FF-True Love Never Dies (Swasan-Raglak) Part 1

Hello guyz i thought to write a new swaragini fan ficition. Lets start.

A girl was standing on a cliff. And one girl haved gun. She was pointing it to the other. The face is shown the one who have gun is kavya and the one who is standing there is ragini. She was crying. And was asking kavya why he killed Laksh, Swara, Sanskar. And kavya was laughing like a evil witch.

Kavya: What you think. I killed them for my revenge. Swara always come in my way. And sanskar poor him i did’t wanted to kill him. But he was closed to swara that why i have to kill him. Coming to laksh he spolied my life. I just hate him. Now its your turn sweetheart.
Ragini: Yea kill me. What u think will i be able to live without them no. Its better to die instead of living. Shot me shot ha.
But remember that police will arrest you. Ok. Up to u i will definitely die today and will go with my sister, friend and husband. I am feeling pity on u. You don’t now what loves mean. So sad for you. You don’t have anyone.
Kavya: Shut up.
Suddenly they hear police siren. Kavya got afriad. Police come out of the jeep and run toward kavya.
Kavya: Before going to jail. Let me complete my work.
She shot the bullet at ragini and she fell down from the cliff.
{ Chill gaye naina plays in BG. }
Police took kavya with them.

Precap: New entries.

I hope you all liked it guyz. Do comment and give your opinion. If you have an confusion then do tell me i will try to clear it. <3

Credit to: roshini


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