7 chumzZzZzz for ever (Epi-4)

Episode 3

Two weeks had passed……
They become more close to each other….They cares each other fights each other, share each other.In less time they become best friends, good sisters…..
One morning in class room
Everyone was just bored their class
swara:guys I think we should bunk the class… lecture us very boring
Nadhni: u r right swara
Twinkle:what an idea
Radika:girls no
Sam:come on Radika
Mahi :I am not going to bunk the class
Ragini:please yarr mahi
Mahi:ok ?

Nadhni :after bunking the class were we are going… ?
Ragini:let’s first bank the class .we can discuss it after…
Mahi:but how we’re going to bunk the class
Amaya:just wait and watch .
Mam:what is going on their .
Swara swaraaaaa
Swara: yes mam did u called me
Mam:(in anger tone) in whose thought u r lost Swara
Swara:mam wooo I was thinking about my fiance
Mam:what….?this is the place to think about u r fiance
Every one laughs
Mam:get out from my class
Swara:thank you mam love you ummhaaaa.
Mam:chi what type of a girl she?
Ok girls come back to lecture
Ragini:mam I feel to vomit(acting?)
Mam:vomiting go fast twinkle take her….
Nadhni suddenly started to cry
Mam:now what happened to u Nadhni .
Nadhni:mam ( she cries loudly)
Mam:what happened till me dea
Nadhni:mam I had one cat as pet .It die last year.
Mam:so what happened now.
Nadhni:mam wo today is that day……
Mam : so

Nadhni:so mam I want to see my pets photo. it’s their in my bag . Bag is out said .so I want to go….
Mam(in anger):ok
She were just controlling her anger
Somebody else what to go
sam:yes mam .sam pulls Radika’s hand come let’s go Radika pulls mahi’s hand come let’s go while going
Radika:may I go mam.
Mam( were in very angry ):get out
They give hi Fi each other and laughs.

Twinkle:next what I plan
Nadhni: movie
Ragini:guys let’s go to garden…We can discuss it there
Radika:I think we should to go to beach
Sam:boring?, come let’s to shopping
Mahi:no let’s go library
Twinkle:no way
Radika:than what is our plan…..
Ragini:guys take u r sits
They all sits in round by facing to each other in garden…
Ragini: guys what is ur opinion about love .
Swara:love from were this love had came….? Ragini what happened Haa suddenly love and all .
Twinkle: u got someone sam:pls till na who is that guy…
Ragini:keep quiet guys i was just asking . I want to know u r opinion about love that’s all .
Radika:oooo we thought …..
Nadhni – for me love is enjoy . Romance. Wonderful feelings.
Amaya – for me love is all in friendship .A good friend can be a good life partner.
Twinkle – waa Amaya very good opinion . For me love connection of two hearts and two soul
Radika – I am not at all interested in love
Ragini – ooh really Radika. … For me love is a faith if our faith is good then will we get our true love……
.Mahi:so ur love is belong to ur faith right For me love is just waste of time
Nadhni:hai dramabaz y ur so silent Swara say u r opinion about love

Swara:ha for me love is my friends , Sam,Ragini,Twinkle, Nadhni,Radika&Mahi.
Radika:so sweet .Swara
They mades group hug
Ragini:friends can we name our gug.
Nadhni:no need it’s old and we r not childrens….
Swara – Nadhni for friendship their is no age…..
Twinkle:ya we can name
Radika:but what name .
Mahi:woo awesome
Ragini:no yarr
Nadhni:7 baddies…. how is it .
Sam:good but some think is missing
Radika:7 petals….
Swara:boring. 7 devils…
Mahi:its suites only for you not for us
Every one laughs
Ragini:I got it
Every one together – what !
Ragini – wo wo
Swara – wo wo chi it’s a name .
Ragini :chup! I mean 7 chumzz
Every one:superb

Ragini :every one liked it
Nadhni – ya i just loved it
Swara comes from back and hugs Ragini…
Ragini – thank you guys oh sorry thanks chumzz
Swara hits her head: no thanks no sorry in chumzz.
Sam:by the way what is meaning of chumzz
Nadhni – budhu meaning of chumzz is friends
Twinkle – mmmm so name is fixed 7 chumzz for ever is it
Ragini – ya from now we 7 chumz for ever…
Mahi: enough I am very hungry
Swara – take same snickers.
Every one laughs
Radika: come let’s have pani puri
Twinkle – awesome come let’s go
Swara – bahiya 7 pani puri .
Mahi – one is sweet .
Bahiya- ok .
The day with their nok joke. …….
Yaaron dosti badi
Hi haseen hai
Yeh na ho to kya phir
Bolo yeh zindagi hai

Koi to ho raazdaar
Begaraj tera ho yaar
Koi to ho raazdaar

Yaaron mohabbat
Hi to bandagi hai
Yeh na ho to kya phir
Bolo yeh zindagi hai

Koi to dilbar ho yaar
Jisko tujhse ho pyaar
Koi to dilbar ho yaar

Teri har ke buraai pe
Daante woh dost
Gam ki ho dhoop to
Saaya bane tera woh dost

Naache bhi woh
Teri khushi main
Aree yaaron dosti
Badi hi haseen hai

Yeh na ho to kya phir
Bolo yeh zindagi hai
Koi to ho raazdaar
Begaraj tera ho yaar
Koi to ho raazdaar

Tan mann kar tujhpe fida
Mehboob woh
Palkon pe jo rakhe tujhe
Mehboob woh
Jiski vafa tere liye ho

Are yaaron mohabbat
Hi to bandagi hai
Yeh na ho to kya phir
Bolo yeh zindgi hai
Koi to dilbar ho yaar
Jisko tujhse ho pyaar
Koi to dilbar ho yaar

( guys pls say my story is boring I know u r just waiting for hero’s entry for that first I want to show their friendship bonding….. pls pls pls do comments let me know ur opinions. I know there is my mistakes in my story pls forgive me for that. Thank you so much my silent readers. ..love you all)

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