Happy Birthday Survi urf Lover
Chand apni chandni de aapko, Gulab apni khusboo de aapko, Hum to bas yhi mangte hai har dua me Khuda har khusi de aapko. Khuda se ye dua hai hamari, Umar lag jaye aapko hamari, Khush raho sada aap Or umar lambi ho tumhari. *Happy Birthday*
a shayari for the shayari queen 🙂 dar mat Google se copy kiya hai 🙂

Lets start :
Dear Hubby…
On the anniversary of our first 6 minute walk I want to present this dairy to you hope you Like it ….
Flash back …
” Hum tum ekh kamre meh bandh ho aur chabhi kho jaye…” these 90’s song Just love them “Good afternoon nani ” I said removing my earplugs placing my bag on the counter  and wearing my apron “Knot please ” I asked my Nani to tie the knot turning  my back towards her ” Thank you ” I said and bowed down ” Chal haat thank you ke bachhi ” she said and smiled “Did you find someone ?”she asked I knew what she ment a boyfriend “No Nani” I said “Chi Twinkle so boring ” she said looking towards me “Nani you are the first Nani who is asking her grand daughter to make a bf ” I said plating a chocolate cupcake “I am modern And I don’t want you to waste your life in this cafe and college journey everyone needs a partner and you are 18+ officially fit to have a boyfriend ” she said “Nani ” I said while serving the dish “Excuse me excuse me ” I said running behind a boy who had taken one of the books from our library “Yes ” he said turning
Twinkle’s POV ends

Boy’s POV
An angelic face I was so mesmerized looking at her she was speaking something but I did not here I was lost in her “Excuse me so can I have my book you can comeback tomorrow and read it ” she said pulling me towards her book shelf “But ma’am this is my book ” I  said “Sorry ” she said pressing her lips  “I thought it is my book ” she said nervously playing with her fingers “A sorry won’t do you have to give me something else something for free ” I said trying to hint for a date “You can take a free coffee the next time you come to this cafe “she said handing me a coupon  “Just a coffee” I said giving a hint  “You can take a cake along with it ” she said “I can’t give you more ” she continued “Okay..” I was about to say something when she went to the counter leaving me alone “Cute ” I said to myself looking at her
Kunj’s POV ends
Twinkle’s POV
He was asking for something ” Nani said “He is very smart nani he wants a free coffee and cake and He even wanted more thank god I said I can’t give him more ” I told Nani about that guy I just meet “Duffer  ” said Nani hitting my head “Why ?” I questioned with actions “He was asking you for a date “Nani said “Date ? With me ” I said “Twinkle I doubt that are you a girl or not ” Nani said “Nani” I said “Okay Baba I am leaving come home soon ” Nani said leaving
“Nani open the door ” I said ringimg the bell Nani opened the door “Twinkle Mr.Luthra called he was talking about a good party which wants to buy our cafe … why don’t we sell the cafe so that …” “Nani that is my Mom’s last possession with me I can’t give it to anyone ” I said and left for my room I locked  the room and cried my heart out I then opened the door “I am sorry Nani ” I said hugging her ” Come sit and eat ” she said after dinner according to my daily routine I went to study while studying my eyes fell on the brochure of the famous Interior designing institute I kept it aside and continued studying

Next day …
“Hey beautiful” I greeted Nani while wearing my apron ” Beta I am going I am not feeling well ” Nani said removing her apron ” What happened Nani should I call the doctor “Twinkle it’s nothing just that I am feeling tired I want to rest that’s all ” she assured me of her well being the same boy came in again with the free coupon I faked a smile  and gave him his coffee and cake he wanted to say something but he could not because I went to serve another customer
Twinkle’s POV ends
Kunj’s POV
I wanted to say something but she ignored me I went and sat on the table staring her she looked so beautiful “You like her ? ” asked an old women “Ummm yes ” I said ” Though she is my grand daughter(Nathni= daughter’s daughter  )  she is a duffer  in all this love and all you have to speak to her directly she is a hard nut to crack ” Twinkle’s Nani said and left the cafe
Kunj’s POV ends

The next day
Twinkle’s POV
As I entered the cafe I saw Nani busy playing chess with that weird boy who always comes here Nani was enjoying ” Nani ” I called out “Oh Twinkle you came meet Kunj he is a architect “Nani said introducing Kunj to me ” And She is Twinkle my grand daughter ” Nani said introducing  me to him ” Hi ” he said ” Hi” I replied “Twinkle you both talk while I send a coffee for the both of you “Nani said leaving me alone with Kunj an awkward silence occupied the surrounding “Nani said you have decorated this cafe yourself ” he said trying to start a conversation “Yes” I gave a small reply to not extend the conversation ” Twinkle I love you ” he said “Excuse me ” I said being shocked ” I am sorry if you found it to be to direct the fact is that I have fallen in love with you ” You don’t even know Me ” I said ” That is why I want to know you more ” he said ” but I don’t ” I said getting up and moving towards the counter He left the cafe after paying his bill
The next day …
I walked in the cafe to see Kunj wearing an apron and making cupcakes ” Where is Nani ? ” I asked him ” Voh she was not feeling well so I sent her home ” he said icing a cupcake ” Is she fine ” I asked ” Yes she was just a bit sleepy ” he replied we were silent  for a while  ” Nani  said you like cupcakes so here taste it ” he said passing a cupcake towards me ” Kunj you may leave thank you for taking care of the cafe in my absence ” I said sounding a bit rude He left without saying a word I felt it was the last day I was going to see him but I was wrong each day I entered the cafe I could see him sitting with Nani and chatting it has been a daily routine to see him in the cafe with Nani “He is cute ” Nani said while I was busy staring at Kunj who was busy cleaning the cafe’s library and was surrounded with  books ” Hmm” I said ” Twinkle he likes you and I think you too ..” Said Nani when I had to stop her in between ” No Nani there is nothing like that ” ” Twinkle I want you to have a good life “she said looking at me ” Nani I am happy with this life ” I said Nani smiled and kisses my forehead she then left for home Kunj too completed the cleaning work and left he tried talking to me but I ignored him
” Knock knock ” I heard a sound which broke my sleep it was coming from my window I opens it to find Kunj there ” Hi Twinkle”  he said “Kunj you here at this time “I said “Twinkle I really love you I want you to know me well how can you reject me without knowing me “he said “Kunj listen there is nothing wrong in you it’s just that I have no time for a relationship ” I said ” Twinkle just some part of your day I know you are busy but I have observed you well the only free time you  have is the 6 minutes that is the time you  take to walk back home from the cafe  Twinkle please just these 6 minutes ” he requested I could not deny ” Just 6 minutes each day ” I said” Not just 6 minutes 360 seconds ” He said and eft his hands from the window pane and jumped down “Be ready tomorrow ” he said while walking backwards ” Idiot .. but a cute one ” I thought to myself  and fell asleep

The next day ….
“Thank you Sir ” I said to the last customer who was paying the bill ” Twinkle shall I lock the door ” asked Kunj who was quite impatient ” Kunj just a minute ” I said checking the lock ”  It’s done ” He said I smiled at his cute antics
“Well since we have less time let’s formally introduce ourselves today
My self Kunj Sarna nam tho suna he hoga ” he said forwarding his hand I smiled ” Myself Twinkle Taneja ” I said shaking his  hand we talked about our hobbies, likes, dislikes he is so sweet ” I thought entering the house the 6 minutes were so beautiful ” I thought to myself entering the house
6 day’s later
” Someone seems to be getting ready in but more today ” Nani said looking at me when I had kept all the dresses on the bed “No Nani it’s nothing like that ” I said trying to hide my smile remembering the time we had spent together
Once we had danced all the way back Once we had lighted the lantern making a wish
Once I heard a movie review from him eating popcorn he had seen the movie before so that he could tell me about it in our sweet 6 min walk
Once we had a candle light dinner he was holding the candle and I was holding the plate
Once we were listening to old songs all the way back he too loves them we are so different yet perfect together ” I narrated Nani all our 6 min walks “Invite him for you Birthday day after tomorrow ” Nani” I said ” What Twinkle I know you like him ” Nani said making me blush ” We are just friends ” I said trying to change the topic “ Twinkle I am your Nani you can lie but your eyes do not “ nani said making me face her “ Nani I am afraid …. All those whom I love go away from me “ I said with tears in my eyes “Twinkle beta its nothing like that Kunj is a very nice guy “ Nani said “ and you don’t love me “ nani said faking anger “ Nani I love you are my life “ I said hugging her “and what about Kunj “ Nani said smirking at me “Nani “ I shouted but then bursted out laughing
“Twinkle today I will ask you 20 questions and you have to answer them and you can also ask me 20 questions “ Kunj said “ Oh okay “ I replied “Your chance first “ he said I asked him many questions on the way back we “1 more question left Twinkle “ he said when I was about to enter the house “ Will you come to my house on Sunday it’s my birthday “ I asked “ Yes I will “ He replied “ Twinkle “ he called me out again “My question ?” he said reminding me of his remain question “ ask “ I said “ Do you love me ? “ he asked “ Kunj” I said “ Twinkle I need an answer Its just that each passing day I am falling for you even more I don’t know but i fear if you don’t love me I would die ..” “Kunj” I said covering his mouth both of us shared a beautiful eye lock
“ Kunj I love you but …” I said “But what Twinkle Trust me I would never leave you “ He said He sat down on his knees and removed a ring from is pocket “ So Miss. Twinkle Taneja after testing me daily for 6 minutes do you feel I am a right choice for you ? “ He asked forwarding the ring I nodded my head in a negative sign I saw him getting disappointed I chuckled “ No Mr. Kunj Sarna You are not the right choice for me you are the best choice for me “ I said and hugged him tight He removed the strand of hair covering my face He leaned forward towards my lips “ Kunj I have never kissed before “ I said he chuckled “ Twinkle I have tho kissed many times You don’t want to its K I would get it from someone else “ He left me shocked by this answer I quickly placed my lips on his it felt electrifying I did not know what to do next I looked into Kunj’s eyes He started sucking my lips I did the same He then slowly bit my lips which made me open my mouth He then entered into my mouth and his tongue was laying with mine for around a good 10 minutes we continued to do this when he moved away “Twinkle you lied “ he said “ Why I don’t lie “ I said “ You are such a good kisser “ He said I blushed He made me were the ring and that was when I realised that our 6 minutes walk wasn’t actually a 6 minutes walk it was a 360 seconds walk which made me meet my life … My Kunj
Love Twinkle …

“Twinkle Dear Happy Anniversary of our 1st 6 minutes walk “ Kunj said hugging me “ Happy Anniversary to you too “ I said to Kunj handing him the book “Twinkle so sweet “ he said “ I have one more surprise for you Kunj “ I said “ What is it Twinkle I cant wait to know it “ He said moving up and down like an impatient Kid “ Kunj calm down and now stop acting like a Kid what will our child think about you when he sees you acting like a small Kid “ I said blushing “ Twinkle I don’t care of what my Kid will think about me first tell me ….” I guess my duffer Understood hopefully “Our Kid “ he said with a shine in his eyes “ Yes “ I nodded my head He hugged me tight really tight “ Twinkle Kunj you forgot me” nani said coming in “Nani how can I forget you “ Kunj said “After all you were the one who gave me the idea of this 6 minutes walk “ Kunj said and hugged Nani
The end …

Guys I know it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
boring but khya karu addat se majbur hu Thanks for reading do comment Love you all 🙂
Happy birthday Survi 🙂 Once agin 🙂
Do coment. 🙂
Love you all 🙂


  1. |Registered Member

    Thank you very much for the wonderful blessings
    I’ve received this year – that’s to have special circle of friends who wish the best for me.
    And you’re one of that. Thank you for the warm wishes and for the fabulous present as well.
    I feel so lucky to have a friend like you.
    You made my birthday more special and memorable. Thanks! And love you dear….
    The os is amazing and fabulous like always but truely its a memorizing one for me. Once again thank you for making my day special by presenting such a cute os. Love you… much.
    Aapki iss cute si story ko padhkar
    By god ki kasam
    Aaj Aankhen ho gayi naam
    Ye lagta tha dil koi nhi yaad krta hamein
    Lekin aaj mann se ye bharam bhi ho gaya khattam….
    Love you more…

  2. Sara28


    |Registered Member

    Omg I Loved this so much. It was so amazing I wish it didn’t end, but what to do, it has to end at some point. But I’m glad I ended with a huge smile on my face! ❤️

  3. |Registered Member

    Wait i forgot to tell ki the shayari was also amazing. Shayari queen 😱 😲 really? you think this. Thank you mili for providing me this much love.

    A shary for you….
    Aye zindagi aaj yun kuch dene ki aazmaish le ke jaa,
    Jisne Mujhe itna pyar nawaja uske paas meri ek lines le ke jaa,
    Yun to hamesha baat hoti hai meri iss pyari si dost se,
    phir bhi usko meri taraf se aaj ek paigam pauncha…..
    I love you as a friend. 😘😘

  4. |Registered Member

    Hii mili cum shruti. You haven’t tell me till now ki what should i call you? Coming to your sharayi and os they are just beyond words. I love it. I wish i can also get a cute friend just like you. The way you wished her was so amazing. Love you loads. Nice story infact….
    Just like you…
    Plz reply.

  5. Angel20


    |Registered Member

    It was not at all boring! It was really amazing! Awesome, seriously it was so cute. Loved it very much. And happy birthday Survi. May god bless you.

    With Love💕

  6. Roshini125


    |Registered Member

    So nice literally I have no words to say…how u manage to wrote such a cute things it was really awesome loved it. ..6 min…I dnt knw whether it happens or nt bt the thought made me to wish it happens…loved it to core…love u tooo

  7. Kruti


    |Registered Member

    Miliiiiiiii……….The Os was extraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sweet nd cute…….seriously 6min….the thought of such things is just soo amazing…….Loved d os 🙂
    Nd pls aise cute se storys likhti rehna……coz we all just love them

    Love u Loads 🙂

  8. Kritika14


    |Registered Member

    Hey Mili,
    As you know I can’t be commenting long but this was beyond just beautiful! I loved it so much! I really wished for it to never end, that amazing! Do write more!

    Lovess! xx

  9. Priya23

    Oh mili how can u write so well….
    A standing ovation 4 u…..
    Thousands claps 4 u…..
    Its just freaking amazing….. Simply suparb…ur all os just mind blowing yaar…
    No words to say about ur writing….. I love it to the core……write like more……
    Or ab Jo may demand karne walihu may jantahu ki uske baad mujhe bhttttt sare maar or dhulai padegi….par kya karu may v to adat se majbur….lol….OK now my demanding issss kiiiiii……tumara jooo My revenge wala ff hena wo jaldi post kardio..marna maat plzzzzzzzzzz…I know ki tumne ajhi post kia but kya karu ajke epi padhne ki baad mera greediness or badh gaya….or tum to ham sab ki pyari si sis ho na to gussa na hoke jaldise post kardena OK…m not buttering u…he he he…luv u…..

    And and….
    Many many return’s of the day…
    **Happy Birthday To U….LOVER….**
    God bless u and May god fulfill ur all wishes…keep glittering everyone’s life by ur love….and stay happy…luv u….

    • SidMin



      Thank you so very much You made me blush 🙂
      And why will I get angry 🙂 Will try posting soon have not started yet 🙂
      Love you 🙂

  10. |Registered Member

    Hey milu
    How dare u say this OS is soooooooo boring haan?
    I haven’t read such a cute sweet amazing awesome wonderful marvelous brilliant and what not OS like before… Loved it from the bottom of my heart… U nailed it girl… Kudos girl 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Love you

  11. Vipul


    |Registered Member

    Hi my white mailer ideas ki dukan, who said it was boring? dobara boring mat kehna apni ff n os ko.. samjhi? it was too cute n sweet… n kunj was perfect… phir se puch rahi hun kahan se lati hai aise beautifull ideas…. loved it yaar… post more os like this plssss…

    Love you♥♥


  12. Baby


    |Registered Member

    ohhhhhhhhhhh god mili
    as always beautiful adorable sooo cute lovely os 😀
    fell in love wid it ♥♥♥
    it was osm fabulous ♥ 😀
    love u lods♥♥

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