After 7 years yeh mohabbatein part-8


Hello to all my dear friends. Thanks for the wishes for my marriage. And friends you ready the story you will see many upcoming drama in my fanfiction. Infact I also don’t like the current track of the real story. So coming back to the story.

RECAP: Ashok-Ishita talk regarding Bhalla’s and Abhishiek meet Mihika and Bhalla brothers and MIhir.
Present Track

Abhishiek came there he saw that the lights were off. He called Ishita but there was no response. Slowly he came forward and the flowers fell on him and the lights starts to get on. He was really happy and shocked to see the prepration. The house was beautifully decorated with flowers and candels. Suddenly Ishita came from upstairs. He was shocked to see her. She was wearing beautifull White gown. Her hairs were opened and She was looking like an Angel. Abhishiek was lost in her beauty. Ishita came near to him.
Ishita: Excuse me Mr Abhishiek Khanna where are you lost?
Abhi: In you.
Ishita: What???
Abhi: A angel is standing infront of me. Am I dreaming.
Ishita: You are not dreaming Abhi.
Abhi: Thnx So much Ishu for this beautifull surprise. I LOVE YOU ALOT. { he hugged her }
Abhi: Why you said that you fell from stairs. You know in how much tension I came.
Ishita: You know what I want to give you a surprise.
Abhi: This was the best surprise my princess.
Ishita: Thnx. Now will you only talk or will join with me for a candel light dinner.
Abhi: Ya sure. Who can say no you.
After a romantic candel light dinner. Both went to the terrace.
Abhi: Ishu I want to ask you something.
Ishita: Yes ask?
Abhi: Are you marrying me in any pressure.
Ishita: No I really love you.
Abhi: Thanks Ishu for accepting my love.
Ishita: I should thnx you that you helped me to live my life.
Abhi: You know tomorrow we had to go to Award show.
Ishita: And will give a great shock to Bhalla’s. They took away my kids. Know I will tell them the pain of loosing someone.
Abhi: My heartless Nitya Khanna is back.
Ishita: Come lets move. Aliya & Ashok may come any time.
Abhi: Ok. Don’t go na.
Ishita said bye to him and went to her room. She opened her cupboard and take out Adi & Ruhi pic.
Ishita: Adi & Ruhi your Ishimaa miss you alot. I can’t face you. I know you both must be angry on your Ishimaa because I left you all alone. Sorry beta but now I can never come back to you. But your Ishi maa will always love you.


Adi&Ruhi were discussing about award function. Raman came to them.
Raman: Adi, Ruhi Tomorrow you have to come with me to award show. I want to introduce you two to the business world.
Ruhi: Mr Raman Bhalla we will surely come there but not with you. We will go there for Mihika Massi.
Adi: Exactly Mr Bhalla. Don’t try to make any relation with us. When will you understand that we hate you.
Raman: Beta please.
Ruhi: Adi Bhaiya let’s go from here.
Raman broked down to see hatred towards him by his childrens. He was totally broken. Mihir and Romi came there. They see Raman in this state.
Mihir: Raman Bhai why are you crying.

Raman: See na Mihir my both kids hate me alot. Don’t want to keep any relation with me. They never regarded me as their father.
Romi: Bhai they will understand by time that they were wrong.
Mihir: And they will get to know that Ishita Iyer was wrong and you and family was right.
Romi: Enough Mihir. Ishita Bhabhi was never wrong. We had done wrong with her. We tortured her to this extent that she had done suicide.
Raman: Romi you also think so?
Romi: Han Bhai. This truth will never change that we all have killed her. Even she had done suicide but that suicide she had done because of us.
Romi left from there. Mihir & Raman was standing like lifeless body. Romi had said only the truth. The truth which they never tried to accept that Ishita is dead.


Vandu: Mihika you didn’t sleep till know.
Mihika: Akka I am missing Ishu Akka so much.
Vandu: I don’y know why she took such step. She didn’t think about us. That how we will live without her.
Mihika: This all happened because of that Bhalla’s only. They blamed Akka when there son was wrong.
Vandu: But Shagun never lets us miss Ishita. She was always there whenever we need our Ishu.
Mihika: Yes Vandu Akka. Thnks to God that he changed Shagun so much. Come Akka lets go and sleep otherwise Amma will scold us that we are still talking.
Vandu: Hm. Good night.


Abhi was sitting in hall and was thinking something. Ashok saw him like this. Ashok came to him.
Ashok: What happened Abhi. What are you thinking.
Abhi: Bhai today I went for meeting. Do you know with whom we are going to deal.
Ashok: It is MI Company & Pihu Industries.
Abhi: You know who is the owner.
Ashok: Who ?
Abhi: Owner of MI is Mihika Iyer. And Owner of Pihu industries is Raman Bhalla.
Ashok: What???
Abhi: Yes Bhai. I was also shocked to know this.
Ashok: Then we had to cancel this deal. I dont want to hurt Ishu. If she came to know this she will be totally hurt.
Ishita: No we will do this deal.
Abhi: Ishu you here.
Ishita: Hm. Ashok&Abhi I will do this deal with them. I will meet them as Nitya Khanna not as Ishita Iyer.
Ashok: Are you sure Ishu?
Ishita: Ya I am sure. Tomorrow you will see a trailer in the award function.



Credit to: Audii

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  1. Waiting eagerly for award function. Please let ishita Adi and ruhi unite. Don’t break abhishek heart as far as I assume ishita goes back to Raman after Raman pleads her. If not also it is good.

    1. Audii

      Everyone will be happy in end. Thnx for comment dear

  2. Superb……waiting to see the expressions of bhallas when they see ishu as nitya

    1. Audii

      Thnx dear. you will enjoy

  3. Awesome yaar…..upload next part soon…..m waiting to see Bhalla family expression when they see ishita……post soon

    1. Audii

      Thnx dear. Ya i will update soon

  4. I bet u if it was the real story not a fanfiction then when raman would see ishu as nitya khanna and aliya calling her as amma he would remark that ishu is the same as shagun. he would say that she too went with ashok and married him. he would probably think that ashok and ishita married but I just hope this doesnot happen in ur ff

    1. Audii

      dont worry it will be interesting

  5. samreen chougle

    audiii …
    firstly wish u a vry happy married life dear may allah bless u with lot of happiness ..
    and ur ff is mindblowing as alwayzz

    1. Audii

      Thnx dear for wishes

  6. really awesome ff yaar pls don’t separate abhishek and ishu

    1. Audii

      dont worry it will awesome

  7. Hy
    I use to read aa you Ff s. But never comment as I din get that time
    Bt by the time I can’t leave without a comment as you came here in Maldives and din even inform ?
    If you informed I would have met you dear??
    Btw wish you a very happy married life and hope you enjoyed here in Maldives
    Take care ?

  8. Audii

    Thnx dear. I dont know that ou belong from Maldives. If i knew it I would have surely meet u

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