After 7 years yeh mohabbatein part-4

Hello my all dear friends. I am sorry that I cant update today. And sorry for not replying to all the comments. And friends pov means point of view. You will soon now it in todays episode. So l will stop my talk and write the episode. And thanks for the time you are giving for my fanfiction.


A bungalow is shown. Servants are running here and there. The bungalow is so beautifull. It looks like an royal palace. A girl and 2 mans are sitting in hall. They are discussing something.

Girl: Abhi chachu when will you tell Mini B that you love her.
{ Yes Abhi is Abhishek and the girl is Aliya. Ashok daughter }
Abhi: Aliya stop it. I don’t love her.
Ashok: Come on Abhi don’t lie to us. We know that you love her.
Abhi: Bhai she is my good friend and I like to care about her.
Ashok: Oh really.

Abhi: Yes Bhai.
Aliya: Chachu I am giving you 24 hrs and you will accept that you love her.
Abhi: Ok lets see. Now you go otherwise she will not leave you.
Aliya: Ok bye. Meet you in evening.
Ashok: Abhi see na everything is changed now.
Abhi: Han ashok bhai. 7 years had passed and now she had forgetten everyone.
Ashok: I had done very bad with her. But still she forgiven me for my bad deeds.
They hear a voice. Good Morning Abhishek and Ashok. The girl is wearing beautifull saree. She is looking like angel. She smiles seeing both abhi and ashok. And the girls face is revealed she is our Ishita.

Ashok: Hi Ishita. Good Morning.

Ishita: Hello Ashok.
Ashok: Ishita how was your conference.
Ishita: It was superb ashok. And abhi why are you sitting like this.
Abhi: Nothing Ishu. I was thinking something.
Ishita: About your girlfriend.
Abhi: What ishu. You know na I don’t believe in love.
Ashok: Not bad abhi. Ok ishu you get freshen up. I will send breakfast to your room.
Ishita: Ok my dear bro. where is Aliya?
Abhi: She left with her friends.
Ishita: Oh ok. I will see you guys later.

Ishita went from there. She was looking so changed. Now she was very bold confident lady.

Ashok: Abhi what are you thinking.
Abhi: Ashok I am thinking about past.

When ashok saved ishita. He took her to ACP abhishiek house. When he went there he saw Abhishiek parents pic. He was shocked to see that. Ishita saw him like this. She asked him that what happened. He told her that this pic is of his parents. And he told how his father threw him out of house when his brother abhishiek was small. Then he came to know that acp is his brother. After giving ruhi to bhalla family abhi came to his house. He was shocked to see ishita alive and was more shocked to see ashok at his house. Ashok told him everything that he is brother and told about ishita how she tried to do suicide.

After that abhi told ishita that ruhi is alive and he told everything to ishita what happened between Bhalla’s and Iyer’s. Ishita was shocked by bhalla familys action. She doesn’t want to let her family suffer more because of her. So she decided for them she is dead and she decided to move somewhere else. So that time ashok tol them about his wife and daughter. So ashok abhi and ishita decided to move to America. They all end all ties with their friends. They set up their own life there. Ishita raised Aliya as her own daughter. In these 7 years ishita and abhishiek came very close to each other. Now they both are best friends. They 4 are leading happy life there.

Abhi: That incident changes ishu completely.
Ashok: Yes now she is emotionless. She is leading two live. One in which is very happy that life with us. And second for the world for which she is arrogant heartless.
Abhi: But our three lives only resolve around her. you Aliya and me. If ishu was not in our life I don’t know how we will live without her.
Ashok: For world she changed her name. Nitya Khanna. Now she is leading businesswoman Nitya Khanna. And Aliya accepted her as her mother.

Abhi: At last she is happy. That all we want.
Ashok: I don’t want that my sister suffer from any pain again. And abhi confess your feelings to her.
Abhi: Sure bhai. I will convey her my feelings soon. To my ishu no to my Nitya Khanna.




Raman: See shagun. Adi and Ruhi hates me very much.
Shagun: Sorry raman I should not say like this to you but it was all your mistake. I told you all that day that ishita is not at falt but you didn’t listen me.
Raman: I know shagun it was all my mistake. I can never forgive myself. I killed my ishita. I never believed her. it was all mine mistake.


Sarika: Romi I cant see adi and ruhi like this.
Romi: Han Sarika. They just hate all of us. They think we all our reason for ishita Bhabhi death.
Sarika: That day changed our lives.
Romi: From that adi ruhi don’t want to talk to us. They just want to see us sad. Because our sadness give them relief. They want us to feel guilty.
Sarika: Ishita Bhabhi was always correct but no one was able to understand.

Khanna Office

Manager: Sir there is deal in India. If we do that deal we will get much profit.
Ashok: Ok. I will talk to Nitya.
Manager: And her the award show is also happening there.
Ashok: Which Award show?
Manager: Sir the best award to bes business man and business woman of the year. And sir they asked us that you abhishiek sir and Nitya mam should be there. Because from last 7 years no one in business world had saw you. They want to know in real who are you all.
Ashok: OK we will see that. What is that companies name with whom we are going to deal.
Manager: Sir its MI group of companies.
Ashok: ok.


PRECAP: Engagement dhamaka. Raman and Ashok face to face after 7 years.

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