50 shades of Kaanchi -part 2

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Last time Kaanchi met each other for the first time and now it`s the next day and Saanchi wakes Pragya up…

Saanchi: Come on Pragya get up! we will come late again!

Pragya: Just one minute ! please..

Saanchi takes her blanket and after lot of effort pragya got up. Isha was still ill, so she stayed home.

Pragya and Saanchi ate breakfast and prepared the meals for isha, so she doesn`t have to work too much.

Then they went to SDCH. They first had a lecture and on the afternoon they had to do basic patient checkups. Pragya had a different ward to look after, so they wanted to meet in the evening to go back home together.


So Saanchi was on her way to the children`s ward. She was in deep thoughts, as she was reading the patient files, when someone almost knocked her down. But that man held her and when she looked up she saw Dr. Kabir….   He was mesmerized by her eyes, and she was sort of electrified and shocked to see him.

He helped her up and knelt down with her to collect the papers which fell down.

Saanchi wasn`t sure if she should ignore him or not.. She didn`t have the courage to look into Kabir`s eyes and looked down.

Suddenly as they were about to go into different direction, kabir held her hand.

Kabir: Hi ! We met yesterday..

Saanchi: Yes .. (looked down… and up.. and it was quite visible that she was nervous):What are you doing at a hospital?

Kabir: Oh I am just clearing some deals.

Saanchi: Oh oke. Then bye. I have to go to the children ward.

Kabir: Are you free in the evening? Or do you have a break in the afternoon? We could meet up for a coffee. I know a good coffeeshop nearby..

Saanchi: Erm,…. I  … I don`t know..  ( then she felt that intense stare of Kabir ) But yes sure why not 🙂

Kabir: Great: Then at 5 pm. 😉

Saanchi: Oke.

Time passes and Saanchi was checking the kids. She cheered many kids up and was very relaxed until she looked at her watch .. She only had 5min to 5pm….

That was when Dr. Raghav came to check if she was doing everything alright.

Every junior doctor had one senior doctor as a supervisor…. Pragya`s senior was Veer and Saanchi`s senior Raghav.

Raghav is handsome and very nice to Saanchi but he had evil feelings towards her, just like he had to every fellow student before her. He is known to be a casanova.

Raghav: Hello Dr. Saanchi… How are you doing? Is everything fine?

Saanchi: Yes I am.. (feels a bit awkard, as she knows the rumors about him)

Raghav: So if you are finished we could go out 😉 We could discuss your marks and i can give you tips for getting better.

Saanchi: Oh but Dr. Raghav, .. I am really sorry, but I can`t… (she looks on her watch again and it was only one minute to go…)

Raghav (saw her looking on her watch ): Oh I see. You already have a date?

Saanchi: No ! I am just going to meet someone . That`s all.

Raghav: I am very sorry but you have to check the data in the record room. NOW!

Saanchi: But I have a half hour break now !

Raghav: But this is your duty! Otherwise I have to reduce your internship marks at the end.

Saanchi went out and was really exhausted… She had to go to the record room , but she cannot let kabir wait. She was too afraid to let him wait..

She prayed that she would meet Kabir on the way to the record room , so she can tell him.

But she didn`t see him and went straight to the record room.

After controlling some records, she looked at her watch… it was already half past 5 and she knew that kabir must be angry on her by now. She tried to forget about him but soon she heard a door knock and someone walked in. It was really Kabir.

Saanchi turned around and was so shocked that she fell off the chair, on which she was standing. She directly fell into is arms and they shared an eyelock.

When they stood face to face Saanchi started to say : I am sorry, but…

But Kabir interrupted her: It`s okay! I know everything.

Saanchi: What?

Kabir: I know everything which happened.

Saanchi: But how? And what do you know?

Kabir: God Saanchi! I am the new head of this hospital now! So obviously I have to know everything! Dr. Raghav sent you to record room! He doesn`t me yet but he told me why he sent you here:


Kabir: Hello Dr. Raghav, I am Dr. kabir..

Raghav: Ohhh  hello! We are very proud to have you as our new head doctor. You are such an experienced doctor! Any problems Dr. kabir?

Kabir: I just wanted to be sure if everyone is alright.. I heard you also supervise a student..

Raghav: Oh yes .. Saanchi Mishra. A brilliant student.

Kabir: And where is she now?

Raghav: I sent her to record room..

Kabir: isn`t it breaktime now?

Raghav: Oh yes; but you know i thought she was a bit distracted by her social life and so on….

Kabir: Why?

Raghav: She said she a had a date in the break.. but the work wasn`t done yet. Thats why

Kabir: Ahh okay.. (was a angry on raghav….)

End of flashback

Saanchi: Wait you are what? New head of this hospital?

Kabir (smiled slightly): Yes why not? I bought the hospital yesterday, as the financial status wasn`t very high and I just wanted to help…

Saanchi: You`re sure?

Kabir: Yes….

Saanchi: Oke so what are we going to do now? I have to still control some records..and ..

Kabir puts his hand on her lips. They both looked in each other`s eyes. He came near her ears and put her hairs with his other hand back.

Kabir slowly whispered: Calm down Saanchi ! If not now, we can also  meet later. What about 8 pm?

Saanchi: just looked in his eyes.

Kabir took his hand back and saw her chewing her lips.

He couldn`t resist and pressed his lips on hers. First saanchi was shocked, but the she closed her eyes and let him kiss her. After a while when they both quit the kiss , as they were short of air, saanchi looked into his eyes and her cheeks turned red.

He said: I heard your work end at 8 pm..

Saanchi: Yes …

Kabir: See you later 🙂

Saanchi:(still shocked ) : Oke

Then Kabir went away. …

Saanchi thinks: My first kiss….. I can`t believe it.. But how can he say see you later? We didn`t say where we are going…

Kabir went back to his big office at christina college.

he thinks: I have made out with numerous girls… What is so different about her? She looks okay and average… (he thinks one sec).. no she is beautiful… in fact i can`t let my eyes off her… And why does she chew her lips? It drives me crazy!

Precap: Both go to dinner together… more about Veer and Pragya…. Raghav sees Kabir and Saanchi together…  

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