After 7 years yeh mohabbatein part-13

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hello my all sweet and dear friends. i had decided that i will not end this fanfiction. i respect everyone decision a lot. so coming to the point are you liking the story or not. and thanks for the precious comments.and ya i am enjoying my honeymoon. when i am free i started to write the story. ok now i will start today’s episode.
episode starts.
recap: ashok-ishita talk regarding raman. and adi & ruhi’s hate towards bhalla.

bhalla mansion
adi: and mr raman bhalla you and your so called family is the reason for all this mess.
raman came and slapped adi. everyone was shocked.
ruhi: how dare you to slap my brother.
raman: he is my son.

adi: enough mr bhalla. i am not your son. i am not related to any of you. you know what as ihhi maa left you everyone will leave you one day. and you deserve that only.
ruhi: bhai stop wasting time to give lecture to them. i don’t want to stay here.
raman: you both cant stay here. until now i beared all your nonsense. but not anymore. i myself will throw you out from here.
raman dragged adi & ruhi outside and threwed them out of the mansion. everyone was pleading them not to do like this. but he didn’t listened anyone. all started to go inside.
ruhi: wait mr bhalla. i want to tell you one more thing. that today you had shown your standard. and you know what you don’t deserve anyone.
adi: and we promise you we will give you a pain. the same pain we are suffering because of you from last 7 years. the pain to be away from your loved ones.
by saying this they went from there. it was raining heavily. they went to khanna mansion but security didn’t let them enter in. but by luck ashok saw them from balcony and brought them inside. they were fully drenched in rain. ashok called ishita & abhi down. both were shocked to see them. ishita cant tolerate anymore she went and hugged adi ruhi. both were happy to get their ishi maa. suddenly ruhi get uncosious. they took her to ishita’s room.
ishita: abhi call doctor fast. see ruhi is not opening her eyes.

ashok: relax ishu doctor is coming. he is on his way. but adi how you both are in this condition.
adi: actually raman bhalla throwed us out from the house. he tell them the flashback.
ishita: how he can do this with his kids. i will not leave him. because of my ruhi is suffering. adi you go and get changed. otherwise you will catch fever.
adi: i will not go away from you ishi maa. i get you after long time.
ishita: i am not going anywhere. you go with abhi. and change and come back. ok.

episode ends.
sorry for short update. for some days you have to bear the short updates. sorry friends i am not able to comment individually. accept my sorries.

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  1. what are you doing. are you a hatred of yhm . totally nonsense crap.i can’t control my anger after reading this.

    1. Labdhi0507

      If u have any problem then don’t read this ff but font u dare to say anything to Aditi aka audii…her ff is going great and if u have any problems with it stop reading but I will not tolerate any stupid crap against my friend….so stop ur bullshit

      1. i agree if someone doesnt like it they should stop reading but i think its going great

      2. Audii

        thnx labdhi for supporting me

    2. Silent reader 33 kristy

      Why are you soo rude to her. Think of this ff like reality. In reality divek ate a couple not Ishra. Just let one ff have a divek couple plz.

      1. Audii

        Thnx Silent reader 33 kristy. you are right. thnx rusky. you are right

    3. Audii

      then dont read it. Then get angry i dont care

    4. u cant hurt someones feelings

  2. Wht is this

    1. Audii

      is there any problem dear

  3. NYC episode wait for next episode post it soon☺

    1. Audii

      already posted dear

  4. NYC interesting waiting for next episode

    1. Audii

      thnx dear. i had already posted next episode

  5. hei I just shared my view . what is your problem . you love your friend na same way I love my yhm. lt is yhm page clean your mind it is not your property . I say what I feel in this page . now also you have problem with me you can continue your Barking .never mind I know mad dog don’t have a mind.

    1. same to u

      1. Audii

        hm right

    2. Labdhi0507

      Dear sorry for being rude but when u comment like this about somebody’s ff just think once how the person will feel…I know as I am a writer so I just don’t want my friend to stop writing if u have any problem with the track suggest her but don’t be rude coz it really hurts but she has told that this ff is gonna have many twists so plzz don’t say like that I request u & even m sorry for my rude behavior

      1. Audii

        No Labdhi you are not wrong. you was right. the person who don’t know to speak we can’t be polite with them. ya you are right it hurts someone feeling

    3. Audii

      exactly its not your property. its mine wish whom pair will i make. you are no one to decide. so get lost. ya you are right mad dogs didnt have brain. you are a mad dog that is why you know this thing

  6. ya u have promble don’t read it but i love it don’t say a word about her

    1. Audii

      thnx dear for loving it

  7. I mean always loving this ff if u don’t have time to write big ff no problem but please update soon I am loving this

    1. Audii

      ya i had updated dear

  8. I am always loving this ff if u don’t have time to write big ff no problem but please update soon I am loving this ff

    1. Audii

      already updated. lets see when they post it

  9. Hai I just shared my view. what is your problem . is this your property.clean your mind it is yhm page . any one can share their views . what you said she is your friend and you care for her name. Same way I love my yhm. Before Barking like mad dog think about that . you still want to bak bak you can continue it never mind.

    1. Audii

      ya why you should mind. because you dont have mind. i f you love yhm then i love divek. i dont force to read you. ya anyone can share their view but you dont have any right to hurt someone else feeling. but the nonsense people like you dont understand it

  10. I love it. Superb its like a reality way.

    1. Audii

      thnx dear

  11. hei dear nice to hear it . you have brain omg after hearing that I’m very happy . but dear I no no a mad dog Barking every time the people who hear him also start to Barking to him same way what difference do they have . you told me that you have brain sooooo you can understand who are you . I didn’t have brain so what do I’m a mad dog . I honestly agreed with you .

    1. Sarayumane

      yes, exactly you are a mad dog, idiot, just get lost from this site

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