7 chumzZzZzz for ever (Epi-5)


Episode 4

hi guys my next episode I hope you like this thank you so much. ….

(continue of last episode. ….)

Now time 6:00
Swara: oh shit I am late….. chumzz buy see you guys tomorrow.
Ragini :don’t go yarr
Sam:stay some more time
Swara:my Bro will eat me
Twinkle:why your Bro is vampire?
Swara: shut up?
Radika:you are staying with your Bro
Swara:ha my one Bro is studying in engineering collage in Delhi .so we r together…..ok buy love you chumzz

Every one buy Swara

Ragini: ok chumzz let me go buy see you tomorrow take care.
Radika:Mahi,Sam let’s move…
Sam:ya if we late warden will kill use ok bye….
Twinkle:come let’s go . Your mom will wait for us…
Nadhni:if my father had not got transfer. We could have never met such a good friends it’s Twinkle….
Twinkle:ya ur right…
Come let’s go….
The day ends
Next morning
In class room(every one were bzying in their project)
Radik:hai chumzz did you guys finished your projects.
Nadhni:ya and u
Radika:aaa, Sam should I help u…..
Sam: no dea I just finished….
Were is Swara .
Swara: hai chumzz how r u…
Mahi: Swara did you finished u project
Swara:what project
Every one were shocked
Twinkle:don’t joke Swara
Swara:I really don’t know about any project .
Sam: oh god what will do now .
Nadhni:take one sheet we will help you

Sir had entered to class:Good morning students….Did you finished your projects
(Every one looks at Swara in tensed face)
Sir:Swara dea let me see your project
Swara:sir I didn’t do it
Sir(in angry tone): what….then how dare to sit in my class get out. ….
Swara(happy not attend the class)
Swara:ok sir
Sam: sir…. she did her project her project is here ( sam gives her project)
Sir: then were is ur project
Sam: sir wo I didn’t do it

Sir Was about to pull her hand in anger
Voice from back
Nadhni , Twinkle,Radika , Mahi – we also not done this project .
Swara:sir no they….
Ragini – may come in sir sorry I am late chumzz sorry…..?
I took ur every ones project yesterday by mistake .I am really sorry .
Sir (was looking them in confused):what is going on here
Chumzz were shocked .
Ragini takes every once project pulse Swara’s project .
Ragini – here is our project thank you sir .
She smile to her chumzz…☺
Class ends .

Swara run to them and hugs
Swara :r u mad….bcoz me every one would have been got punishment… if correct time Ragini not had came .don’t repeat it again .
Chumzz were looking her in angery face she understood that she did mistake .
Swara try to change topic .
Swara:by the way my chumzz are looking very hot today
(Ragini comes and catches her ear
Swara -aaaaaaa Ragini it’s paining .
Sam: today now words u will do ur every project got it .
Twinkle: if can’t pls inform us ok .
Radika: we will do anything for our chumzz . Other one never dare to hurt my chumzz…..?
Mahi: if something happens to same one it first hurt us
Ragini: promise from now we will never lie to chumzz .never hide pains and sadness .We will never live each other alone in pain…. We will be together forever… only our death can separate us if we are in distance but our heart will always connected to each other……

Promise …
Swara: Haa promise
Twinkle:promise 7 chumzz for ever……
The day ends…….With their promise..
The days had passed
Their first exam had started….
In night in group chat in phone…
Ragini – hi chumzz I think everyone is bzy in studying…?
Swara:hi dea ya I am bzy…. In studies
Ragini:pls Swara I know u don’t like to study but for ur chumzz pls study dea….
Swara:who told I am not studying I was bzy in studies only for my chumzz….?
Nadhni:very good love you dea….
Ragini : did u finished studying Ragini. .
Swara – pls don’t disturb me….?
Nadhni :hi dea
Ragini: Sam my book is with u na…
Sam: no it’s not with me….
Nadhni:which book
Mahi: Ragini it’s With me dea
Ragini:thank god
Nadhni: ok buye I am going to sleep .
Sam:don’t go dea
Nadhni: if I not sleep on time I will have dark circles…
Radika – ok beauty queen…
Bye good night……

Two week had passed…
Radika: chumzz today is result
Sam: our first exam result… finger is crossed. …
Nadhni:I think everything will be good .
Perncipal Announc:
Good morning students
I know u are waiting for results of ur this year first exam……
I will till top ten students and remaining results will bi in notice broad…..
So 10 topers first
Nadhni , Ragini, Radika, Amaya , mahi , swara,twinkle,
Kavya , jasmine , Rahul…..

So this exam only for first year students .u can look ur marks in notice broad. And theirs good news for you guys…. your seniors are going to come next week… their study tour had finshed….enjoy ur day…
Thank you have nice day …..
7 chumzz were very happy…. bcoz their the topers
Swara:enough from today I am free bird wooo….. exam had finished. …
Nadhni:so what is next
Ragini:don’t know
Radika:chumzz I want to say something
Radika:not here
Sam:then come we can go somewhere else…..
Radika:ok come and mahi you stay here…
Mahi: ok but why…..
Radika:u take rest .
Mahi :but .
Radika:come let’s go chumzz buy mahi
Ragini scold Radika:why did you say like that….she felt sad na…
Twinkle:poor mahi
Radika:no chumzz tomorrow is her b’day
Swara:what b’day awesome….?Mahi’s b’day
Twinkle :I’m so excited…
Sam:it’s our first b’day we got to celebrate…..After being chumzz. …
Nadhni: wooo Mahi’s b day
Ragini: enough chumzz let’s plan something for b’day .
Radika:plan some thing fast.
Swara :what gift
Nadhni :keep quiet… Twinkle
Ragini: I think some think spl.
Sam:I have one idea
Nadhni :what
Sam:gold chain
Ragini : it’s nice .
Radika:ok it fixed
Swara :when we will buy
Nadhni:now it’s self. …
Twinkle :come let’s go…. we have no time .
Ragini :ok let’s move…
(They buyed gold chain)
Swara: what about cake. ..
Nadhni:hoo I forget about it
Ragini: I will order it…

(Come on chumzz let’s move back to class. …)
Swara – poor mahi she felt very sad…
Sam:ya ur right
Ragini :let’s go to class .
The day ends with Mahi’s sad face…?
Next Day morning in class room. …
Swara: hi chumzz
Sam: hi Swara y u r so fast today..
Swara: I was just excited about today
Nadhni:shhhhh….mahi is coming keep quiet …
Twinkle:we have to act ok…
Mahi comes and takes her sit….
Twinkle , Nadhni, Swara, Sam: hi mahi how r u
(Mahi just smile didn’t give any reply )

They understood that she is angry…
Swara:ooh our mahi don’t to angry also…so sweet. ..
Mahi:don’t talk to me…
Sam laughs & hugs her
Nadhni:so cute
Mahi:I am not going talk to you
I know chumzz don’t loves me
Ragini and Radika entries to class
Ragini :who told we not loves you…
Mahi: I know yesterday all went with out me….
She was about to cry….
Radika: oh our doll is crying..

They all go and hugs her and wish …..happy birthday to you happy birthday to dea mahi happy birthday to you every kiss her cheek .
Mahi’s eyes were fulled with tears – I forgot about it…
Sam: so what we remember it na. ..
Nadhni takes gift: mahi here is a small gift from ur chumzz….
Mahi opens it she were surprised to see gold chain.

Big smile spreaded on Mahi’s face – is it gold
Swara:it not gold . It also mine .After give it me back ok….?
Twinkle :really it is not gold…
Ragini :Twinkle… we had buyed this yesterday. …
Twinkle: aaa I forgot it but Swara told. …?
Radika:tube light she were joking ?
Every one laughs
Nadhni: ok now cute the cake….
Sam:were is cake
Mahi cuts the cake…. first…

Ragini – may u r every wishes come true they share is the cake. …
Radika: may God bless you she does same. …
Sam:be happy always .she also does the same
Swara:be what ur not need to change . She also puts the cake to her mouth…
Nadhni:I am always with you….
She puts the cake to her face
Twinkle: happy birthdajy to you .She put the cake to her mouth .
Mahi: chumzz so today’s dinner from outside. ..
be ready at8:00pm….Ok.
Ok buy have some work…

Every one about to go
Ragini:stop what happen to Swara .Swara y r u sad
Sam: ha y what happen
Swara:I can’t come
Everyone Together – y?
Swara:chumzz u all know na about my Bro he kill me if go outing at night….
Nadhni :so what I will speak to ur Bro
Swara:noo he will kill you and me… chumzz go and enjoy…
Ragini: but without u .
Twinkle :without u it will be boring. ..
Radika :I will till to mahi to cancel the dinner…
Swara: today is her day so no need to cancel the dinner. ..
Nadhni:without u
Swara:no problem .We can do video call…

Every one in sad face ?:ok ….buy take care …. They enjoys Mahi’s b day with lost of selfis
The day end with dinner party. .
.After one week…… chumzz become more close to each other….They never had any single day without seeing each other .They become apple eyes of the college… pets of teachers. …
One day morning principle Announce: dea students…Exam had finished so this the time for some competition…Some enjoyment. ..competition is between five collage…
From each collage 13 students r selected so from our collage I selected 13 students names r 7 chumzz and 6 heros ….
7 chumzz from first year. 6 heroes r from 2 year students. So it should be one team .so students collage is dependent on this 13 students….
For ur training one new sir will come so all the best… thank you
Swara:what oo shit I thought I can peace fully enjoy but . … Hoo god pls help me
Ragini: chumzz u here what sir told. ..
Twinkle:aa about competition…
Ragini:no about our seniors
Nadhni:ho my god I am so excited… I’m going to meet our seniors….

( hi guys I don’t know who like my story or who hates my story. But I am doing my best…In next episode our heroes are going to enter… Thanks for bearing my story. .. Thanks for your comments and supports. ..Thank you my dear silent readers.. love you all..?)

Credit to: Afa

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