Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 20th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka 20th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Darshan comes to Viraj’s room to get his signatures on Visa application and hears him vomiting in the bathroom. He goes inside and helps him come out bathroom. He asks what happened to you. Viraj says I am a criminal. Darshan says you are not. Viraj says mom don’t want to see me and hates my face. She is upset with me. Darshan asks her to leave her alone and she will be alright soon. Viraj cries. Darshan says you are crying as if you are jailed and says he will talk to Divya.

Karuna comes to hotel. Mando sees Karuna and wonders why did he come here, says we don’t want any andolan. Abeer gets down the taxi and says I will do payment. Karuna rings the door bell. Mando says nobody will open. Amla says I will open the door and sees Karuna. Karuna hugs her. Bhao greets her. Mando

asks how did you come here? We didn’t leave our address there. Abeer comes and calls her Maaso. Mando says Maaso. Amla is shocked. Mando taunts Karuna and says you all are of same plate. Karuna says Amla. Mando says you both stay in a single shelter. Karuna says it is not like this? Mando says how can our daughter be found by you first and says Abeer must have informed you to reach there to show sympathy.

Mando claps and says your business is superb. Karuna asks her not to take wrong meaning of the situation and says we both know well that Abeer. Mando says Abeer didn’t do anything and taunts Karuna, says you will get work in films. Karuna tries talking to Amla. Mando asks her to go and better ask Abeer. Abeer takes Karuna with him to their room. Karuna asks what is he hiding? Abeer tells her that she hates me and tells about Amla attacking him. Karuna says she is angry on you and taking out her wrath on you. Abeer says I am trying to make everything fine. He tells that he deserves this and cries.

Darshan asks Divya why she is not talking to Viraj. Divya says he has learnt from you, you taught him well. Darshan looks on. Dev is with Archie/Manisha in the bus. She smiles looking at him.

Karuna tells Abeer that Amla’s innocent is lost and asks him to get justice for her and then only she will get some peace. She says you tried to protect Malik family and this is hurting her a lot. Abeer says I am not protecting anyone. Karuna says you both are quiet, but your silence speaks much. She asks did you take blame on yourself and asks how did Malik’s son escaped. She asks him why you are taking someone else’s protection.

Mando tries to eavesdrops them. Abeer tells that think about Amla, she has reached here with much difficulty, if this reopens then where she will go. He says her eyes are like she is dead. He says whatever I have done, I have to be bear punishment all life. Bhao comes out and calls Mando. Karuna asks what you are saying that you are also involved and says I am sure that you are trying to protect those guys, and if this is true, then Amla and I will never forgive you. You have to live your life in guilt. Abeer says I can’t see in your eyes, and says once Amla settles down, I will go far away from her. Karuna says I will not go anywhere. Bhao asks Mando not to hear others talk. She says you can’t run leaving us and I won’t let you go.

Rishan sees a girl’s pic on his phone and smiles. Pallavi comes there. Manisha tells Dev that he can stay at her place.

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