After 7 years yeh mohabbatein part-11


Hello to all my friends. I am trying to update from a long time but due to network error I am not able to update episode yesterday. So whatsup all of you? Hope you all are good and I hope you all are enjoying my fanfiction. Ok I will start the episode now.
Aliya: Dad I am not feeling good.
Ashok: Ok beta come we will leave for home.
Ishita: Wait Ashok. You stay here I will take Aliya to home.
Ashok: Ok but Abhi will go with you.
Ishita: No let Abhi enjoy the party.
Abhi: I am getting bored here. So we three will go back.
Ishita: Ok then lets go back. I am also feeling here suffocated.
Aliya,Abhi&Ishita left from Party. After sometime the party got over. All the guest left from there. Ashok was moving towards his car but someone stops him.
Raman: Wait Ashok.
Ashok: Oh Hello Mr Raman Bhalla.
Raman: Which game you had played this time that Ishita is not identifying us.
Ashok: I didn’t played any game. And she is not Ishita. She is Nitya Khanna. My brother’s would be wife.
Raman: I have listened this nonsense tell me the truth.
Mrs Iyer: I beg you Ashok please tell us truth.
Ashok: Please Aunty don’t do like this. I am saying truth only Ishita had done suicide 7 years before.
Ruhi: Ashok uncle we know that you hate all of us. But please tell us why Ishimaa is doing like this with us.
Ashok: You all want to know the truth na. Ok the listen. Yes she is Ishita Iyer. She is alive. I saved her that day. I realized my mistake and she also helped me to change to good. She called me brother that day. And for brother his sister happiness is more important than anything else. She did not want to return back to you all because of your bad behavior. So that she can forget her past I took her to America with me. There she meet with my daughter Aliyaa because of her Ishita started to change. She hate you all.
Mr Iyer: Why will Ishu hate us?
Ashok: She donot hate you. She hate this Bhalla family. Because of whom she had to live without her family. She have to stay away from her Adi & Ruhi. Every night I had seen her missing her Adi& Ruhi. I had seen her talking to there picture. You know what actually Raman Bhalla you are the reason for all this. I think I you nevered had came in her life then she must be happy and enjoying her life. But thanks to abhishiek who tried every way to make her happy. And today she is happy because she is going to marry a correct man. Who will believe her and will help her in every phase of life.
Raman: How can Ishita marry anyone else? She is married to me.
Ashok: You are wrong. You himself gaved her divorce on that. I got that paper from that lawyer and Ishita signed that paper and court accepted that. From last 7 years only you both are divorced. If she want she can get her children custody now also. But she thinks that her childrens also hate her.
Adi: Ashok Uncle we don’t care if she have any relation with these Bhalla’s but she will always be our Ishi Maa.
Ruhi: And nobody can change this fact.
Adi: Uncle please we want to meet her.
Ashok: Ok beta you come tomorrow to our home. I will make Ishita understand. And Mrs Iyer don’t worry Ishita will meet you. She was angry to see Raman Bhalla and his family so she didn’t talked to you also.
Mrs Iyer: Thanks Ashok for keeping Ishita safe and for helping her in all these years. When her own family left her you helped her.
Ashok: It’s ok. And I am sorry for keeping her away from all of you.
Mr Iyer: No. By this way only my daughter will forget her dark past. It was mine mistake only to let her marry Raman.

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