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Hi Frndzz…
Pre:Dev n his child Anu r ready to meet Someone..Sona n Dev’s convo on Air without Voice…


Dev n Anu r waiting for Door Open…
Dev goes near wooden clock on the front of the house…
N touches the clock…
A girl doll comes out from the clock..looks like The doll is playing violin..

Dev put the clock in old place n sit on the chair..Anu sit on his laps..
The door is still not opening..

Dev whistles a Tribal Tune…
The Click Of The Door Opening comes…

Anu see Dev..(surprise Question)…

The door fully opens…
A Small Boy actually comes..

Dev smiles by seeing him..
Dev:”Where is Ur Dad?”
Boy:”He is taking classes for students..Uncle”

Dev:”How about Ur Magic?”..
Anu(sees Dev):”Magiccc…”(Surprise)…
Boy:”VeryVery Small than Urs Uncle..Come Inside”…
Anu:”Teddie..U know Magic?”….
Dev(Big Eyes):”Me..Haha..U r my only Magic,Angel..Come”..

Dev n Anu enters the home..
On screen,..
Their walking shoes only seen..
Anu see UP..It goes high..
Many Books on Many Shelfs..n Many Toys,Many Paintings..
On BG,…Sona’s Magical Humming (Maybe a Melody..Humming U like the most)..
Dev,Anu n The boy walking towards upstairs..n reached a Room..

The Boy lightly opens the Door..n see his dad..
Students see him n his dad…
Dev opens the door …His hands on Anu’s shoulders..
Anu see Him By making her head above n see all again..Her little fingers on her lips..
Maybe a little fear bcoz of many new faces..
Boy’s dad n the students surprised while seeing Dev…
Students:”Dev….!!!!”(All stands)

The Boy’s Dad:”Devv….!!”..
(In his ears Still hearing Dev’s voice “I give my Magic to save my Sona”…)…
Dev:” Shiv”…
Both hugs…
Shiv(think):”I m very much blessed that I have a forever friend”…

In FB,
Sona open the eyes while Dev said”I give my Magic to save my Sona”…
-To be Continued..
Hi Frndzz,While writing,This epi seems little complex..It need full modify..So,Deciding to rewrite…For modify,It took little time..Another Half still waiting..
Frndzz..Made a little Epi in Ishqbaaz..Ystrday..”Tale of a New Luv”..Hope U like tat..I wish to give my Frndzz the Epi a best one..So,Frndzz..DevShi cute is waiting to see U with Anu
Tanqq frndzz..Take Care…

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  1. Hey!
    Well, the episode was great, but yeah, it sure seemed a bit complex…
    And, really sorry but I don’t follow ishqbaaz so I guess, I mighn’t be able to read your article on that…
    Post soon!
    Take care!

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Anshita..Tats K Sissy..I ll start remake episode in Evng..It ll be on Tom..It ll include Dev n Anu play

  2. Nice one plzz post next episode soon

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Princess..Sure..Now In Arrest mode(Office)..So,the epi ll be ready on evng..Next will be on Tom..

  3. Manya

    Nice one Harshan??
    Post soon?

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Ayushi..Sure..It ll be on Tom mrng..

  4. Nze Harshan!!!
    But, it seems to be Lil complications to understand.?????…………
    Anyways it was great!!!????………
    I’m waiting for your nxt TOM FF .
    Plz jaldi sa post karooooo????..

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Nikki..S..I tried to remodify..the content..before..Now Dev ll come in new Line with Sona n Anu in the next Epi..!

  5. I m eagerly waiting for ur nxt epi.
    Plz jaldi sa post karoooo.

    1. HarSHaN

      Upload 5th epi simple one Nikki ..

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