After 7 years yeh mohabbatein part-12

hello to all my dear friends. its me audi here. i know you all must be waiting for the episode but i am at my honeymoon in america {usa}. so i am not able to get time to write the fanfiction. ok coming back to the story i will write the next part.
episode starts
recap: ashok tells truth to ishita’s family
khanna mansion
aliya, ishita & abhi came back from the party. all went to there own rooms. ishita came to her room and was crying. abhi came there.
abhi: ishu why are you crying?
ishu: how can i behave like this with amma & appa.
abhi: please don’t cry ishu we will go and meet amma appa and will ask sorry from them.
ishu: abhi do you see adi & ruhi still loves me. they don’t hate their ishi maa. they both had grown up. and pihu exactly looks like ruhi. once i forget that she is pihu.
abhi: ishu with time everything change. and now we get to know that adi&ruhi hates raman. and it will be eas for us to take there custody.
ashok: no need for that.
ishu: but why ashok?

ashok: because now adi & ruhi will come to you on their own . he tells them what happened in the party after they left.
abhi: that’s good. when they want to live with ishu then whats the problem.
ishu: it means my ruhi& adi will come to her ishi maa.
ashok: whay about pihu?
ishu: i had seen that shagun is so much attached to pihu. like i was attaches to ruhi&adi. and i don’t want to take away shagun’s happiness. so pihu will only live with shagun. i love her also but i love more m childrens.
ashok: you will get them. and tomorrow they will come to meet you. so you may stay at home only. i will take aliya or outing.
abhi: and ya i will deal with the new project. you spend some time with your childrens. i means our children.
ishu: thanks for accepting them abhi & ashok.
abhi: no need of thanks ok.

bhalla house
everyone came back from the party. all were sad for the recent happenings.
mrs bhalla: ishita was wrong today. she could tell us na.
ruhi: enough mrs bhalla. everytime ishi maa is not wrong. you all are wrong.
adi: 7 years before also you all and mr raman bhalla was wrong. that time ishi maa left us. and today we get her back but she didn’t talk to us because of you.
mr bhalla: toshi ji is right. how can ishita do with us like this.
simmi: no papa. evertime we are wrong. ishita always wants our happiness but always we taked her wrong. this time she is behaving same as we had behaved with her years ago. what wrong is she doing.
mrs bhalla: but how can she marr abhishiek.
adi: she didn’t married abhishiek uncle. they will soon get marry.and i am very happy. atleast she will be happy in her marriage life and will get a perfect life partner. who will love her. not like mr raman bhalla who always blame ishi maa.
episode ends.

precap: shagun-ishita talk.

i will update next episode soon. i will end this fanfiction soon because i am not been able to be regular and your interest is less. i know its very tough to read irregular author stories.

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