Abhigya (OS) 2


The story starts…a mansion is shown it seems there is function going on.
Neil(prags dad) he was talking to his old frnd Perm. They were talking when prags came n ask Neil to come with her.
P: Neil…is she ur daughter???
N: yaa she is my daughter Pragya
Pra: dad come with me

Screen shifts to a boy he was surrounded by many girls. They r taking selfies with him. The boy’s face is shown he is Abhi. Abhi’s dad prem came there
N: what r u doing here abhi come with me. He took Abhi along with him.

Screen shifts to pragya n her dad they were coming downstairs at that time prem n Abhi were in the hall
P: abhi see her she is pragya my frnd Neil’s daughter
A: ohhh…
They came near them Neil introduced prags to abhi n prem did the same. After sometime big Neil n prem left now abhigya were alone
A: hiii chashmish how r u
P: chashmish ???
A: u r wearing chasma na that’s y i called u chashmish
P: listen my name is pragya don’t call me chashmish okk
They were talking for long time prags felt that he was very sweet n cute. She left from there as nisha ( prags elder sis) called her .

Screen shifts to pragya she completed the given by nisha n now she was searching for abhi. She found him he was with a girl. He was continuously flirting with the girl. Prags thought that what she thinking about him was totally wrong.

After sometime party got ended.
This was there 1st meeting

2nd meeting
One day Abhi came to prags house for some work. After his work he was going he heard some he followed the sound n reached to prags room she was dancing practicing for function in her clg. After few mins prags saw abhi starting at her she badly scolded him. He went from their without saying anything thing

3rd meeting
Abhi was in his frnd’s marriage ceremony from boys side. He was with his frnd. When he pragya coming with bride he was mesmerized by her beauty. Abhi came near prags but she left he followed her.
A: chashmish where r u going yarrr stop
Prags stopped
Now They were in garden
P: y r u following me . go n flirt with girls same that u did on that function that day when I talk with u I thought u r nice person but u r not
A: with whom I was flirting???

Prags then describe about girl then Abhi remembers n started to laugh hard prags was confuse that y he is laughing she asked him
P: y r u laughing
A: the girl u r saying is my cousin yarrr I was talking like that coz she got irk when i talk like that to her n I love irritating her
P: whatttt??she is ur cousin.. Sry Abhi I misunderstood u
A: its okk
After a chit chat they exchange there numbers

Days passed abhigya had become good frnd’s they had develop feeling for each other but were unaware. There is not a single day when abhigya didn’t talk with each other. From many days nisha was observing this behavior of prags one day she told about this to her mom. From that day abhigya were not able to talk or meet with each other. A week got overed like this they realize their love for each other. They start to meet each other secretly. Seeing abhigya love for each other they went to the place where abhigya were . in this meetings abhi had proposed prags n she too accepted they where talking when they saw there family coming towards them they started to move backward. When prags mom told them to stop. She informed them that they don’t have any problem with their relation n they r thinking about abhigya marriage. Abhigya look at each other n smiled .
After few days it was abhigya marriage they got without any interruption.


Thanks for reading n do comment. I’ll try to post my ff if I got time as I had got project

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