5th Page Coming Soon – 5 (Redefined) (KRPKAB)


Hi frndzz,PreEvents in the Story:
Dev is searching a page numbered 5,which is mysteric..Dev n Anu bids goodbye to Sona..n starts journey..
Dev n Anu reach a home…
Dev knock the door..The door is made up of wood..His hands holds Anu’s shoulders…
Anu see the surroundings by her big eyes..
Dev see the wooden clock near the door n touched..
A girl doll comes out from The clock..
Anu sees the doll..
Anu:”Teddie..If we give flute to this doll instead of her violin,It ll be ….”
Dev(think):”Who ??”(sees Anu in thinking posture)…
Dev:”mm..Angrybird Angel?”..
Anu(big fake angry eyes)..
Dev touch his ears:”Sorryyy”..
“Come” (smile)..
Dev sit in one of the chairs…(actually in front of the home)..
Anu climb in Dev’s legs n sit on his laps…

Anu:”Why Teddie They didn’t Open?”..
Dev whistles with a smile…
The Sound of Door Open comes..
Anu sees Dev’s face with a smile…
A small boy(Varnaa) comes…out
He was surprised while seeing Dev…
He see Dev n Anu…
Dev’s left hand on Wooden Pillar n Right hand holding Anu…
Dev:”Varna..Hw R U?”…
Varna:”Fineee..Uncle”(his voice stuck with little fear)..(smile)
(In his mind):”Dad is Right..He seems too Stylish”…
Dev stands n holds Anu’s hands n starts walking…

The door is fully open..
Dev n Anu step inside..The home looks like 3floor Building..Full of Books,Playing Toys…
Dev starts walking stairs for 2nd floor..
Anu jumps one step to third step..
Anu(smile)n walks in normal…

In second floor,A Room..
Varna opens the room’s door n “Dad”…
Dev fully opens the door n enters the Room..
Dev:” What is going on here?”
Dev’s friend Shiv n Students see Dev surprisingly..
Students(surprise):”Dev”(All stands)

Dev signs them to sit…
All sit…

Dev:”Hw r U Shiv?”
Shiv sees Dev in speechless mode n hugs him..
Dev makes him calm…
Shiv:”Hw r U Dev???”…
(In Shiv’s mind):”FlashBack:Dev’s voice “I ll give my magic to save my Sona”…

Dev:” I m Fine,Dude”….
Dev n Shiv feels someone is very near between them…
They turns n see …
Anu sees them by standing in Desk…
All the students smiles…
Shiv(By seeing Dev):”Anu?!”…
Dev nods his head”S”…
Shiv touch Anu’s head softly as a bless…
Dev:”Shiv..Just come out..”..
“Varna..Keep Anu safe”…

Varna:” K Uncle”..
Dev n Shiv goes out..
All the students come near Anu..
Anu sits in the bench..
A little girl:”My name Sara..Ur name ?”…
All students(chorus):”Did Dev show spl magic in home too?”..
Anu thinks..
Her fingers on lips…
Anu nods her head “No…”..

At the same time,Dev n Shiv enters the room..
Shiv:” If U wish to see That page,U must have magic”…
Dev (think) his words”I give my magic to save my Sona”….

Anu:”Teddie..U do magic?”..
Dev sees the students(actually magic students)..n said “U r my Only magic,Angel” …
Anu comes near Dev n hugs him in his leg…
In Dev’s mind”I didn’t want to see 5th page”

Dev stands without a move….His hand opens n A Hairpin is present in it

Barking Sound of a Dog comes out…
Anu runs out n see the dog
On next,Dev reads The 5th page …
Tanqq frndzz…A redefn of Epi5..
Kindly write ur thoughts after readingg..Tanqq frndzz..Take Care..Tanqq frndzz..


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  1. Awesome episode dear. Plzz post the next episode soon.

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Princess..Sureee..Strting to write..

  2. Hey!
    Wonderful episode!
    Loved it! And, this one was simpler than the previous one as well!
    Post soon!
    Take care!

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Anshita..Sure..5th Epi’s modif is going to make the 6th Epi stronger..Take Care Sis…

  3. Manya

    Post soon❤️

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Ayushi..Suree..Mrng comes with 6th Epi..

  4. Rockzzzzzz

    U r way of writing has improved a lot…..now i am able to understand much better?…..keep it up….post the next part soon?

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Pari..Epi is in progress now…..!!

  5. Fantastic!!!!! It was really simple &understanding.
    I feel that u r now improved ??????…….
    Plz post ASAP!!!!

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Nikki..Sureee..MrngOpen as always!!!

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