…”
Osman: This Surah is just beautiful Aliya I will read when I get home… I am really missing you too….
All of a sudden he gets a Skype call from Mr. Alex
Osman: Oh great Mr. Alex is calling again… I wonder what Zain did this time…
Mr. Alex: Mr. Osman your son never comes to college and always is flirting with girls… His also failing his classes… his the only student in our school is failing like always…
All of a sudden Osman starts laughing thinking what’s wrong with his son???

At Asad’s house
Najma: Ammi breakfast is ready
Dilshad: I am coming Najma I just to finish making the pancakes
Najma: Oh goodie!!! Today we’re having pancakes after such a long time
Dilshad: Yes Najma I really miss having pancakes, by the way where’s Asad??
Najma: I think Bhaijaan is showering still
Asad: Nope I am right here
Najma: Hey good morning Bhaijaan
Asad: Good morning Najma
Asad sees the table messy and stares at Najma
Najma: Is there something wrong Bhaijaan??
Dilshad: I think you should look at the table first
Najma: Oh I see it’s dirty that’s why
Asad: I will clean it
Dilshad: Sometimes I don’t understand my son
Asad: Allah the table is very dirty
Najma: I just clean it Bhaijaan
Dilshad starts laughing and Najma and Asad stare at her
Najma: Ammi why are you laughing?
Dilshad: I am laughing because when Asad gets married and his wife comes here… I wonder if she would be the total opposite of him… You know messy, clumsy, talkative and fun….
Asad: Not again Ammi please
Dilshad: Oh come on Asad one day you will have to get married
Najma: That will be a perfect wife for Bhaijaan
Asad: Not you too Najma
Dilshad: I was only joking
Asad: I know Ammi and I am off to meet Ayaan at the Dargah today
Dilshad and Najma both smiling after hearing this

London, England
Zain comes out of a beautiful car and sees his friend Rizwan marrying girls and stops him… Rizwan tells him what’s wrong with you Bro (Rizwan played by Karan Kundra instead)
Zain: Oh you idiot why are you marrying random girls
Rizwan: Dude we all have to get married one day
Zain: Screw marriage
Rizwan: Just wait till you get married then you will realize
Zain: Get married is not the best way to enjoy life
Rizwan: What do you mean??
Zain: That marriage is not the way to enjoy life
Rizwan: You idiot Ofc you have to get married
Zain: Never will and yea
Rizwan: You’re such a weirdo
Zain sees his phone ringing
Zain: Hey it’s a call from dad and he smiles seeing this…

At Ghulam house’s
Zoya gets ready and wears a beautiful salwar Kameez… She sits on the prayer mat and prays to Allah…. Zoya starts crying remembering her mother dying in the fire…. She starts talking…
Zoya: Allah Miya today I want to say I am very grateful that you gave me such a wonderful and caring family… (Zoya starts crying heavily)
Shabana comes there and sees her….
Shabana: Zoya are you crying again??
Zoya: No Ammi I am not…. (Wiping her tears)
Shabana: Come here Zoya
Zoya goes towards her… Shabana hugs her tightly
Shabana: You’re not alone anymore
Zoya: I know Ammi… But I haven’t forgotten what happened that night
Shabana: I promise you Zoya we will find those people
Zoya: I know Ammi (hugging her tightly)
All of a sudden Aliya comes there… Zoya quickly wipes her tears…
Aliya: Is everything going fine here??
Zoya: Ofc Appi I am just telling Ammi something
Aliya: What were you telling her??
Zoya: That I am going Dargah
Aliya: You going to Dargah?? Do you have a fever?
Zoya: Allah Miya no Appi I don’t have a fever… Bye I will see you later
Aliya: Wait (but Shabana hold her back)
Shabana: Just let her go for today
Aliya: If you say so Ammi….
At a beautiful Dargah
Ayaan: Bhaijaan (Jumping on him)
Asad: Ayaan please behave well
Ayaan: oh Bhaijaan you’re so boring
Asad: Thank you for the compliment
Ayaan: Whatever Bhaijaan but look at that pretty girl
Asad: Sorry I don’t look at girls like that
Ayaan: Oh come on Bhaijaan they are so hot
Asad: You have lost it Ayaan
Ayaan: No I mean it look at them
Asad: The only girl I would look at like that is my wife ….
Ayaan: Oh really Bhaijaan that’s why Abu said….
Asad: I told you not to talk about that man…
Ayaan: I am so sorry Bhaijaan
Asad: The only think I care about the people in that family… But doesn’t mean I care about a man who left my mother…
Ayaan: Look Bhaijaan let’s not talking about this…
Asad: Ayaan I see the Dargah
Ayaan: Then let’s go and pray to Allah
Asad (in mind): I am honestly happy you’re my brother…. (He starts smiling)
Zain picks up the phone call…

London England/Mumbai
Zain: Hey dad what up??
Osman: I am very proud of you Zain
Zain: I know you should be
Osman: So where are you right now?
Zain: I am in class about to write a test
Osman: Really I want to see my son in class but your video camera on…
Zain: But were going to do a test
Osman: Oh I will call the teacher and ask him
Zain: No dad I will do that right
Osman: Okay I am waiting
Mr. Alex: your dad is horrible his trying to date every girl in the school
Osman: Oh really I thought his in class
Mr. Alex: Class he never comes there… The only time he came was the first day of college
Osman starts laughing so much…
Osman: Okay Mr. Alex I will call you back later
Zain puts his video camera on and talks to Osman
Zain: Hey dad
Osman: I thought you were in class
Zain: Yes I was but you wanted to speak to me
Osman: Don’t lie… you weren’t in college
Zain: Oh dad you always find out
Osman: Oh what’s your average?
Zain: Ninety percent isn’t that amazing
Osman: Did you mean thirty five percent
Zain: Oh dad how did you know all this
Osman: Your teacher told all me this
Zain: Oh great please don’t tell mom about it
Osman: Okay but I want you to do me a favor
Zain: Anything for you dad
Osman: I want you to come to India tomorrow
Zain: If you say so dad
Osman: Remember Sunehri is coming back too
Zain: Who’s Sunehri??
Osman: You idiot your sister Barkat… We all call her Sunehri because she loves dancing remember…
Zain: Oh yea and I will see you tomorrow at India dad
Osman: Bye son….
Zain: Rizwan were off to India today
Rizwan: What? Why??
Zain: Because dad said let’s go
Rizwan: Alright then
Zain smiles

Abdullah house
Nafessa: You fool get lost
Shazia: Why don’t you get lost you boring idiot
Nafessa: Oh don’t tell me to do stuff
Farhad: I rather die right
Nafessa: Tell this witch that you love me more
Shazia: No tell this mouse love me more
Farhad: Jaans I love you both equally
Nafessa: NO ME FIRST
Shazia: ME FIRST
Surraiya: Why are you guys screaming??
Farhad: I am off to work Ma
Surraiya: Okay Farhad
Nafessa: Farhad!!!!
Shazia: His mine
Surraiya: These two always starts screaming and my brain starts hurting too…
Ghulam’s house
Aliya is sitting down in her room and remembering how she told her mother…. About not getting married soon… But Shabana said marriage is a good thing… Aliya smiles thinking my mother was right… while Zain partying with his friends before he leaves to India tonight… Aliya thinks her hero will be the best guy in the world…

Asad and Ayaan both finish praying… Asad tells Ayaan he needs to leave quickly…. Fifteen minutes later a girl comes in front of his car… by accident he hits her… Asad runs out and the girl was about to fall again… He catches her they both start staring at her
While Mitwa Ishq pe zor nahi plays
mitwaa ishq pe zor nai..
Fir dil le aya hame wohi…
Kuch intezaar yaad aya..kuch waqt ne hadsa doraya..
Man me fir jagi uljhan..
Aj fir tanhai ne thaam liya mujhe..laut pade kadam khud bkhud dur tujhse…
Tum pe yakeen hai hume..per ab waqt pe nai…
Mitwa ishq pe zor nai…
Asad: I am so sorry are you okay???
Asad: Excuse me first I save you from falling
Zoya: Oh did you break the world record by doing that?
Asad: Don’t you have any manners??
Zoya: Don’t teach me about manners you clumsy driver
Asad: If you can’t walk on the streets properly then why aren’t you at home?
Zoya: Hey you (pointing a finger at him)
Asad: How disrespectful are you
Zoya: I am not disrespectful… you’re
Asad: You know I don’t have time to waste with you…
Zoya: You think I like talking to you
Asad: I hate those girls who don’t have manners (he starts walking away)
Asad: Mad women (He leaves with his car)
Ghulam’s house/London England
Aliya smiles while remembering her mother’s words…. thinking that I can’t wait to meet my to be husband tomorrow…On the other hand Rizwan tells Zain I guess one day you will find your dream girl… Zain says my dream girl will be modern who doesn’t wear Salwar Kameez….. Aliya reaches home and tells Zuha that my guy will be sweet and adorable and a hero for everyone… Rizwan says we will see… Zoya is standing by the door hearing her sister talk about her dream guy… She smiles because she has a plan…
Aliya: I wonder how he would look like
Zuha: Appi he will be the perfect husband for you
Aliya: We will see that
Zain: I am coming India!!
Zoya: Don’t worry Appi I know how this will work out (She smiles)… But I hope I don’t meet an idiot like him today…
Aliya: I will meet my soul mate soon… I know it…
Zuha: Yes Appi you will
Rizwan: The plane is about to take off
Zain: Let’s go (laughing)
While Beintehha plays

Jaane kaun ho,
Par ho tum kahi,
Hai dil ko mere yakeen.
Na hai Ibteda,
Na hai Intehaa,
Hai meri daastaan woh hi.
Tera Sukoon ya Junoon tera,
Teri Khushi ya tera Gum,
Jo bhi jiya woh jiya maine,
Jo bhi kiya tujhse kiya,
Man Ko Behlaaye,
Behkaaye koi Khwaish khamakha,
Palkon pe aaye Sapnon ki,
Kyun baarish khamakha,
Kabhi jo tha mera dil,
Hua gairon mein shaamil,
Rehta Hai kahaan.
Abhi se Haal hai aisa,
Na Jaane hoga kaisa,
Jo yeh ho gaya…
The scenes end with Zain and Aliya both smiling… On the other hand Asad and Zoya’s love story will be starting soon….
Jab bhi laayegi Zindagi khud usko dhoondke,
Pehchaanenge hum ik pal mein aankhe bhi moond ke,
Jahaan koi Ranjish naa ho,
Jahaan ki Bandish naa ho,
Hoga Ishq woh,
Naa ho koi Ummeedein,
Koi Bhi Kasmein naa ho,
Hoga Ishq woh ooo,
Beintehha (2 times
Episode ends

Moral- “Smiling keeps everyone happy… Not when you’re sad aha”

Recap: Sarah and Suni (Barkat) start dancing because they’re going back to India… Asad and Zoya meet again at a park… They both fall on the ground together and have an eye lock… Dilshad gets a call from Rashid…. Razia tells Ayaan to marry Humeria or else she will tell everyone about him meeting his brother… Rehaan and Zubair enter the show…. Zain meets Aliya at Bhopal they both have an eye lock… Rizwan asks Zuha do you want to be friends…. Surraiya is angry at Osman and Nafessa and Shazia smirks….

Spoilers: Suni and Rehaan start fighting because he ruined her dress… Zuha finds out something shocking about Zoya… Asad will be saving Zoya from someone… Najma to meet her soul mate aha.
Guys this is written really fast… So I didn’t read anything… I will post the real promo tomorrow… Hope you will understand… Love you guys.
So guys this was the very first episode….Remember Qubool Hai because we love each like Beintehha ((: Aha. So guys I hope you enjoyed this intro and if I get positive comments… I will continue to this ff… Anyways I am Nusz… Here are some other Fan-Fictions I write…
Here’s the links
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(By the way, if you’re reading this ff, please do comment your ideas and how is the story going for you. Also love you all aha x)
Btw I’ll post the next episode maybe Saturday May 7th or Sunday May 8th 2016 But till then please bear with me if I can’t. Till then bye, bye He-he ((:

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