50 shades of Kaanchi -part 1

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Isha, Saanchi and Pragya wake up on a monday morning. As Saanchi and Pragya don`t have any lectures that day, they wanted to sleep more, but they could sense that Isha is not well at all. She has fever, so they both used all their medical knowledge and annoyed her…

Saanchi: So pragya if someone has fever what kind of diseases could that be?

Pragya: It could be malaria, dengue, ….. inflammation, …. (counts endless diseases)

Isha: Guys please! I hate u!

But then saanchi gave her some tablets and some minutes later isha stood up quickly. As she felt dizzy she quickly sat down and sighed:

Isha: Oh my goood… I have this interview with that big dr.kabir kapoor. I totally forgot… If I don`t go I can`t write my bachelor thesis…. What I am going to do???? After a lot of struggle i got that interview. Pls Saanchiiii you have to go there! The question sheets are on my desk… Pls!!!

Saanchi: I don`t have an excuse not to go… So I think I have to… But you know I am really scared of any type of meetings with these big people…

Isha: Thank you dear!! don`t worry you`ll do that. Just record what he has to say. Love u.

So Saanchi was wearing a dark blue simple salwar suit and matching bangles. She went to Christina college and hospital with ishas papers and as soon as she stepped in she felt really uncomfortable. The people present there were looking very rich and she felt so wrong there. At the reception she told Ishas name and she was lead to the top floor of that min. 100 floor building.

She waited on the couch and read the name on the door : Dr. Kabir Kapoor – Head Doctor and Financial Head of Christina College and Hospital

Alone the board was so long that saanchi was scared of that guy…

Soon she was called in. As she walked through the door she didn`t see a step and fell down. She saw up and saw Kabir starin down. He looked kind of mysterious….

She quickly  stood up and she felt his eyes starin at her on every inch of her body…

Kabir gave her hand: hi, Kabir Kapoor

Saanchi:shook his hand( and thought: what a big hand… he is holding mine to tight…):  Hi, Saanchi Mishra

Kabir looked at her surprised: I expected one Miss Isha

Saanchi: She is my friend… But she fell ill so i came for her.

Kabir looked at saanchi intensely and then asked her to sit.

Kabir waited for to start the interview, but Saanchi was a bit slow taking the question sheet and recorder out of her bag, as she had a weird feeling when he looks at her.

Finally she started: After some general questions, she read the next one

Saanchi:  Are you gay? (she coughs) Ohh sry but i didn`t write the questions…

Kabir:(amused by her reaction): No I am not

Saanchi: What are your hobbies?

Kabir: No hobbies as such. But I like working out.

Saanchi: Do you…

Kabir: One sec. Tell me something about yourself.

Saanchi: What .. I mean what do you want to know?

Kabir: What are you doing? Where are you studying?

Saanchi: I am a medical student at Savitri devi college and hospital.

Kabir: Ah thats great… (thinks something for a moment)

Then he looks at her intensely… Saanchi was attracted but also frightened at the same time and started biting her lips.

Kabir looked at  her lips and couldn`t take of his eyes, until his secretary came.

Secretary: Dr. Kabir you have an appointment in 5 minutes on floor 5

Kabir: I am coming.

Saanchi: So I think I will go now.

Kabir took her hands quickly but then he realised and let her hand go. He accompanied her to the elevator.

The elevator was about to close and both of them were looking each other.

Kabir: Saanchi

Saanchi: Kabir?

Then the door was closed and kabir went back to his office.

He thought of her the whole evening… And he prepared some important deals. At 8 pm he get the confirmation call that the last thing he wanted to buy is already in his name now…

He had a slightly evil smile on his face and went to sleep.

Saanchi also was very silent that day … she didn`t know what to think of Kabir…. Why is he soo mysterious? Why does he look so damn good? Why does she shiver when he looks at her? What is going on?

Precap: Saanchi and Pragya go to SDCH. Kabir and Saanchi run into each other. What did Kabir buy this evening? 


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