Shivika Ts_Pal Bhar_ Part 3 [Sequel to Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga] (By Anya)

Hello Everyone I’m back witht he next part of this and I thing i need 2 most chapters to end this series or 1 more,anyways we will come to know about it soon.Well here is the next part!,I hope you all like it.

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Shivika Ts –Pal Bhar–

Part 3

Rudra stood at the doorstep of the girl’s room who was going to be engaged today or more precisely who was going to leave his bhaiya,becoming soemone else.But he will not believe this unless and until he will be assured that his bhabhi had truely moved on.He knocked on the door softly and after a few seconds the door opened and a girl came into view.”yes? whom you wanted to meet?”she asked politely”Annika Bha—“he stopped midway,calling her bhabhi had just made a permanent place in his vocabilary as all this while he had called her by this name but now it seems that it’s not the right moment to say this”Is Annika Didi inside?”he asked in a curious tone while deep down he was feeling really different in calling her didi once again.

“yes she’s inside getting ready are you her relative?”the girl smiled while he was at short of words.What he will tell that the girl who is inside getting ready for her engagement who is going to be held within 2 hours is his elder brother’s wife or more precisely his dearest bhabhi.”hmm..I’m her friend,I just came here to wish her”he said with a fake smile when suddenly someone from behind interrupted their conversation”Who is there Priya?”A lady voice was heard which rudra at an instant realized tht it belongs to Annika.The girl turned and their eyes met.”Rudra”Annika gasped and stood shock at her spot dressed in a Black velvet full sleves blouse with golden lace paired with peace color lehenga which had golden works at the bottom.Both of their eyes teared up but they controlled themselves.She was not able to understand that it was for real.That her baby brother was standing in front of her.She blinked her eyes to make sure that she was not dreaming “Priya just give me some time”Annika whispered,her eyes not leaving his.

The girl just noded and went outside leaving Aniru alone.As soon as she left Rudra came forward and took her in a bone crashing hug”Annika Bhabhi,How much I missed you”Rudra whispered as tears finally decends down their cheeks wetting each other’s clothes”I missed you too”She whisperd and rubbed his hair lovingly.Rudra came out of her embrace and held her hand”bhabhi how are you?”he asked with a cracked voice while anika nodded her head in affirmation as she was no able to make a sentence because of the lump in her throat.”how come you here rudra?”she asked with much difficulty while rudra just shrugged of his shoulder and with looking straight in here eyes”Bhabhi bhaiya had also come”and with that annika hand slipped from his grip and she looked at him blankly.

She moved towards the Open window which shows the preparations of her engagement in the Open lawn”it’s too late Rudra,It’s too late”she whispered still looking outside,With 3 long strides rudra was just behind her.He graped the side of her arm and turned her around softly”How can you say that it’s too late bhabhi?There is still 2 hours left for your engagement,just leave this and come with me,bhaiya needs you”he said aloud and started to drag her towards the door ,she just pushed her hand from his grip midway”No rudra I can’t do this,No I can’t”she whispered much to herself.

How can she just went away from here leaving Sameer like this?The person who had been her constant support throughout this 3 years?How?She is not a bad person that she will leave him just for her desires.No she can’t and she will not do this because she know that if she will go to shivaay once again than she will be destroyed,destroyed in a way that no one on this earth will be able to mend her.She loved Sameer but not the way she loved shivaay there is a vast difference in this two,but she loved sameer more in the view of being a friend.

That day Sameer had called her to come to a cafe and she went there but to her utter shock Sameer proposed her there and he also said that he will wait for her reply and it is totally up to her if she want’s to be in this relationship.his words are purely written on her mind”Annika see I liked you the day I met you in uncle’s office,You always remind me of anaya and as we started coming closer I don’t know when I fallen in love with you,I know It will be uncomfortable for you and for that reason only I didn’t said my feeling to you and continue to be your friend as we were and one more reason why I din’t told you is that I don’t want our friendship to suffer in between this.Always remember whatever your dicision will be we will be always be best of friends.Do you undertstand me Annika? I was broken just like you when you came into my life but believe me Annika you just once again made me live my life,I was able to open up with you,your company comforted me and I will always cherish those moments with you.I know it is hard to forget your first love and I know you still love shivaay but annika from how long will you be like this? Can’t you just give another chance to your luck?To me?I know i wouldn’t be able to take care of you like shivaay does but still I promise I will keep you happy and save.See I’m telling once again,the dicision is totally up to you,and believe me I will be absolutely ok with it and if you think even for a second that this relation is not for you you are free to end it and this friendship will never gonna be harmed becoz of that.” Annika had seen the truth and sincerity in his charcoal black eyes and she was thankful that he had given her time to think about this matter.

That night she remained woken up the whole night sitting in her balcony looking at the star filled sky which surround the glorious Moon.Wheever she had to take a dicision,she used to come over here and look att he moon as he was her constant companion from childhood who listened to her feeling without any interuption and dep down when she did it she was able to make a satisfied dicision.But today it seemed that the moon is not in her favour.How can she just leave Shivaay and move on in her life?She will be called as a betrayal.No she is not that,but the thougth of being betayed again feared her.She won’t be able to forgive him but damn this heart always chant his nsme.Oh how she wished that all this just would have been a dream , a nightmare and she would woke up next in the morning and she is in her old house,No Oberoi family no Shivaay No marriage,No Love,No betrayal,No Sameer.She was a simple girl who worked for her brother’s well being but one day a typhoon called Shivaay Singh Oberoi entered her life,Took her heart and crushed it ruthlessly with his feet and left her devastated..But this wish seemed to be far extinct as now everything is changed,blo*dy changed and no ne will be able to change this not even God it seems.

She sighed as she closed her eyes and once again Sameer’s face came in front of her eyes and his words echoed.She just opened her eyes and took deep breath,She need to make a dicision.Yes now it’s high time she had to make a dicision that what she will do in the future.She loved Sameer not in the way which lover’s do but in a friendly manner,He had been with her when She needs someone the most,he was there to collect her in his arms when she cried her heart out, showing her vulnerable side,He was there with her when she had to face Shivaay once again,he was the one who made her life her life once more,e made her smile,he gave hope to her lifeless life and gave her strenght to move on.He is one such special person in her life that she won’t be able to loose him.He said that their friendship wouldn’t be harmed because of her dicision but still his truthful eyes which held respect and love for her had made her to accept his prososal.Maybe he was right,from how long will she wondered at her past?She had to move on as life need to move on and giving him a chance is not at all a bad Idea.He is her best friend her constant support and if this decision will change her life to a good extend than she will take this step.Yes She will give this relation a chance.

She was brought back to the earth when she felt someone shaking her”Bhabhi please don’t do this,please come with me”Rudra pleaded her while she looked down at her fingers not able to meet his eyes,Seeing this rudra just left her”Okay bhabhi I know you won’t be able to do it but I need to ask you one question and If its answer in no then I will surely leave you I promise”he said as he rubbed off his tears.She just loked at him with blood shot red eyes and the question just shook the groung beneath her.

“Do you Love bhaiya?”

She just closed her eyes shut and her form started to tremble because of the pain it caused her internally.”Answer me bhabhi DO you Love Bhaiya?”rudra demanded an answer from her.How can she say that she doesn’t love him?he was still in her heart beating.But she won’t be able to say Yes either than She will broke Sameer’s heart.She was in a mess at that time,fighting with her heart and mind weather to say yes or No.But that one thought of been betrayed once again overpower her and this was it,She opened her eyes and while not looking at his eyes said a nO whiich was audible to her only but rudra heard it”Bhabhi look at my eyes and tell it once again”he asked her while she continue to look downwards”Just leave rudra”she said “Just look at me and say it and I will go”he whispered.

She gathered all her courage and looked up sharply at him with dull eyes”No “she said aloud while rudra chuckled making her more miserable”Oh great bhabhi you started telling lies also?But I will tell you a truth that you need to practise it more”he said with an amused look while annika looked aside “I’m telling na I don’t love him”She said once again but it was whispered yet a pleading”Who bhabhi?”he asked softly “Rudra just go! I won’t be able to do more,No Just go it’s too late”she said and moved towards the window once again while Rudra started at her back with a small smile”I know how much you lie but your heart would never eccept this Bhabhi,Anyways congratulation for this new journey’s of your’s and good luck”he said mockingly and went away from there.

Annika just feel down on the ground with a thud and cried out loud. “I love him rudra I love him! but I won’t be able to leave Sameer nor I will be able to go back to him,I’m scared! Scared of another heart break” she said while sobbing badly. Her fate had once again led her into this mess,where she had to choose her friend and her love, if she will go to her love than again she will be showered with pain and if she will go to his friend than again she will be showered with pain. But the difference is if she chooses shivaay than he will give her pain and if she goes to sameer then she will give herself pain and she thought that being in pain is much more better then recieving it,So she choosed Sameer. But deep down her heart is calling her a betrayal.”you are a cheater annika,you are cheating bothof them them!”Her heart screamed making her go dizzy.

“NO! No I’m not a cheater! NO”she screamed while keeping her hand on her ear as the word cheater started to echo in the room.She saw herself standing in front of her laughing and saying cheater.She just closed her eyes and gather her legs near her chest and started crying hypertectly.”No I’m not that! NO”she continue telling it as a sacred chant.When she felt a soft yet small hand holding her shoulder “Didi”Sahil called out softly making her cry more”Annika Didi Listen”he tried to make her face him but she just hugged him tightly making his clothes wet with her tears.”I’m not cheating anyone Sahil! I’m not a cheater! You know I’m scared.I’m a weak person Sahil.I’m weak”She continue to say all this between her sobs while sahil whispered sweet nothing in her ear,roaming his small hand at her back in an attempt to make her calm”Shh! Didi I know you are not a cheater.You can never be”he whispered while she tightened her hold on him and continue to weep.

They sat there like that for sometimes and when her tears start to slower down he pushed a little and made her look at him”Don’t cry Di”he whipered and rubbed her tear strained cheeks “Sahil does I look like a cheater?”she asked him as she chocked at last,Sahil just shook his left and right saying it a big No.”No Didi I’m telling you that you can never be like that. Annika didi you know what You the the most brave girl in this whole world,You are not weak,My annika didi is not weak”sahil said as tears too started to desend down his cheeks “But I’m weak Sahil I’m weak,I’m scared to got toshivaay! and I’m scared to loose sameer”she said as once aagain fresh streams of tears started to come out of her red fluffy eyes.

“I’m scared that if I will go to shivaay than he will again tore my heart and I can’t afford to break down once again,you know what Sahil now darkness doesn’t sems to haunt me but the darkness in which I let myself drown into when Shivaay leave me,it is more haunting and I don’t want to slip into it once again,Do you understand me Sahil I don’t wanted to go there.Then who will take care of you?Huh? I love shivaay but this though didn’t let me took this step and leaving Sameer at this moment will be like I’m cheating on him.I can’t break his heart”she said while sobbing and sahil just took her once again in his arms and she sobbed,letting out all her turmoil at that fraction of time.

But they don’t know that they had an audience who was looking at them with tear filled eyes.He just stood there,his back pressed on the wall next to the door as silent tears started to decend down his cheeks.”I will make everything alright Annika”he whispered and stood there for sometime.


So this is the End of part 3 and I hope I was able to showcased annika’s turmoil to you all and you all understood why she took this drastic step. I really tried hard to show this but still I’m unsatisfied with this update I thought there should be more to it but at last after making two to three time changes I finally kept this one and updated it.

Annika is a person who is pure at heart she can’t leave anyone who is close to her heart weather it is sameer or shivaay but sameer was the one who was with her when she needs someone badly and she can’t leave him , she can’t left him like this. I really tried to show you all this in this update.

DO give your reviews and constructive feedback are the most welcome my dear readers,Thank you for supporting me.

With Love,
-Anya ?

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