love from soul ep -6


Hi everyone.I will try to write slow

San : I hate him ragini
Rag : calm down my hubby
San : what ?
Rag : hubby
San : u r calling me hubby
Rag : s Mr.sanskar
San : ok Mrs.sanskar

Rag took San to kitchen
San : y u took me here
Rag : to eat
San : I am not hungry

Rag close his mouth and started to feed him
San : tq ragini
Rag : for what
San put his hand on her hip.He pulled her closer.for food &………to night

Rag blushed and hide her face in his chest
San took ragini in his hand as groom took bride

He placed her in the bed.She again blushed hide her face with her hand

Sakthi room
Sakthi was crying vigorously thinking about her past
I love u so much but u left me.even that raj try to kill me after knowing about my second I hide our second child to this society even to San & rag
Y u did this to me
I loved u from my soul but u made my life hell even though I can’t hate u

Ragsan room

San kissed on her hand then her rosy lips.
They hugged each other.
San : I promise u ragini I will not let go away from me at any situation
Rag kissed his cheeks.they forget each other.they made love.
At morning
Sun rise fall on them
Rag got up and saw San
She kissed his cheeks.suddenly she felt
hard arround her s it was San
He pussed her towards him he kissed in her lips
Rag : leave me I want to go
San : no way
Rag : leave me
San : then go
After that she realized thet she was naked and the Saree was beside sanskar
Rag : sanskar give my dress
San : then kiss me

Rag hugged San about to kiss she took the bed spread covered her rane away to washroom

After taking bath she came out sanskar is till sleeping.She went to the kitchen
After some time she came with coffee
Rag : San wake up
San : 2 more minutes
Rag : wake up
Rag kissed his cheeks and went from room

After one week

Rag was crying
San : don’t worry bady
Rag : take care
She hugged him tightly and started to cry again
San is going to london to change his job to mumbai
San : only 2 months
Rag : come soon

He kissed her and went to sakthi
San : maa I going & I will call u after I reached there

Sakthi blessed him he went to London

Precap : ragsan Swalak meeting

Please command guys.did u like this treak

Credit to: fagu

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