After 7 years yeh mohabbatein part-6


Hello my all dear friends its Audii here.



After the engagement guests went back from the party and Ishita went back to her room. She closed her room door and opened her cupboard and picked a photoframe. It was of bhalla family.
Ishita: I hate you all. You all make me away from my childrens from my Adi and Ruhi. I miss them but know I have moved in my life. I am coming back to India but I don’t want see your family. Because I hate you all from core of my heart specially you Mr Raman Kumar Bhalla.
Aliya: Mini B who are you talking with.
Ishita: No one beta. Come inside. { Ishita hide that photo in her cupboard and locked it }
Aliya: Mini B you know I am very excited to go to India.
Ishita: Ok beta. Have you done your packing.

Aliya: Ya Mini B. May I ask you something Mini B?
Ishita: Ya Aliya you may ask why you are asking for permission.
Aliya: Mini B are you happy with your engagement with Abhi Chachu.
Ishita: Ya beta I am very much happy. And once our project finishes in India me and abhishiek will get married.
Aliya: I am very much happy for you and Abhi Chachu.
Ishita: ok beta. You know India is very beautiful place.
Aliya: Had you ever went to India Mini B?
Ishita: Aliya before 7 years we live in India after that we shift here.
Aliya: Ok.
Ashok: Come on Ishu and Aliya. We will get late for flight.
Aliya: Oh dad I am very much excited. I am leaving . Mini B and Dad come fast. Oopps I means Amma.
Ashok. Ok beta you go and sit in car.
Ishita: Ashok lets also go.

Ashok: Ishu are you happy to go back.
Ishita: Ofcourse Ashok. And I know you and abhi are always there for me. Come lets go otherwise aliya will again come to call us.
Ashok: I will be always there for you. Ya she is very happy for this trip.{ I hope Ishu you don’t get sad after seeing them in Award show }
After that they leave for airport and from there they board a flight for India.


PA: Mam that America clients our coming tomorrow to India.
Mihika: Ok you fix my meeting with them.
PA: Ok Mam.
Mihika: What is that company name?
Mihika: Ok. Who is the owner of the company?

PA: Mam its Nitya Khanna.
Mihika: Ok. I had never meet her. And never saw.
PA: Mam its known that she didn’t like to come in front of media and camera. But mam first time she is coming for any meeting with an indian client and for an function also in
Mihika: Ok. You go. And fix appointment with them.

{ Ashok had done Nitya Group of Industries on name of Nitya/Ishita. Ashok runs Aliya Group of companies. Both companies are cordinate with each other. }

May I come in mam.

Mihika: Adi you here. Come beta inside.
Adi: Thanks Mihika Massi.
Mihika: Adi how you came here?
Adi: Actually I was going from here so I thought to meet you.
Mihika: That’s good. Adi I was thinking to call you only.
Adi: Oh why Mihika Massi.
Mihika: Actually my company is going to join branch of worlds best business group Nitya Group of companies. And there will be party on day after tomorrow. So you and Ruhi should be there. Because you both are my family.
Adi: Thanks Massi. For thinking me and Ruhi as family.
Mihika: You are mine Ishu Akka’s kid so you will be my family also. And I will call shagun also to bring Pihu also.


Adi: OK. Mihika Massi. Me and ruhi will be there.
Mihika: And Pihu?
Adi: About her you talk with Shagun Mumma.

Mihika: Why don’t you accept her as your sister.
Adi: Massi you know the reason na.
Mihika: Ok I will never force you.
Adi: Thanks Mihika massi. Know I should leave. Bye and take care massi.
Mihika: Ok bye Adi. And call me after you reach home and tell Ruhi to talk to me.
Adi: Ok I will ask her.

Mihika picked up ishita’s pic from table and starts to talk with her.

See Ishu Akka how much Adi& Ruhi changed. They don’t accept Pihu as there sister. Because after you went from here Adi and Ruhi used to love Pihu a lot because they think that pihu I last memory of ypurs. But that Raman Bhalla thought that Adi and Ruhi will make Pihu against him. So he always kept Pihu away from Adi Ruhi. So Raman Bhalla don’t say anything to Pihu that is why they act to hate her. But Ishu Akka Adi and Ruhi love Pihu very much.


Mihir: Raman Bhai Mihika company is going to join hands with Nitya and Aliya group of industries.
Raman: Mihir you try to get that project. Because that will give us so much profit.
Mihir: Bhai I tried to contact with them but they didn’t answer. But from there office I came to know that they are coming to India.
Raman: That’s good. Fix appointment with them. We will talk to face to face with them.
Romi: Bhai that I had already done.
Raman: That good romi. Romi and Mihir I want to thanks to you both if you was not there then I don’t know what I had done.

Mihir: Don’t worry we will not leave you.
Raman: But I don’t know when adi and ruhi will forgive me.
Romi: Bhai don’t worry eveything will get fine. And now we should get prepare for the meeting.
Raman: Ya. You both go and call staff for urgent meeting. We will discuss with them only about this project.

Next Day


Mihika came in mall for some shopping. She saw Abhishiesk there.
Mihika: Abhishiek.
Mihika ran after him but she missed him.
Mihika: Means Abhishiek came back to Delhi. This time I will tell him that how much I loved him.
To whom you will tell that you love him. Mihika was shockes to listen the voice.
Mihika: Dr Manoj you here.
Manoj: Wait Mihika. Don’t call me Dr manoj. I am going to marry you so just call me Manoj. And I came here to surprise.

Mihika: Ok Manoj. Come lets do shopping. { I WILL FIND ABOUT ABHISHIEK SOMEHOW }


Raman and Shagun came there for coffee. There they see Ashok and went to him.
Raman: Hello Mr Ashok Khanna.
Ashok: Oh hello Mr Raman Bhalla and Hi Shagun.
Raman: Ashok where you had gone from last 7 years or you had leave the buisness.
Shagun: ofcourse Raman he had left the business because he is afraid of you.
Ashok: Excuse me Mr raman Bhalla and Shagun I am not afraid of anyone and…
Dad lets go.
Raman and Shagun was shocked to listen the word DAD
Ashok: Come beta.

Raman: Who is she Ashok?
Ashok: She is my daughter.
Aliya: Dad lets go Amma must be waiting for us. She is alone at home because chachu had also left to meet his friend.
Ashok: Ya beta I totally forget. Lets go.
Shagun: Raman do you notice something.
Raman: Ya Ashok is behaving weird. And when did he married.
Shagun: Ya I think so know he is changed. He didn’t fight with you. And I think so may be he married long time back.


PRECAP: Abhishiek and Mihika encounter.

Sorry friends for this much delay. Actually there was reason. Yesterday was my ROKA. So I was preparing for that. I am really soooooooorrryyyyy friends.

Credit to: Aditi

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