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Gangaa 1st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Thanks to our reader, Summer, here’s the update.

Hi Friends,
I know you are all eagerly waiting for updates for 1st July. Here’s a brief update for 1st July so far…
Ragini falls over the balcony as Prabha threatens her, not to reveal the truth how she was found in Sagar’s room. All panic and look in shock above to find Ragini screaming and dangling of the balcony.

They all run upstairs and tie bed sheets together to form a long rope to save Ragini. Pulkit rushes downstairs with Rudra instructing chef to get mattress. Pulkit and Rudra are ready to catch Ragini if she falls. Sagar manages to save Ragini and lifts her safely onto balcony.

Pulkit and Rudra rushes upstairs to speak to Ragini. Once the commotion dies

down, everyone retrieves to bed. Ragini refuses to follow Ganga to bedroom to sleep, she doesn’t want to listen to her brother either. Sagar persuades Ragini to follow Ganga to room to retire to bed, eventually Ragini complies.

Rudra is embarrassed of his behaviour and is ready to leave the following morning. Ragini is upset that she has to leave and refuses. Ganga and Sagar enters room and gives a pair of dolls named Ragini and Sagar, Rudra and Ganga. They use the dolls to explain that once a girl marries she will have to leave her brother and stay with the male family forever. They use reverse psychology sucessfully to engage Ragini to listen to her brother. Ragini chooses Rudra over Sagar and is ready to leave the Chaduvetri household.

Before Rudra is ready to leave, Sagar and Ganga explains no hard feelings and invites Rudra and Ragini to stay for the stag/hen party.

Amma ji is very keen to unite Sagar and Ganga’s and fix wedding date, so she consults priest to select auspicious date. It is advised that due to two deaths in the family, normally grief is observed for a year before any celebrations take place. Because of this, the female members of the chaduvetri family will have to attend the temple to peform a puja to please lord shiva and all will be well.
Nasty Prahab goes to see Yash in jail. Yash plants idea to ruin Ganga to the point Sagar will never look at her the same again.

At the party, Prabha insists Chef prepare food in kitchen. She puts powder in drink for Ganga. Ganga drinks the beverage Prabha gives and goes on high. She dances towards Sagar, Sagar feels embarrass. He gets up and leave. Ganga pleads with Sagar and asks him to stay, as Sagar continues to walk away. Ganga loses her balance and bumps into Rudra. Rudra catches Ganga before she falls and thinks he is Sagar, calling his name seductively..Awakard!!

Update Credit to: Summer

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