Hii guys…
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Happy bday my januuuu…
May u have a great day nd year…
Love u to moon nd back..
Happy bday priya…

Lets begin…

He looked at her laughing. He watched from a distance. His eyes shining with love and adoration for her. She was unaware.

He would talk to her, saying everything yet not everything.

He told her everything. From the smallest detail to the largest fact.

She had walked into his life the moment she had walked through his door. She had walked into his heart the moment she had looked into his eyes.

Her family had arrived at his house. His mum and hers were best friends. So naturally they were friends.

Her mum had come in upset shaken. Yet she was smiling taking everything in silent. She always was a analyser. He mused to himself.

He had watched her smile and take everything in. He had watched her laughing as if nothing was wrong and forever staying strong for her and her family.

She never cried never let any tears drop from her eyes.

She was silent at first but became best friends with his sister. His enemy. Well you know the usual sibling rivalry.

Slowly slowly she became more comfortable around everyone and starting to talk. Laughing all the time and smiling yet he could tell she was broken.

His and her family came closer and closer.

Once they began a conversation they talked like there was no tomorrow. She intrigued him. She was perfect the moment he saw her he knew she had him. She was beautiful yet hadn’t realised it.

He teased her and fought with her. Him leader of the boys her leader of the girls. She was tough and wouldn’t let no one even touch her or her sisters or anyone she cared about.

Her family and his became more and more closer. Her dad took him under his wing and looked after him. Toughened him up. Played around with him.

He teased her while she frowned. Why was she so addicting to have around?

He would do anything just to have her stay with him, saying anything to make her stop. Get any reaction from her.

She hated him with a passion, yet he found her amusing. She was smart and foiled his every plan. He was the brains and became the little man.

Just for her.

He helped her whenever she needed it, with and without her saying it. It was a unspoken agreement.

He stared at her without her knowing. Every time they argued they became closer. He always held a grin for a week after their bantering.

You guys. That’s what everyone would say with a sigh.

What. They both would reply.

She was innocent and cute.

She was the good little girl and she was perfect. He knew he couldn’t have her and it hurt like hell.

He craved her laugh her smile her eyes.

One look and the world would become right.

Wait what were these feelings. leaving him more and more confused.

He didn’t know what she was doing to him forever on his mind.

Water fights and kid against parents what they used to do. Now what happened.

Hello. Was how he started a conversation on line.

How on earth was she so blind?

He had fallen for her and she didn’t even know.

Hey. She replied. How are you?

Oh I’m fine. He lied.

They shared secrets and he realised how broken up she was inside.

She told him everything and he told her. She cried he held her.

It hurt whenever he saw her with another guy. She never can be mine. He thought.

He wiped away her tears and chased away her fears.

He watched her all the time. Love and adoration shining from his eyes.

When everyone told her. She said. Don’t lie.

She didn’t believe in herself. He made her shine above everyone else. Held her hand and never let her fall.

And now here they are today.

I do She spoke her eyes staring up at him shining love and comfort and everything he could ever ask for.

I do. He said back.

I love you. The flash back came back to him. He screamed out in the rain trying to get rid of his pain.

You what?She yelled unable to believe what she was hearing.

I love you. He said slowly coming closer towards her and pulling her in for a kiss.

That kiss which said everything they’d ever need to say .After that it was settled,They were meant to be and he would never let her go or hurt her.


He put down his pen. Woah. He rubbed his eyes. That was a LONG story of his and her life. He smiled to himself leaned back in his chair and let the flashbacks come into his mind. A unconscious smiled has spread across his face. Just by remembering her eyes.

“You coming sweetie?”She called coming from behind him and putting her hand over his eyes. His smile got bigger.

“Definitely.”He turned to look at her.

“What you been doing?”She asked.”Oh gosh. What have we talked about?You mister need to get rest and sleep. Now bed time.”

He gave out a laugh and rolled his eyes good naturedly. He pulled her down so she was on his lap.

She let out a squeal.

“What do you think you’re playing at?”She asked glaring playfully.

“This.”He simply replied giving her a passionate kiss. She let out a moan.

He rubbed her stomach.”Baby giving you any trouble?”

“Eh Nothing i can take.”

“You sure?”He asks.

“Yh. Baby takes after his father. Pain in the butt.”

“Hey!”He replied with a grin.

“Now bed time.”She scolded as she pulled him up.

“Woah can’t wait.”He followed her smirking.

“Ewww!Must you!”She replied shaking her head and grinning….

The end…..

Hope u like it…
Love u….
Once again a very happy bday….

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  1. fabulous os

  2. awsm amazing mindblowig os

  3. Presha

    Ohh my god….
    So sorry guys..
    Dtory title is ..:LOVE STORY NOT 7 LOVE STORY….
    LOVE U…

  4. SidMin23

    Nice os and happy birthday priya god bless u lots of happiness in your life.

  5. Heyy
    Why cant you write something on your ownself
    I mean you always copy some others post and post it here saying its written by you.
    This one; i ve read somewhere else although not about twinj but the same story with same dialouges and all write up was written somewhere else too.

    You just always copy some others posts from another sites and post it over here saying its written by you.
    Many times you copy os’s from india forums and post it here saying its by you.
    Dont you have any shame.
    And yah the episode of your last ff; humsafar, in the consumation episode too you copied the whole consummation part from another ff(twinj; the sweetest couple).
    Why do you copy others posts..
    If you cant write then just dont.
    But stop this blo*dy tactics.
    You cant fool everyone around.
    blo*dy damn girl.

    1. Heyyy heyy heyyy….I understand your fury butt presha is a talented girl and not a girl who copies… First of all if you have read this one then you could tell her politely …have some courtsey girl…. Grow up and stop abusing her …..this cannot be tolerated……she has always written by her own…and she has reposted some OS’s here and told us….Why are you commenting now because I have never seen you commenting here before…look I don’t want to sound aggressive but your words are.not at all acceptable…

    2. Heyy…who are you to say like this?
      Who gave you this right?
      And,if you wanted to say this you can say politely and I am agree to what cheena di said to you.
      Don’t you have manners how can you use those cheap words like blo…y
      Sorry,if I was rude.
      But,think if you were in place of presha di and some one had use bad words then,what you have felt???
      Sorry,if you are hurt

    3. Sohi

      Listen sneha we understand ur anger
      But plz don’t be so rude
      U can say same thing politely too
      And yes I agree that presha has repost some os from India forums once or twice

      But she herself said that she had posted the os of India forums
      U can’t insult anyone just like that

      Hope you understand

    4. Presha

      Hey sneha…
      Dont be rude…
      I m sorry if u r saying that this story is copied actually i was having lack of idea so i asked hlp from my friend so she said she will write nd give it to me…so she wrote this nd sended me…
      Nd i was not knowing whether she copied it or wrote it….
      So sorry

  6. Presha di ,presha di, presha di❤❤
    The os was just super duper amazing,speeechless ?????
    Loved it to the cooore
    Mind blowing, outstanding os?????
    Loved it so muccch????????
    Love u
    And,keep writing like this ????
    Post soon your ff mending of broken heart.???
    Love u so much???
    Keep smiling ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  7. Sohi

    Hey presha dear
    Happy birthday to you piyu ?????

    OS was just amazing and marvelous
    And dear don’t let ur confidence down coz of some angry comments of people’s

    Do continue


  9. Nice os and
    Happy birthday priya

  10. Ramya

    Awesome preshu it’s just amazing
    I’m so sry for late
    Loved it
    Love you keep smiling

  11. Baby

    osm ♥
    loved it ♥
    beautiful ♥
    lods of love♥
    n don’t mind those people dey speak anything……♥

  12. Nishuu

    Awesome bujji

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