Shivika Ts Calming Silence [Sequel to Pal Bhar] Part 9 (By Anya)

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Shivika SS_Calming Silence_

Part 9.

“Life is a balanced system of learning and evolution. Whether pleasure or pain; every situation in your life serves a purpose. It is up to us to recognize what that purpose could be.
– Steve Maraboli

“what happen bhabhi”rudra came running as soon as he saw her,annika was crying silently,not at all answering anything,”Annika did shivaay said something to you?Huh? wait I’m going to talk to him”Om said being alittle angry at his elder brother,as what he did that made her cry this badly as well as she wasn’t leting sameer to bandage her wound,something big really happened inside and this is the reason she is behaving like this. But the question is what really happened and he would only come to know about it when he will meet shivaay.

As he moved towards the cabin door, Annika just sopped him”Don’t go Om,he is resting don’t disturb him”sameer sighed seeing this”If he is resting and is okay then why the hell are you behaving like this annika?IS there something which is troubling you?”he asked as he once again took her feet in his palm to bandage it,this time she didn’t protest seeing this he eyed rudra to bring the first aid box,as if he got the meaning rudra handed him the box and he started bandaging it.

“Does anything happened to him annika?”Om voice was suddenly laced with fear and worry,she sniffed”no it’s nothing at all”she said with a defeted sigh, but again strated crying making the three men look at each other curiously as well as helplessly. “Om you go and ask shivaay what had happpen,because I know she is not gonna open that small mouth of her’s”sameer said glaring at annika making her look at him helplessly”Yeah you are right”om said and was going to rotate the handle with his fingers when annika again stopped him”No Om you go,she will again started crying and will not say a word”sameer said while rudra smirked and om tried to hide his smile,”Okay! I will tell whatever happen,now can you three please stop giving each other that horrible smirks”annika was irritated as well as irked to see all this.

“Pinky Promise,becasue I can’t trust you at this very moment”sameer said as he finished the badage and took out his pinky in front of her,she narrowed her eyes ,twiting her mouth and sniff,with an essaserate expression extended her pinky and joined with his,”Pinky promise”

“Om leave him”sameer said and annika gave out a sigh of relieve.”Actually,”she said and looked at their faces who were boring at her expectedly for an answer,”Annika spill it out otherwise,Om”sameer threatened making annika alert.”He thinks that we are still engaged and send me out without listening to me”she said and started crying once again making the three men sigh in defeat,rudra moved towrds her right taking her in a side hug,”Annika bhabhi you know bhaiya,he is alway the impulsive one,he always make conclusions without seeing or listening to anthing then why are you upset?”

“Yes rudra is right! we will make shivaay know about the situation now please stop crying annika you are still weak”Om said and came forward swaying his hands over her hair,assuring her.

“No you two don’t have to do anything,all this happened because of me so it will be me who is going to resolve it”sameer said with a sincere tone making th brothers protest as swell as annika, but he was stubborn at his decision.


Sameer entered the room, now shivaay was taken into a normal ward but still he was weak. He moved towards the bed were shivaa y as sound asleep because of the dose, Sitting on the couch beside the bed, he tapped his feet, waiting for him to wake up.He need to talk to him and because of that he had sended everyone for freshing up,although everyone denied but he at last made go and come back once freshen up.Annika was the most difficult task among the rest but after assuring her that he will be with shivaay she at went as she had to go and see how is sahil doing.

He sigh, After all this,that is after letting her free so that she can go to shivay,these two had done the opposite, Shivaay Singh Oberoi–he really is an unpredictable man,but annika is too the same,a chuckle escape his mouth as he thought that both of them having the same characterestic had bumped onto each other,but their relationship is far more predictable,He gave out a sigh,resting his head at the back of the couch as he closed his eyes for some mery second,when his mobile vibrated showing he had got an email,opening his eyes,he drifted his gaze towards his mobile screen and smiled feebly,at last he got his chance and he got it at the right moment,thanks to god for this.It will give him some peace of mind to ponder about his feelings.

As he stood up to get a glass of water for himself as he’d been thirsty he saw shivaay moving,indicating that he is coming into conciousness,gulping down the water in hurry he made his way towards his bed.Shivaay tried to open his eyes but it was difficult for him to do it,the medicines had really effected his senses making him feel a little drowsy,he adjusted his view to the light dim room,probably his hospital room,where he had been since the past one day,he saw a person standing in front of him,blinking his eyes to make it normal the person came to be sameer,making him wonder what he was doing here and where are his brothers.

“Shivaay are you alright?”sameer asked as he helped him sit on the bed comfortably,shivaay didn’t said much but just nodded his head,’Where are Om and rudra?”shivaay asked not loooking at him “They have gone to freshen up and will be back soon but you forgot one person to ask about”sameer said with a raised eyebrow making shivaay snap his head at his direction”What do you mean?”he asked softly but his voice was thick and frirm”I mean you are forgetting someone”sameer simply said with a casual shrug”No I don’t think so”he said but he know about whom he was talking about,actually that person was the only one who came to his mind when he woke up,well every morning,his eyes died to see her face,but alas,he wasn’t able to see it nor he will be able to see it in future.

Smaeer sigh,He is also stubborn but not as much as him,he went a little backward and moved towards the other end of the room”I was talking about annika you know?’he said as a matter of fact,Shivaay seemd to ignore it,”What are you doing here sameer,jst leave me alone”Shivaay said as if trying his best to ignore the topic which was slowly slowly started to make it’s way towards them tha too with out his content”I won’t go until I had a good talk with you”he said as he turned on his heels and moved towards the small dest just beside the door,shivaay was seeing all this but didn’t protested,Sameer opened the desk and dipped his hand there and took it back.

“So say what you wanted to talk about?”shivaay said in a demanding voice,as sameer turned to face him with a smile and moved towards his bed”Hmm..I wanted to talk about annika”he simply said “if it is about her I won’t be able to talk about it”shivaay said,hurt and helplessness were mixed in his tone,Sameer jst smiled sadly at him and took the stool siitting just beside his bed “Shivaay whatever you told me that day,that she will be happy with me all that,blah blah! and I told you that I will keep her happy right?”he said while shivaay just noded being confused at his behaviour as why he was bringing that topic here at this very moment. “And I have kept my promise till date, and I will continue to do it,there’s no doubt,but shivaay”he trailed off looking expectantly at him.

“But what?”shivaay whispered.”But how much I try to keep her happy she is breaking more inside”sameer gave a defeated exhale, “She needs you”

Shivaay was having mixed emotions running in his mind,”Sameer do you knoww what the hell are you talking about?”shivaay was confused as well as anxious to know that is it really him saying htis,Sameer gave out a laugh”Ofcourse it’s me,who else would it be,a ghost or zombie?” Shivaay just rolled his eyes at his childish acts,being in a serious talk,he is here joking around with him.

Sameer saw the bluntness ion his face,and realized that he had been supid doing this,being a little embarresed he rub the back of his neck with a sheepish smile”Sorry,I’m like this only,I can’t be serious for too long”saying so he again came into the serious mode”did you forgot you are her fiance?”

“And I think you forgot that she love you”Shivaay gave out a mocking laugh,”She LOVED me”he emphasises on the word ‘Loved’ as his eyes started to whelped up with a thin layer of water,sameer slimed sadly”She stills Loves you shivaay,Don’t be so stubborn to see it in front of you”sameer tried to make him understand,”And How doyou know it?”shivaay questioned back with a raised eyebrow waiting for him to say why he feel so,Sameer shaked his head in disbelief,this guy,Annika was right,he’s a enquiry Singh Oberoi and A dump Oberoi from his side but he thought to give some piece of his mind into this gentleman’s brain who is tormented by the grief and pain for how long he din’t knew about.

“It’s really disapointing to see that you didn’t saw the love in her eyes shivaay,Do you really Love her?”his remark had given a deep scar to open up in his heart,ahh! How can he show that how much he loved her?If he tried,even he gave his life,he wouldn’t be bale to show it or express it to anyone or him,and here he is saying that he don’t love ehr?yes he had seeen the Love reflecting in her eyes,the wory,the fear,eevrything was so crystal clear in her honey brown orbs that anyone could make out what she was thinking,Maybe. “Do you really think?”shivaay whispered looking at him with a knowing look”it seems so”he instantly said.

it’s true he had seen it but seeing the ring in her finger he wasn’ able to comphreehnd what is going on within her, maybe he had taken the love in her orbs as a sympathy one? but what else can it be?he was sick and so she came to meet him and nothing else,it’s just for kindness,Maybe.he thighten his grip on his hand,”why can’t he come to a particular and firm dicision?arrghh! Why there has to be maybe in every last sentence?Why? he was fighting with himself,being frustated by the loops it is taking over and over again,thinikng that everything is normal and again it turs into mess and then again the same thing.

seeing the expression on his face sameer knew he was still wondering over his thoughts so he just thought to give himkt he thing,Taking his hand in his,making him astonisd at his gesture,sameer placed something on his palm,being confused shvaay adverted his gaze feelign the presence of something on his hand,”What’s this”shivaay looked at the diamond Solitary ring in his hand”a ring ofcourse”making shivaay hyper”I mean whose ring is this and why are you giving this to me” Shivaay felt fimiliar to this piece of jwellery,It’s the same ring she was wearing when she came to meet him,but how can he be so sure?Don’t let your hope up shivaay as it will as always fireback you.

“This is annika’s engagement ring”sameer said sinply,shivaay looked up at him and then onto his palm,yeah he was right but why he is giving this to him?odes it means that she had break this engagement,his heartbeat increased at this thought,he felt a wave of relief pass through him”I had called out our engagement”he said with a small smile,looking at the ring in his palm,Shivaay felt numb for a second,his heart literally skipped his a bit.

“but why?”Sameer gave out a long sigh,he can’t change,both the tittles are stuitable for him”Shivaay, She loves you why can’t you understand dammit!”he was little frustaded by now,this person is really complicated.”She had always loved you shivaay,she was scared that if she will forgive you,you will again break her and she doesn’t want a heartbreak,that day when you two met for the first time after two years,she was acting infront of you,trying to show you that she moved on,but the irony was she was still at that place where she was standing in front of your house hoping that you would stop her,hoping that you would not let her faith on you go away,but you wronged her shivaay,she was broken,brutually,but she tried to be strong but little did she know that everyday her heart broke into piees adn after all this she really thought to move on,but see what destiny again made ehr stop,she wasn’t able to forget you shivaay,she love you more then herself”sameer said softly letting the words enter his eardrum like a soothing as well as agiating at the same time.

He felt calm but the thought of breaking her become an equal companion as it letting him drown into the world of guilt.”Life have given me soo much to see tilll now that even if something good happens I’m afraid to acknowlegde it”shivaay whispered making sameer look at him amused,”But now everything is alright shivaay”he tried to encouraged him. “I’m sorry”he whispered after a pause”You need to say this to annika not me”sameer said with an affirmative nod,”but I’m really sorry to you Sameer,I’ve thought that you were—-“shivaay was cut off by him”No problem! Bro”he said”but, I wanted to ask you something”shivaay said and he nodded,”what?”

“Don’t you Love her?”he asked as he waited with bathed breathe to hear his asnwer,Sameer sighed,everyone is asking this to him and he didn’t felt tired in saying that he loved her,yes ofcource he do but her happiness is more than anything else rather his own heart.”What if I say yes?”

Shivaay looked amused at him,”So why are you doing this?I mean,who wanted there love to be with someone else?”.Sameer smiled,”BTW you are a true example to it,right?”shivaay just gave a small nod”How Can I?I love her,I can’t share her with anyone else”

“See shivaay,I loved her,she love me but she doesn’t”shivaay gave a quizzical glance to him,he chuckled in response”My life has ceased to be a joke,i know I’m confusing you but she how much I try, she will only love you, she just love like a friend does but she love you as a lover does,are you getting me? And if in a relationship teh other person doesn’t love you th way you you dos,it will never work out,It will hurt both of them,and I really don’t want this to happen, She’s my frnd and that’s enough for me,her happiness means alot”he ended not looking in his eyes,as it had become red.

“Thank You”Shivaay said taking im in a hug,Sameer smiled.coming out he said”The Pleasure is all mine”winking he grinned”You are just like Annika”shivaay muttered as a matter of fact,while he laughed out loud,”After all we are buddies”he said with pride, making him smile. Shivaay never thought that he will be talking like this to the guy who loved his wife and was her fiance, this is called life, it will bring you in such a situation that you have never in your wildest dream thought of but see he is here.

He sigh.


I hope you all like it, I’m really busy these days,Not at all getting time to do anything or write anything,So really sorry fot updating it late as well as not updating my other stories,My exams are round the corner,just A month left and as per me, I havn’t done anything! And I’m struggling to do it! Well I hope I can do it, beside that assignments will take away my life one day,I sometimes feel like kicking them out of my window and just chill, but it’s not gonna happen anywhere in the future*My BadLuck*

Now coming to the update,I havn’t shown any changes between shivaay and sameer Right?So here it is, Sameer had done everything and this was the last string to his struggle to bring them back together,And I hope you didn’t get bored reading it!I know it’s high time to bring them together but showing it all of a sudden is not my think,I wanted to make everything alright one by one,Slowly and steady win the race 😉 and so this is what I’m doing.

Shivaay is a man who how much try, can’t refrain his mind to got hold of him completely, he need to get those extra push as per his character,and the push had been given to him by sameer and he will surely let himself go.

One more to go for this to end!

So really thank you for the lovely feedbacks and your support to this story,I’m glad that I’m able ot make you all stick to this story till the end.

With Love,
-Anya ❤

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