Mere Sai 12th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Gets Surprised To Know Ganesh’s Job At Governor Off

Mere Sai 12th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rukmini asks Sai whose baby is this? Her brother Ganesh says my baby. Rukmini sees him and gets happy. She recalls Sai’s sayings. Ganesh touches her feet. Rukmini blesses him. Ganesh says this is my baby. Rukmini says you used to get upset whenever I used to tell that I will brought up your child. Ganesh says my wife gave her birth, but you gave her life. She asks where is Aayi and baba. Ganesh signs her towards their parents. She thinks she will meet them. Just then Kulkarni comes in cart. Nand Lal conspires to instigates Hari Bhao against Sultan and does something. Kulkarni gets down from the cart and questions Rukmini how dare he step into Shirdi and says you are thief to step inside my house when I was not in my house. Chivu smiles. Keshav comes out and calls Rukmini. Rukmini’s parents and Ganesh

get happy. Kulkarni stops them from meeting Keshav and asks them to leave silently else I will kick you all out of Shirdi. Nand Lal sees Kulkarni insisting his inlaws. Ganesh takes baby from Rukmini’s hands. He thinks what Joshi ji is doing in Shirdi and why Kulkarni is shouting at him. Ganesh says we shall leave. Nand Lal greets them and says Saheb ji will get angry on me if he comes to know that I didn’t take care for you all. He asks them to come with him. Sripadh Joshi tells that today he became dada and now he has to give her grand daughter to his bahu. He says I will come and meet Ratnakar soon. Nand Lal says ok and asks Ganesh to greet Governor on his behalf. Kulkarni is shocked. Rukmini prays to Sai to unite them. Nand Lal sees Ganesh Joshi batch and gives to Joshi. Kulkarni thinks if Ganesh works for Governor, he is on the big position and gets surprised.

Sultan’s wife shouts seeing the seeds rotten. Sultan says what I will sow you and thinks of Ratnakar’s words and says someone is jealous of me. He says how I will do Aslam’s marriage. His wife says who can do this conspiracy. Sultan recalls seeing man and thinks Hari Bhao came here. He thinks Hari Bhai must have come. He thinks I can’t believe this and he doesn’t know about my deal with Ratnakar. His wife tells that they shall go to Sai. Sultan thinks did Hari Bhao heard me when I told about deal to Sai. He gets doubtful on Hari Bhao.

Rukmini is sad and does the puja. She thinks of Ganesh and his baby. Chivu sees Rukmini pouring water in the tulsi plant continuously. She slips and blames Rukmini. She asks her to thank that Kulkarni is not here else he will send her to her family. Rukmini thinks Sai, I saw my family, but can I meet them.

Ganesh’s wife thanks Sai for giving a new life to her daughter. Sripadh Joshi says I never thought that I will step here, but I was destined to meet you. He says you have opened my eyes, I thought my daughter wrong and she was doing her duty. He says I kept her far from her family, I could see her, but couldn’t hug her and apologize to her. Sai says they will meet.

Bayaza says we shall do the naamkaran. Sai says the person came who will do the naamkaran.

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