After 7 years yeh mohabbatein part-10


Hello friends. How are you all? Actually I can update only 1 episode daily. Because of my busy schedule. If I get free time that day I will update 2 episodes. Thnx for your percious comments and thanks to the silent readers. From today I will tell about the dress. In the award function Ishita is wearing blue saree{ As she was wearing in Star Parivar Awards } Her hairs were open and curly.

Bhalla’s & IYER’S were in shock to see Ishita alive and to know that she is going to marry Abishiek.
Host: Mam please you present the award to Best Businesswoman of the year.
Nitya/Ishita: Ya why not. So the award for Best Bussinesswoman goes to Miss Mihika Iyer. { ISHITA WAS EMOTIONAL BUT SHE DIDN’T EXPRESSED IT }
Mihika went on the show and she took the award from Ishita. But Ishita behaved like she donot know them. They are strangers for them.
Nitya: Congratulation Miss Mihika Iyer.
Mihika: Thanks Ishu Akka.
Nitya: Excuse me.
Mihika: Sorry I means Miss Nitya Khanna.
Nitya: Your welcome. Now I would like to announce the name of the Best Businessman of the year. And its Mr Raman Bhalla.{ISHITA WAS ANGRY TO SEE HIM }
Raman came on the stage and he took the award from Ishita same happened with him as with Mihika.
After a long speeches and the program the award function ends. Media surrounded Nitya Khanna. Bhalla’s & Iyer’s were seeing them because they want to meet there Ishita. Ruhi & Adi were very much excited.
Media People: Mam why don’t you come infront of people and media from last 7 years.
Nitya: Because I don’t like.
Media People: Mam is there any reason for this.
Nitya: No Reason. Now excuse me.
Nitya left from there. Abhishiek was with her only.
Nitya: This is the reason why I don’t want to come infront of media. They don’t let someone’s life personal.
Abhi: Oh don’t get angry my baby. But thanks for introducing me as your to be husband.
Nitya: Thanks. Which is truth that should come infront of everyone na.
Abhi: Ya my Nitya.
Nitya: Come now lets go I am getting bored here. You know na I don’t like to attend business parties. And Ashok & Aliya are here only.
Abhi: Ok as you wish my life.
They were about to go. But someone called her from back. Wait MRS ISHITA BHALLA .Oh I means Miss Nitya Khanna. Nitya/ Abhi stopped there itself. They turned back and saw Iyer’s and Bhalla’s standing there with tears in their eyes. She saw her daughter who was resembling Ruhi. I means Puhi. She was not able to recognise her Ruhi & Adi. But soon she composed herself.
Nitya: Yes what do you want.
Mrs Iyer came forward and hugged Nitya/ Ishita.
Mrs Iyer: Why you left us Ishu. Do you think about us?
Nitya: Excuse me Mam who are you. I don’t know you. And who is this Ishita. I am Nitya Khanna.
Ruhi: Ishi maa why are you talking like this. I am your Ruhi and he is your Adi.
Adi: Ishi Maa we missed you alot. You know how we lived without you.
Nitya: Listen whoever you are I don’t know you. I have only one daughter and she is Aliya Khanna.
Shagun: Ishita why are you talking like this. I know you may be angry on us but I know you love Ruhi & Adi most. But we are your family
Nitya: One minute. I don’t have family except my to be husband Abhi , my daughter Aliya and my brother Ashok. And Abhi do you know them.
Abhi: Yes I know them. They are my friend Ishita’s family. She died 7 years back. Actually her face resemble you. And Nitya our company is going to deal with Miss Mihika’s and Mr Raman’s company.
Nitya: Oh I am sorry. I am sorry all of you but I am not any Ishita. And talk about deal that we will see in office.
Aliya: Amma you are here and I am finding you everywhere.
Nitya: What happened Aliya. Why were you finding me.
Aliya: Amma dad is calling you. He wants to make you meet some of his business associates.
Nitya: Oh sure. Come baby { TO ABHISHIEK } . Excuse us please.
They left from there and was totally shocked by Ishita’s behaviour.
Adi: How can Ishi Maa forget us.
Ruhi: No she can’t forget us. May be she is looking lke her but not Be our Ishi Maa.
Shagun: But it can be that she is Ishita. But she is angry on us for the thing that happened 7 years before.
Mrs Iyer: But what we had done.
Mihika: And how can be Abhishiek be brother of Ashok Khanna.
Mihir: Don’t know what is happening.
Raman: Only 1 person will give all the answers to us.
Shagun: Who????


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