After 7 years yeh mohabbatein part-2

Hello my all dear friends. It’s Audii here. I am really glad to get your comments and to get your love. I will try to update regularly though I am busy in my office and I am also doing MBA with it. I am software engineer. But to do MBA was my dream. And my all dear friends you will come to know why I break ISHRA Jodi. I want to clear Bhalla’s and Iyers are living in Delhi and now Mihika is also successful business woman. Before starting my episode I will give my id link.

So now I think so I should start my episode.


A big bungalow is shown. Outside the bungalow it is written BHALLA’S HOUSE. A girl is saw playing inside the bungalow. She is very happy and running here and there. The camera focuses on the girl the girl is the beautiful and bubbly PIHU BHALLA.
Pihu: Dadi where are you

Toshi Ji: Pihu Puttar I am in kitchen beta.
Pihu took blessings from Toshi Ji. Because today was Pihu’s birthday.
In same bungalow in another room. Two teenagers are standing in front of a photo which has garland on it. The photo is shown of Ishita Bhalla. Two kids are crying. That two teenagers are none other than Ruhi and Adi.

Adi: Why Ishi Maa. Why you left us? We miss you so much.
Ruhi: Ishi Maa because of Pihu and all the bhalla family you left us. Why haven’t you think about me and adi bhaiya.
Adi: You know Ishi Maa iyer family had broked all relations with us. Only Mihika massi meet us.
Ruhi: We love you ishimaa. Please come back. We need you the most. We just hate all this bhalla family because of whom we losted you.
Adi: You know ishi maa after you left only shagun maa looked after us.

Ruhi: Now she became good. But she also loves that Pihu who is the main reason of your suicide. You know today is your death anniversary but this whole family is celebrating happiness because today is PIHU RAMAN BHALLA’S birthday. Everyone in this family just forgets you.

Just then Shagun came there. She listened their conversation and was sad. She came inside.
Shagun: Good morning Adi and Ruhi.
Adi and Ruhi cleaned their tears and in unison Good morning shagun mumma.
Shagun: How are you both?
Adi: We are good mumma.
Shagun: So today your both vacations started. So what will you do know.
Ruhi: We will like to stay away from this house and its people.
Shagun was hurt to listen these words from her daughter who always used to live happy.
Shagun: ok beta come down. Your breakfast is ready.
Adi: Ok mumma lets go.

Shagun: Beta you go I will clean your room.
Shagun cleaned their room at last she went near Ishita’s photo. Where are you ishita you went but with you yours adi and ruhi also get losted somewhere. They both forget to smile. Ishita if today you was here then the situation in this house should me something else. Tears falls from shagun’s eye. You always regarded me as your sister but why you left your sister alone. She also went from Adi and Ruhi’s bedroom and locked their bedroom. { BECAUSE IN ADI AND RUHI BEDROOM NO ONE WAS ALLOWED TO GO INSIDE EXCEPT SHAGUN. IN THEIR ROOM THE ALL WALLS WERE DECORATED WITH ISHITA’S RUHI AND ADI’S PHOTOS. AND SOME PHOTOS OF SHAGUN AND IYERS.}


Adi and Ruhi came there, they were having their breakfast. All the bhalla’s were sitting there except raman. They all want to talk with both of them but they don’t because they know they will not get any response from them. Shagun came there and served them breakfast.

Pihu: Mumma Adi Bhaiya and Ruhi Didi didn’t wish my Happy Birthday.
Shagun: Beta no problem. We all wished you na.
Pihu: But they never wish me.
Ruhi: And we will never wish this girl birthday.
All were hurted by their behavior towards them and Specially towards Pihu. Raman came there and sit there for breakfast.

Raman: Happy Birthday Pihu beta.
Pihu: Thanks a lot papa.
Adi: Lets go Ruhi.
Raman: Adi and Ruhi complete your breakfast.
Adi: Ruhi come on we are getting late.
Romi: Adi & Ruhi Bhai is talking to both of you.
Ruhi: Oh really. But we don’t want to talk with your Bhai or neither all of you or with our….
Adi: Ruhi lets go. No need to waste time here.

Adi&Ruhi left from there. Raman was having tears in is eyes.

Shagun: Raman please don’t feel bad. You know Adi and Ruhi and on this day they feel very lonely.
Mr Bhalla: Han Raman Puttar with time everything will get solved.

PRECAP: Adi and Ruhi reached Iyer’s house. Sharvan came there and hugged both of them.

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