Dil Se Dil Tak 23rd January 2018 Written Episode Update; Parth and Teni to find Shorvari in Nainital

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At a music school Shorvari tells the principal that she can teach music to children well. The principal strictly says she can’t get a job without having a degree. Shorvari finds a boy singing, and asks him to let her play the guitar. She tightens the screws and plays the guitar for him. Parth and Teni’s wedding plays in her mid as she plays various notes on guitar, and sings. The principal was also mesmerized by her singing. Everyone including the principal claps for Shorvari. He complements that he has found only rare musicians who sings soulfully. He would be happy to offer her the job as the new music teacher. The children clap in her welcome while Shorvari was thankful to the principal.
Indu tells Jalpa this isn’t true. Jalpa says this is true, Spursh is her child. Indu says she

can’t do this, why she never shared this with them all. Jalpa says she regrets what she did, and ask her to request Bharat a single chance. Indu says she has been disloyal to Bharat, only he holds the right to forgive her. Bharat announces that he won’t forgive her betrayal, and wants a divorce. Indu and Jalpa were shocked to hear this. Indu convinces Bharat that this is a huge matter, and tells them to come home tomorrow. They will decide about it then.
At home, Dada ji and Ramnik still argue about the honeymoon site. Parth and Teni come home. Dadi notices that Parth appeared to be tired and had changed clothes as well. Teni makes up that while shopping Parth liked this shirt and bought it. Dada ji says they must go to honeymoon to America, Ramnik offers Australia. Teni says neither America nor Australia; they will go to Nainital. Dada ji says he wish to spend on their honeymoon. Teni says she always wished to go to America, but she would enjoy with Parth in Nainital. They are leaving today, and would take Ipshita as well. Dadi was reluctant to send Ipshita, but Teni insists. The family agree.
Shorvari gets the job as music instructor. The principal offers her a two room apartment but she denies as she wants some small place for herself. He tells her about an app that finds rental residences within twenty four hours.
Teni was packing the bag. Indu comes to the room and discuss with Teni about placing a portrait of Parth, Teni and Ipshita in the room. Teni hugs Indu. On the way to Nainital Teni takes Parth promise to always be friends. In the guest house Parth was restless as Ipshita was badly crying. He gets his details registered; the receptionist asks if she is his wife? He says no at once, then says off course. She is Teni Bhanushali and daughter Ipshita Bhanushali. In the room, Parth apologizes Teni for saying a no, as he was thinking about something else. Teni says she is a friend before wife and understands what he is going through. Parth says he is fighting his own thoughts, though aware she can’t return he is still finding her. Teni tells him to stop fighting himself. They will reach the depth of his hope that the girl was Shorvari. Parth hugs her. Teni thinks she will always hold these moments dearer. Someone, they have started their way to part away from each other.

PRECAP: Parth and Teni were looking for Shorvari, and the café owner agree that Shorvari visited here a few days ago. They pass by in the car where Shorvari stood at a stall.

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