After 7 years yeh mohabbatein part-9

Hello to all my dear friends. Thanks for the wishes for my marriage. And friends you ready the story you will see many upcoming drama in my fanfiction. Infact I also don’t like the current track of the real story. And don’t need to worry you will only enjoy the story.So read the episode and give reviews. Wether reviews are positive or negative it will be accepted So coming back to the story.

episode starts
recap: ishita came to know that bhalla’s & iyer’s are going to deal with her company.

present time
next morning
{nobody from bhalla and iyer family knows that they are going to face the biggest truth of their life. for someone it will be happiness and for somebody it will be shock. lets see how will all overcome from the fact that ishita is alive}

Mrs Bhalla: Simmi get ready fast. Otherwise we will get late and then Raman will get angry on us.
Simmi: Ji mummy ji. Where is Romi&Sarika?
Mr Bhalla: They had gone to Rohit school. They will come. Until then others should get ready.
Adi: Ruhi what happened what are you thinking?
Ruhi: Adi Bhaiya I don’t know I am feeling so happy today.

Adi: Is there any reason.
Ruhi: Don’t know what is the reason. Leave it Adi Bhaiya come fast we had to leave Mihika Massi and everyone there must be waiting for us.
Adi: Ya sure. I told Mihika Massi that we will come there directly to the Award show.
Ruhi: Thats good. Come lets go down. Lets see which new drama is happening downstairs.
Adi: Ruhii.
Ruhi: Bhai you know na everyday new drama happens here.
Adi: Leave it na. To do drama is their birth right.
Ruhi: Hmmmmm.

Everyone was standing there ready. Waiting for Adi & Ruhi. They come there laughing and talking. Everyone was happy to see them happy. But seeing them their {ADI&RUHI} happiness lost somewhere.
Ruhi: Why are you seeing us like this?
Adi: You are behaving like you had seen some ghost here.
Shagun: Adi Ruhi is it way to talk with your elders.
Adi: Sorry Mumma. Lets leave na. Mihika Massi and Nanu-Nani must be waiting from there.
Pihu: Mumma Nanu-Nani will be also there.
Shagun: Yes Pihu beta.
Pihu: Woww. Mumma I am so excited to go there.

They all left from there to the venue. They reached there. Mihir & Rinki joined them there. Adi Ruhi left them there and went to Iyers. Bhalla family was so much hurted by seeing the ignorance of their kids. They all went inside. Bhalla’s & Iyer’s table was together only. They were shocked to see this. All other ignore each other. But Shagun & Pihu meet Iyer family. Iyer’s were happy to meet Shagun and there granddaughter Pihu. Someone was watching them it was none there Ashok Khanna. He was sitting on the next table to them. The fuction started. Suddenly host announced that Miss Nitya Khanna has reached the venue. Abhi , Ashok & Alia were happy to listen that she reached here. Everyone was excited to see the leading businesswoman of the world Nitya Khanna. She entered the venue.

But no one was able to see her. Because her bodyguards and media had covered her completely. Raman and entire tried to see her face. But they were not able to see her. She crossed their table and went to tha table where Khanna’s were sitting. Her back was towards bhalla’s & iyer’s.
Raman: Mihir what relation she have with this Ashok.
Mihir: Don’t know Bhai. See Abhishiek is also sitting there.
Then the host called Miss Nitya Khanna come on the stage to give award to the best businessman of the year. She went to the stage. When she turned her back eveyone was shocked. Bhalla’s & Iyer’s were totally shocked to see her face.
Raman: Ishita.
Mr&Mrs Iyers: Ishu.
MIhika: Ishu Akka.
Adi Ruhi: Ishi Maa.

Everyone was shocked to see her alive. Whom they all thought is died she is standing alive in front of them. They were shocked to see her with Ashok Khanna.
Mihir: Why didn’t Abhishiek told us tha Ishita Bhabhi is alive.
Raman: Let this function end I will ask her only. But what is she doing with this Ashok Khanna. And why she changed her name.
Ruhi: See Adi Bhaiya our Ishi Maa is alive.
Adi: Hm. Thnx to god that we are able to see our ishimaa back.

Host: Miss Nitya Khanna please tell us your success reason. Everyone wants to know.
Ishita/Nitya: First of hello everyone. I wish all of you good luck for your success. Coming to my success then its hardwork and my company employees who take very much interest in the office projects. And like everyone there are 2 persons behind my success. 1st if my brother-in- law or you can say my brother Mr Ashok Khanna. And the second person is very important of my life. Without that person I am nothing in this business world. So the secong person whom I want to thnx is my fiaunce Mr Abhishiek Singh Khanna.

Everyone clapped for her. But it was biggest shock for Iyer’s & Bhalla’s. They were shocked to see that Ishita is engaged to Abhishiek.


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