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“Ishqq..I make tat Crazy”A Thief(Dev) n his kiss..Flute play of “DhoomMachale”….(EpiTitle)
Dev,Sona,Anu(DevShi’s child),Jaan,Shiv,Mio the cat r readingg the story…Devshi tried to save her daughter..By reading a Story for a Clue of Safe..

Dev(see Sona,Anu):”The story said”A DemiCreator like Thief “You” is trying to stole 5 pages(seeing the pages) of life..from a Magic Woman “Yaara””(Sharp Eyes)…
Anu n Jaan(bigEyes) see DevShi..Shiv sees Dev…

Sona(Something strikes in mind):”Flute..”..She stands n walk towards their room..
In Room,
Sona touch the flute…n smiles..
A Breeze of Luv on Air….

“DancingJodi”(RabNeBDJ) humming on bg…
She starts playing..

N walking towards the hall…
(!!Someone too Strts listening in the Hall Bt invisible)..
Anu turns n see Sona by her big Eyes…
“Mamma”..n runs towards her..n stands near her..
Jaan,Dev surprisingly sees Sona with a flute…

Shiv:”Dev..”!!(sees Dev)
Dev:”Shiv..After a Long time..Sona with a flute..She seems like that “Yaara”..

A mesmerising Flute play by Sona..
From the Dining Table,In a fraction of Sec,A knife rise above n goes towards Anu’s neck..Bt none unable to see..

DevShi,Shiv,Jaan,Mio shock…While DevShi try to stop the Knife,The Knife goes so close to Anu’s neck..
Anu:”Mamma”(fear )
Dev:”Anu..Sonaaa.. Don’t move”…Shiv try to stop the knife by his magic..It fails..
Sona (feels something) plays the flute again…
The knife jerk back (moves little far) from Anu’s neck…
Another flute play magically appears from Sona’s flute..
Sona drops the flute by Shock…
N see Dev..
Jaan,Mio hides behind Dev…

The flute going to drop..Sona n Dev’s eyes sharp seeing Flute..It looks like Someone stops from fall…
The knife moves back n A hand magically appears (actually controlling knife..) N catches the knife..

The Secret of the Hand slowly appears out..
The Vintage Style Hand make the knife rise above ..Magically The Thief You’s face (from the Story) appears..None other than (“You”-Dev) with a moustache n a French beard..,Long Hair..
He kisses the Knife..DevShi,Shiv,Anu,Jaan shock while hearing the sound of Kiss loud..
Dev Sees The Thief..
Knife on One Hand,Flute on Another..
He too sees Dev..n whistles..like a Cuckoo..
The Cuckoo from the wallclock comes out..DevShi sees tat..Bt the clock didn’t ring for One Hour..
The Thief spins the flute As one cycle..
The flute turns To the Bone flute..
The Thief:”Welcome Vulture!!”..(seeing Flute)..
Sees Anu.. n said” Tiz is not ur fault..U misunderstood n cursed me”..
Dev,Shiv n Sona see Anu n searching..
Jaan see Them from Dev’s behind..
The Thief plays the Flute…
Dev(think):”Who is She?!!”(seeing Near Anu)..
Sona:”Is She Yaara?”..
Near Anu,Yaara (from Story-Sona) is standing n see Anu only..
Dev feels some changes in the pages he hold..
He sees the Pages of Life..

In 5th page,…
“How R U,My child?Don’t Worry,I help U to overcome The Curse from Ur MMMa?”..
Dev’s hand drop the page..
Sona moves towards Dev with Anu n see Them from Dev’s behind..
DevShi,Sona,Jaan,Anu see Them Thief..Yaara sees Sona n smile..
Sona:”Teddie..They look like Us!!”..(big eyes,murmur)
Dev:”I think,We only look like Them”..
Thief smile..
While smiling,Thief You n Magic Woman Yaara disappears…
The Knife n the Flute falls on ground..

Dev goes near the Flute n sees that…
The flute is made up of Bone..
One of the World Biggest museums..
The news spread like a fire..
“World’s 1st musical instrument is missing”…

You sees Dev invisibly..Yaara too..
Yaara (think):”When ‘ll U stop tiz Robbing thing?”..
You(see Yaara)(smile):”Mm..I m not..A new Partner Comes..(seeing Dev)..
Dev fingers circles Flute..
Anu,Jaan,Shiv,Sona,Mio circles Dev n see the Flute..

Dev Sees Mio sharply…
Sona sees Dev..Anu too..
Anu:”Mamma.. Teddie looks like Tat thief”..
Dev:”Hahaha”(FakeEvil laugh)”I m Ready to Stole U,My Cutie”…
Anu n Jaan laughs..
Shiv sees Dev..with a smile..
Dev smiles..


Hi Frndzz,Hope U Enjoy the Tale..mm..In the Last Epis,it takes so much time..Unable to write..Tatsy.. Sorryy Frndzz..Tanqq frndzz for Supportinggg…A gang is going to see A House of Gangsters in the Coming New Tale…Tanqq Frndzz.. Take Care…

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