Hello everyone tara here…well don’t get confused m the same TaraTwinjfan…m here with a different story. Actually its my friends concept… “moon” (her name) and this story is gonna be unique coz it will contain two creditor…me nd moon. Probably its the first time something like this is happening…so i hope u guys will support us. We shall give our best to entertain u people…nd very soon moon will also reply to ur comments….so lets begin..
This story revolves around 6 teenagers who share a wonderful rapport with each other. Yet there are some hidden emotions, past and secrets. Friendship, love, jealousy, obsession and lot more teenage innocence…. the main characters are:
Twinkle: a cute, sweet, cheerful, fun loving nd good looking girl…who loves to play guitar.
Ragini: smart, hot and s*xy girl..who likes to flirt with guys…and she is a great athlete..
Swara: very introvert…one who has a bitter past and don’t like boys much..she loves painting
Swara, ragini and twinkle in spite of their contrasting personalities shared a strong bond of friendship.
Kunj: a handsome guy who was dedicated towards his studies…he didn’t speak much
Sanskar: a sweet and cute guy, very helpful nd kunj’s best friend..one whom kunj trusted a lot
Yuvraj: he was also in the same group..bt not so much close to sanskar or kunj…he was a basket ball player..Moreover a friend to ragini
Alisha: was the class topper and had liked kunj..she was jealous of ragini as she gained much attention for being an athlete whereas she being a class topper seemed no one…though teachers liked her but ragini was popular amongst the students..
Thats all…plzz comment and let us know u liked our approach….feel free to xpress ur thots….have a nice day..

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