5th Page Coming Soon – 001 (KRPKAB)


…The Jingle Cartoon…

Sona:” Anu..??U made Teddie a bad child”(seeing Teddie(Dev) with Fake angry)..
Anu’s fingers in her lips(Seeing Sona with her big eyes)…

Characters:Anu-DevShi’s child,DevShi,Mio-Cat n The Crow..

Anu-Cute Child of DevShi…
Anu-PinkTSh,JeanShorts,LightGreen Bangles,A small curved black moon between her eyebrows like her Mamma,Sona…

In Anu’s EyeLight,…
Sona-Like Anu,The Same Cute black moon n WhiteTSh,Pinkish Frock,Mixture of Yellow n Pinkish Bangles with Painting Brush…on right hand..

Anu:”Mamma..Shh..”(showing her little finger on lips)…
Anu:”My friend goes to home if U speak loud,Mamma”..
Sona turns n see Dev…
Starting music of “Guzarish”-Ghajini on BG..
Dev-RedTSh,JeanShorts,LongHair,French Beard…
With Anu’s Frnd,Mio(cat)..
Dev n Mio on Sofa…

In TV,The Lion Opens his mouth(TradeMark Tom n Jerry OpenSecond)…
Dev(without seeing Back):” Angel..R U coming to See Tom n Jerry with Mio or not”….Mio(cat)(turns n see Anu):”Meow” n starts watching TV..
Dev starts watching Tom n Jerry Seriously…(Its Smileyy)
Anu sees Sona n Dev…
Anu:(slow voice):”Teddie!!Mamma..”

Sona:”Dev??”(big eyes)
Mio sees Sona n runs towards Anu n hides behind her..
Dev turns n see Sona n Anu…

Dev(thinks):”Y Anu looks like She is in Fear?”..
N see Sona…like a child..Sona sees Dev(big Eyes)

In TV,Jerry make Attack on Tom’s face….
Dev’s fingers r automatically trying to Switch off TV…
BT Channel changes..
Anu starts laughing..
Sona sees her..Anu again put her fingers on little lips..

Sona:”Dev..Why U r sitting on the compound wall..?”(her face seems Caring with FakeAngry)…(see the LongHeightWall)
Dev:”For meeting Anu’s Frnd,Senorita”…(smile)..
Sona:”Tat crow”(show the Crow near Door..The Crow is eating food)..
Sona:”U r not 5 like Anu,Dev..U r my..”

Dev:”I m Ur…”…(smile)
Sona:”Crow”(changing talk n smile)..
(Again):”U r not Anu,Dev..”(smile)…..

Dev(reminsc. Sona’s saying):”U r not Anu,Dev..”

Dev:”Yurekaa..I m now Archimedes”(smiles)..
Taking 4papers from a locket..
Anu comes towards n see Dev…

Dev(thinks):”I hav 4 pages now..”..
Seeing 4th page….
In the page word “TheSuspense” is seen…
“The Surprise ll come Today”..
Anu:” Teddie!!”
Dev holds,Anu’s little fingers n said”Dance with Me,Nilave(Moon)” n make Anu spin..Anu smiles..
Mio(cat) too circles Anu..
In Dev’s eyes,The wall clock time Shows….

Dev:” Cutie..When Ur Frndzz r coming?”…
Dev(thinks):”5th page is coming as a Surprise to me..Welcome”……

To be Continued…..

(On next..)
What secret about these pages,The news of the Pages,Is tiz Dev’s surprise…?All r on Soon in the next..
A small boy gives a paper to Dev..
Dev thinks “Is it 5th page?”….
Sona kisses the Left Thumb finger of Dev..n smiles..
Dev sees Sona with smile of him n pink paint on nose too…

Hope U like Tiz frndzz..n I think the Epi is Simple..Kindly write ur thoughts after readingg frndzz..If U feel the Epi is complex,Feel free to Say..Tanqq Frndzz..

Don’t miss the previous intro.. Anu,Dev with Jump,Sona with painting….

Take Care Frndzz…

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  1. Awesome episode dear

  2. Manya


    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq Ayushi!!..

  3. Rj12

    Awesome episode ??

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanq RJ!!..

      1. Rj12

        U can call me Rithika

      2. HarSHaN

        Sure Rithika..

  4. Rockzzzzzz

    Umm..well i am still feeling that this episode is complex….try making it more easier understanding na plz

    1. HarSHaN

      Sorry Pari..Sure!I lll modify in the next..

  5. Hey!
    The episode was great!
    Infact, I think you’re writing has been improving day by day!
    I’m quite impressed!??
    Besides, do post soon!
    Take care!

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Anshita!!S..It comes in learning..Writing comes maybe by ARR songs?!Sure..The next ll be On Soon..

  6. Samaaaaaa?????……! It was AWSMMMMMMMMMM….

    1. HarSHaN

      Tanqq Nikki!!!Sorryyyy..Surely I ll write 9th Epi Soon…Plz accept my apology..I was thinking about the Story “CuteMagic” a few mins before..I failed Once by giving promise to our frnd Aaru in “Where is ur DeVShi?”.. I was really unable to wrote at that time..I wish to say my mistake..I ll change that…I stuck in recreating new story..It made me crossing 1week..

  7. Nze song! Samaaaaaa????………

    1. HarSHaN

      S!!It is..

  8. Okkkkkkk! I’m waiting for your nw creatn .???……

    1. HarSHaN

      S!!U see tat new one actually on above..

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