After 7 years yeh mohabbatein part-7


Hello to all my dear friends.It’s Audii here. I am back after long time. I am really sorry for not updating the episode for so long time. There was reason for that. I will disclose that reason at end. And I know you all will forgive me for that. Because some of you / I think many of you will be happy after knowing the reason for this much delay. Now i will not delay anymore. From now I will update daily. So now you don’t have to wait for the update. Now my talk off episode start.

Recap: Raman – Ashok face off. Raman shocked to see strange behaviour of Ashok. Ishita- Abhishiek engagement.

Shagun: Don’t know why this Ashok is behaving so strange.
Raman: And who is Ashok wife?
Shagun: We will meet him in the award show.
Raman: And may be then we will come to know about his mystery.
Shagun: Yes. Know come lets go we had to leave. Everyone must be waiting for us.
Raman: Ya lets go.

Ishita: Don’t know where Ashok & Aliya went? Even not picking my calls. Let them come today.
Aliya: Amma why are you talking to yourself. { ALIYA CALL ISHITA AS AMMA }
Ishita: Where you both have gone? I was getting bore here.
Aliya: Sorry Amma we went to dad’s farmhouse.
Ishita: Farmhouse?
Ishita: What’s the need to renovate the farmhouse?
Aliya: I will tell you Amma. Because this year I want to celebrate my birthday there.
Ishita: Oh ok. Aliya you go to your room. And get freshed. Then we will go for shopping.
Aliya: Ok Bye Amma. Bye Dad. { SHE LEFT FROM THERE }
Ishita: Ashok what happened. You seems to be upset.

Ashok: Nothing like that Ishu. I am thinking in that function Bhalla Family will also come. How will you came face to face with them.
Ishita: Don’t take tension Ashok. Until you Abhi & Aliya are with me I can face any problem. And the talk regarding Bhalla’s then I don’t care about them anymore. In these 7 years I am changed alot. I don’t care about there present. There present will never effect me except Ruhi & Adi. I loved them alot. Leaving them alone was a biggest pain for me.
Ashok: Don’t worry Ishu me and abhi will be always with you. And you can see Adi & Ruhi in award show. I am sure that they will come in that function.
Ishita: But I have to be strong infront both of them.
Ashok: Everyone knows that Nitya Khanna is heartless , stoneheart and agry businesswoman. Who had no feelings for anyone except her Khanna family.
Ishita: Ya thats right Mr Ashok Khanna.
Ashok: Hhahah I am always right. Come I will make coffee for both of us.

Ishita: Ok wait Ashok. Where is Abhishiek?
Ashok: I forget to tell you that he went for a meeting.
Ishita: Meeting?
Ashok: Ya actually Nitya Group of Industries are going to deal with MI Companies. So he went there to sign the deal.
Ishita: Ok.
Ashok: Ishu Abhi had went there as your Manager.
Ishita: What??? Realllyyy
Ashok: Ok . You come. I will make a special coffee for you.
Ishita: Ok lets go to kitchen.


Mihika: Hello. I want to meet Miss Nitya Khanna.
Receptionist: Mam who are you ?
Mihika: I am the owner of the MI Companies.
Receptionist: Ok mam. Mam Nitya Mam’s Manager is waiting for you for the meeting in ROOM NO 205.
Mihika: Ok Thanks.

Mihika left from there. When she reached in the lounge she saw Romi , Raman & Mihir there.
Mihir: Hello Mihika.
Mihika: Hello Mr Mihir Arora.
Mihir: Why are you so formal Mihika?
Mihika: With our business rivals we had to be formal only. You know na.
Mihir: Mihika why are you talking like this.
Mihika: Please Mr Mihir I am not any of your relative that you start your personal talks. I am here for meeting.
Romi: We are also here for meeting only with Nitya Group of Companies.
Mihika: Oh now I cam to know why you all are always after my projects because its your Bhalla’s habit to snatch things from others.
Raman: Mihika.

Mihika: Shut Up Mr Raman Kumar Bhalla. Why am wasting my time here. You will have the best presentation they will get the project.
Romi: Yes excatly. So you see yourself who deserve this project you or us.
Mihika: Ya sure why not Mr Romi Bhalla.

They for went to the ROOM NO 205. A girl opened the door. She welcome them.
Girl: Sir / Mam please you sit here.
Mihika: Where is Manager of Miss Nitya Khanna?
Abhishiek: I am here only. And by the way she is not Miss. She is Mrs Nitya Khanna. { ABHISHIEK DIDN’T KNOW THAT THERE COMPANY ARE GOING TO DEAL WITH RAMAN’S AND MIHIKA’S COMPANY }
All the four turned and was shocked to see Abhishiek there. Same Abhishiek was also shocked to see them.
Abhishiek: You here?
Mihika: Ya I am owner of MI Companies. Mihika Iyer Company.
Raman: And I am owner of Pihu Industries. And Romi & Mihir are my business partners.
Mihika: But Abhishiek you here.
Abhishiek: Ya I am Manager of NGOC { NITYA GROUP OF COMPANIES }

Raman: But Abhi why you left your job here.
Abhishiek: I am sorry Mr Raman Bhalla I am not answerable to you. And it’s my personal matter. You two start with the presentation.
Both the companies shows the presentation. Abhi was impressed with the presentation. Abhishiek was 49% shareholder of NGOC. So in absence of Nitya/Ishita he can also take decision.

Abhishiek: Both the presentation was equally good. But the final decision will be taken by Mam only. Her PA will inform you for the meeting.
Suddenly Abhi got the call he was happy to see the caller name.
Abhi: Hello Nitya Mam.
Nitya/Ishita: Abhi come home fast. I fell from stairs. Nobody is at home.
Abhi: What. Don’t worry I will come there.
Abhi said sorry to them and in hurry he left from there.
Mihika: What happened to him?
PA: May be Nitya Mam have some problem. Actually Abhi Sir is very close to them.
Mihika: { HEARTBROKEN } ok. Anyway you inform me for the meeting. She also left from there.

Episode Ends.


So friends I am going to disclose the reason for not updating. So the reason is that………..
I got married on 14th of july. Actually it was hush-hush wedding in MALDIVES. So for marriage prepration and shoppin I was not able to come online. Extermely sorry.

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    Hello Aduiii Di…. I just read ur ff n it’s really good….. u will not believe but story line is just the way I want the serial to be….. awsome…. dnt unite Raman n ishita…. he dnt deserve her….

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