7 years later (DevAkshi an OS) By Rithika (A return gift)

Hi guys Rithika here
This a return gift frm me to u all for ur wonderful wishes to me ??? Thanks u all again for ur wishes. So hope u enjoy this os


(Note: The story will continue from the 7 years leap)

7 years later, Kolkata, Bose mansion

Sona is seen talking on her phone while Soha is recording everything. Soon Sona finishes her call

Sona : Soha, give mumma’s phone fast and bring ur bags outside too, we r getting late for our flight
Soha : Coming mumma.
Bejoy : Beta listen to me, u still have time, cancel ur flight
Sona : No baba, sorry, I need to go..

Her words were left incomplete as Soha interrupted her

Soha : Mumma, y dadda doesn’t want us to go to Delhi haan?
Sona : Because of ur papa
Soha : But mumma that’s good na, I can meet him
Sona : No he left us and went away
Soha : Even though he met me he left us??(innocently)
Sona : No, he never met u because I never told him that u were even born
Soha : Y?
Sona : Because we were seperated before ur birth understood?
Soha : Hmm…but what’s papa’s name???
Sona : Mr. Dev Dixit..ok leave all that and bring ur bags u want to go to Delhi na?
Soha : Yes..

They left the mansion and after somewhile they reached Dehli. Sona and Soha were travelling in the car, they soon passed the Dixit mansion Sona saw that with tears and her memories started haunting her

Soha : Mumma..(no response) mumma…(no response)(shouts little) mumma!!!
Sona : (comes to her senses) Uh…haan tell
Soha : Mumma get me ice cream na….please
Sona : No! No outside ka food u know na u get sick
Soha : Mumma please (makes a puppy dog face)
Sona : (smiles) Accha, ok, I’ll get….bhaiya zara panch minute rukna, mein Soha ke liye ice cream lati hoon
Driver : Ji didi..

She gets down near the ice cream stall. She gets the ice cream and is about to go when she saw Dev, she was shocked as the first time instead of formal shirt and a pant her had worn and blue leather jazcket with white shirt and sky blue torn jeans. Just then Soha caame there

Soha : Mumma, mumma where were u and my ice cream is melting give it to me na..
Sona : Ok here, but next time…
Soha : What next time..
Sona : Mumma will make ice cream for u at home ok…
Soha : Yay!!

This scene was seen by Dev at a distance

Dev : Who is that girl??? How does she know Sonakshi?? I need to find out but how??

Next day Sona and Soha decided to go out to roam around in mall’s etc. but Sona forgot herphone at home

Soha : Mumma what’s this u propmised we’ll go out today
Sona : Haan toh we’re going out but I need my phone na…please understand
Soha : Ok, but get it fast
Sona : U sit here ok I’ll come

Dev was passing by from there he saw Sona and Soha

Dev : Arey, this was the same girl who was with Sona yesterday. Wait…wait Sonakshi is going somewhere means I can ask the girl who is she

He was going towards her when he saw Ginni coming down

Dev : Ugh! She had to come now or what huh! What nonsense!

Near Sona’s house

Ginni : Woh did aap apna phone ghar bhul aye toh dene ayi
Sona : Thanks Ginni, ab chale junior Bose
Soha : Yes!!

She said excitedly and they went. They enjoyed most of the time outside while Dev was following them all along but he still didn’t get a clue about Soha. After a few days Soha got admission in the school Golu goes to. Once when the school ended Sona still didn’t come to pick her up. Dev noticed her while he came to pick Golu, he went toward her

Dev : Hi…(no response) Helooo…(no response) are u deaf??
Soha : No I’m not bu mumma has told me not to talk to strangers understand!
Dev : But I can be ur friends…u can trust me and where is ur mumma??
Soha : I don’t know, she should be here any minute
Dev : Wait, whats her name, and whats ur name
Soha : My mumma’s name is Sonakshi Bose and my name Suhana Bose

Dev was hell shocked knowing that whom he was talking to is his own daughter

Dev : I’ll drop u home

Soha nodded and they left

Soha : Uncle don’t u want to know my address
Dev : I know
Soha : How??
Dev : I just know
Soha : Waise u didn’t tell me ur name
Dev : Dev…Dev Dixit
Soha : Dev Dixit….(mind) Yeh naam mein ne kahi suna hai….par kahan??

They soon reach Sona’s house

Dev : Yeh lo ur ghar came
Soha : Thank u uncle

Something always stabbed Dev’s heart when he uncle from his own daughter’s mouth

Soha : Uncle aap andar aao na
Dev : Nahi I have work I’ll come next time

Soha nodded and went inside

Soha : Mumma!
Sona : Arey Soha u came how?? Oh god I forgot to pick u sorry, waise how u came home
Soha : One uncle dropped me
Sona : What’s his name?
Soha : Um..haan, Dev Dixit

Sona was shocked her eyes were filled with tears

Soha : Mumma, mumma what happened?
Sona : Nothing, come I’ll give u food

Sona was still lost in thoughts. Next day she went for some grocery shopping. The things were covering her fully so she couldn’t see anything in front of her and thus the result of this was dashing into Dev who equally lostin the phone call. This was just like their first meeting flour all over them and both of them dusting it off when they both saw each other they were shocked, everything was same except their dressing sense which had changed completely

Sona : (murmuring) Idiot, even after 7 years he hasn’t learnt howto walk without talking on the phone
Dev : Oh hello, u also haven’t learnt how to walk without carrying this load…(notices her glasses)le dekho tumhe chashme bhi lag gaye phir bhi dekhai nahi deta huh!
Sona : Shut up, Obhodro!
Dev : U too, Ms. Khargosh huh! Idiot!
Sona : Hey ur a idiot not me, (with tears in her eyes) ur a person who blindly believes people not listening to their surroundings, how much I tried telling u it was no use,

Tears rolled down her eyes, she picked up her fallen things and left from there. While in Dixit mansion, Ishwari’s room

Ishwari : 7 years passed, mera Dev kitna badal gaya hai, kash Sonakshi hoti at least woh mere Dev koh sambalti, yleh sab bhabi ke wajah se hua hai, mein unhe kabhi nahi maph karoungi

On the other side Dev was broken fully from inside and was angry on himself for not trusting her

Dev : Y? Y didn’t I trust u Sona?? I’m coming, I’m coming to take u and my Suhana

He left from there directly to Sona’s house. He barged in Sona was shocked seeing him there while Soha was happy seeing him

Soha : (holds Dev’s hand) Mumma look this was the uncle who dropped me home
Dev : Not uncle, papa
Soha : Papa?
Dev : Haan, I’m ur papa itself, but soem people didn’t have the courtesy to inform me about it (glares at Sona)
Sona : Y should I haan? Y should I? Did u give me even one chance to prove myself, u blindly believed mami ji, fine u didn’t listen to me but ma? U didn’t bother listening to her too but y am I bothering myself and get outlf my house Mr. Dixit

He was dejected and was about to leave when Soha ran to him and hugged him from behind not letting him go

Soha : Papa mat jao na please?
Dev : Please let me go,
Soha : Mumma please tell papa not to go na, please
Sona : Fine I’m not heartless like ur Papa I’ll give him a chance to explain
Dev : Thanks a lot. From 7 years I’ve been collecting proof against mami, just come with me
Sona : R u sure?
Dev : Hmm come

He took Soha in his arms and with the other hand he held Sona’s hand and they went to Dixit house with police, the police were standing outside to hear the conversation as a proof, they even had one camera to record everything

Dev : Mami!

GKB came out and was shicked to see Sona and Soha

Dev : Shocked?! U should be mami I never thought u would stoop so low for the property
GKB : Yes, I will, now the property is on my name I can do anything for money

Ishwari, Vicky and Elena came there shocked hearing their conversation just then police came in

Police : We r here to arrest u for inappropriately taking te property onur name and for seperating a husband and wife for money (sorry but I don’t know whether there r such charges ?)

The police left from there

Ishwari : Beta yeh tere godh mein koun hai
Dev : Ma, yeh teri poti Suhana,
Ishwari was overjoyed knowing about her. Soon everyhing was perfect, even Bejoy had forgiven Dev, Ishwari had readily accepted Sonaz and all lived a happy life


So this was my return gift hope u liked it

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