7 chumzZzZzz for ever (Epi-3)


hi guys I am Afa with next episode
mornging…inside a house..
bhaiya: chotii get upp…u r getting late for ur colleg…
voice:(in sleepy mood)bhaii…plzz…i dnt wana go to colleg…
bhaiya:wat dnt want to goo…k..fine..pack ur bags…i will lev u in our town
voice:(shouts)nooooooooooooo….see i alrdy got up….cm lets go to colleg…
bhaiya:ohh meri drameebaz…jaldhii jaaa aur rdy hokarr aa…nd zyadha tym math lenna…10:30 mai admissn bann hojaayegaa…
voice :ok bhaii..
aftr 30 mins…bth locks the house and sits in the carr…

aftr 20mins
bhaiya:ohhh shit…trafic jam
voice:ohh god wat i will do nw..itz alrdy 10:20am
bhaiya:u dnt wrry…we almst reached to ur cllg…u can go by walkng…it will take only 5 min…
voic:wat…no way…
bhaiya:ok thn…i will liv u…..
voice:no need…am going by…tc…
she levs frm there to her collg…
aftr 5 mins she reachs there…
she goes to offic..
voice(to her self)thank god 5 more mins
peon:hello where r u going??
voice:to meet princpl
peon:srry i cnt let u in sir is in meeting…
voice:plz…i wana meet him…itz tooo urgnt…

peon:srry…i cnt let u inn…he will kill mee..if i lett u…
voic:haaaa faint(it just acting)
princpl:wats going onn..who is this girl and what happened to her
Peon: don’t know sir she asking for u
prncpl : Why she were asking about me. Give her some water.
Peon: yes sir
She wake ups (now time is 10:30)
Voice- sir sir
Prncpl: ha what happened dear.
Voice : sir pls help me I am going to die.
Prncpl : what should I do
Voice: I need admission
Prncpl: admission but now time is over I can’t give you admission.
Voice: pls sir before I die need only admission
Peon – no need admission to hell u can go directly.

She looks him angry face.
Voice: no sir I had only one dream in my life to be a student of this college if ur not give me admission now .After my death I will come to you hast ghost to kill u…
So pls I cares for you sir.
Prncpl:( in tense tone) ooh. …okay then were is ur admission paper…
Voice: yes sir. ( gives it to him and he does admission) give file to her
Voice : thank you so much sir and she kisses on his cheek.
Prncpl:(he were just shock by her kiss) ur not dieing.
Voice: after getting admission how can I die . ( in happy she started to dance)
Peon : look sir she were doing drama. She fooled u and he laughs
Prncpl: shut up and get to ur work(he smiles by seeing her)
She was very happy…. atlast she got admission. She runs to her class
She enters the class without noticeing mam.
And she sits near Sam.
Rupa mam( in angery tone) : hai is it a way to enter the class. ..
Voice: mam wo mai I was…….
Rupa mam:what mai mai..

Voice: wo mam when I was coming some students were talking about u. They said that ur very hot and s*xy so I was eager to meet you.
Mam waisi ur very beautiful and hot.
Rupa mam : really thank you so much.
Voice: mam can I take my sit
Rupa mam : of course not dea by the what is ur name baby
Voice : me my name is swara.
( guys this is our swara she is from bangalore. She is very naughty ,cute and so sweet. She will do anything for others happiness. Coming to her family. Her father is business man her mom is house wife she three big brothers.she loves her family very much. She doesn’t like to study. She don’t have much freedom. Her brother r much possessive about her).
Twinkle: hi swara I am twinkle
Nadini : I am Nadini from great city Mumbai.
Twinkle : me too
Radika: I am Radika from kashmir. And she is mahi. ..
Mahi : hi swara
Sam : by the way ur from bangalore isn’t.

Swara : ya( by pointing ragini) what is her name
Twinkle : she is our sweet ragini. ..
Ragini turns .
Ragini – hi.
Swara was looking her in confuse.
Swara : I saw u same where.
Nadini : may be in mental hospital ( jokingly)
Sam: ur right they both are mad.
Ragini ( in angery tone):girls
Nadini laughs: guys see our tomato is getting red in anger.
Ragini : shut up guys.
I too saw u some were.
Radika: Ragini did you ever went to bangalore.
Or swara did u came here before.
Swara : ya I studied my school here itself.
Ragini : (in happy tune) I got it v studied in same school…
Swara:Haa. .nw I remember. ..how can I forget u….

Bth share a frndly hug…
Nadini: swara you know me and twinkle r childhood friends. We studied together we are also family friends.
Sam : since childhood both r best friends isn’t.
Mahi : u both r very lucky.
Sam: by the way swara y did you came late.
Radika: ha swara u have many nots to cover.
Sam – I will help you cutie
Swara: thank you Sam.
Ragini: nahi swara no thanks no sorry in frndshp. ..
Swara:ohh. .srry no srry for srry…
Everyone laughs…thy njy their dy. …
The day ends. …..

(Sorry guys I am dragging my story I promise again I will do it fast. I know there is many mistakes in my ff thanks for bearing my story . Pls pls pls do comments .Ones again sorry .Thank you so much for ur comments and love you all)

Credit to: Afa

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