After 7 years yeh mohabbatein part-3

Thanks all the readers. And friends I will write more long episode. And in today episode you will come to know about that why IYERS broked all relations with Adi and Ruhi.

Recap: Adi and Ruhi behavior with Bhalla family.


Adi: Ruhi Mihika massi ka call aya tha?
Ruhi: What she said?
Adi: She invited us to IYERS house for Ishi maa’s BARSI.
Ruhi: Ok lets go there. I want to meet them all.
Adi: Ok

Another big mansion outside the name plate is there its Iyers Mansion.

Inside a Pooja is happening. Its of Ishita’s Barsi. All the iyer family is sitting there. Adi and Ruhi came there and Sharvan saw them and run to them and hugged his sibblings.

Shravan: Adi Bhaiya and Ruhi you both come inside and come and sit in Pooja.
Adi: No shravu we cant sit in this Pooja.
Shravan: Why ???
Ruhi: Because Nanu and Nani will feel bad.
Mihika: Ruhi & Adi beta you both come inside nobody will say you anything.
Adi: Ok mihika massi.
Adi and Ruhi came and sit in the Pooja. Bala , Vandu and MR&Mrs iyer were also happy to see Adi and Ruhi but they didn’t show it. After the Pooja got completed Mihika took adi ruhi to her room and shravu also went with them.

Vandu: Amma see our Adi and Ruhi came here and we cant meet them. And even cant hug them.
Amma: Han Vandu. I want to talk with them.
Appa: But because of that Raman we cant even meet our kids.
Bala: Amma Appa please don’t get sad.
Amma: Bala we lost our ishu but also we losted our Aditya and Ruhi. This all happened because of Raman Bhalla. That day when Nidhi took Ruhi away.


Raman: Because of you ishita I lost my daughter.
Ishita: Raman it was not mine mistake. I told you to call the police.
Raman: He slapped ishita twice. Everyone was shocked to see this. Just shut up Ishita. You can never become a mother. And for ruhi and adi you was always a step mother.
Mr Bhalla: Like you took away Ruhi from us we will now took away your daughter from you.
Toshi ji: Raman Puttar throw this ishita out from this house. I don’t want to see her face.
Shagun: Wait Raman. In all this ishita is not at mistake. Why you all are blaming her.
Raman: Ishita just get lost from here. I don’t want to see your face. And shagun all mistake is only of ishita.
Raman threwed ishita out of the house. She was in guilt she ran away from there and thought to do suicide.

Mr iyer: Raman where is my daughter.
Raman: I don’t know.
Mrs Iyer: Remember one thing if something happened to my daughter I will not leave you all.
Raman: Your daughter had took away my daughter from my family. I will kill that bl**dy ishita.
Mihika slapped raman.

Mihika: How can you say about akka like this.
Simmi: Your Akka killed our ruhi she is killer.
Mihika: Don’t say a word againt my Akka.
Raman: Now you all listen specially Mr and Mrs Iyer don’t try to keep any relation with mine family specially with Adi and Pihu.
Vandu: We will not keep any realtion with your family. Because from when your family entered our life our lives are destroyed specially my ishus life.
Bala: We should not waste time here by talking to these nonsense family we should find ishita.

Just then Acp Abhishiek came there with ruhi. Ruhi came there running and hugged raman. All were shocked to see Ruhi alive. Abhishiek told them that how they followed Nidhi and caught her and escaped ruhi from her clutches.

Ruhi: Papa where is Ishi Maa.
Mihika: Abhishiek please find IShu Akka. This family throwed her out from the house.
Abhishiek: Sorry Mihika. There is bad news.
Raman: What happened Abhishiek?
Abhishiek: Ishita Ji didn’t know that Ruhi is alive. She thought that because of her ruhi died in this guilt she had done suicide.
Mihika: NO. My ishu akka cant do like this.
Abhishiek: No this is true mihika. She jumped from cliff in front of us. We are not able to find her dead body.

By hearing this that Ishita had done suicide all were distraught.They didn’t think that ishita will took this step.

Raman: NO ishita cant do like this. She cant leave me like this.
Vandu: No Raman. You killed her. You are murderer of my Ishu.
Mrs Iyer: You all took away my ishu.

Mihika: You got your ruhi back. Now can you return my Ishu akka.


Mrs Iyer: Only because of Raman we are aways from our childrens.

Adi and Ruhi had heard their whole conversations they were shocked to know that because of there father iyers didn’t meet them. They both left from their angrily towards Bhalla House. In Bhalla House the party was just finished only the family members were sitting in hall. Just then Adi Ruhi came there and called out Raman angrily.

Ruhi: Mr Raman Bhalla come out.
Toshi Ji: Puttar what happened?
Adi: Please Mrs Bhalla You don’t interfere in our matter.
Raman: Is this a way to talk with your elders.
Ruhi: See Adi Bhaiya who is telling us how to respect someone.
Shagun: Adi and Ruhi beta why are you behaving like this.
Ruhi: Shagun Mumma till now we think we were wrong but today we got proof that this Bhalla Family is reason for our sadness.
Mr Bhalla: what rubbish you are talking adi and Ruhi.
Adi: Its not Rubbish Mr Bhalla. Its about our mother.
Raman: Adi what you want to talk with me regarding Shagun.
Adi: Its not about Shagun Mumma.
Simmi: Then???
Ruhi: Simmi Bua you all know whom we are talking about. Ok to clear you we will tell you. We are talking about our ishi maa.
Adi: Ishita Bhalla. Whom you all killed.
Raman: We didn’t killed her.

Ruhi: No mr Raman Bhalla. You killed her. You killed our mom. You make us orphan.
Pihu: Ruhi didi Orphan are those you don’t have parents but you have both mumma and papa.
Adi: Nhi Pihu Bhalla. Our mom is dead and your dad is already dead for us before 7 years.
Ruhi: Raman Bhalla you break our relation with Iyers. What do you get?
Adi: We hate you and will always hate you. For us You will be always a killer of Our Ishi Maa.

Episode Ends….

Precap: Ishita Entry and Abhishiek Pov.

Friends do you enjoy todays episode and I think this much long episode is enough. If you want more long episode please tell me I will make more long one. And once again thanks for your precious time that you give for my fanfiction.

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