5 ppl, 1 danger (episode 1)

Hai friends…after a long time i m writing this ff..Actually this is not a fiction bt a real story which is of love and horror..I wish u guyz support me for this story..trust me this ff will be interesting as its based on real incidents..

Ok at first i will introduce the characters in my story..

Raman bhalla

Arnav singh raizada

Ishita iyer

Khushi kumari gupta

Shagun aurora

Guys at present there are only few characters in this story and they dont have any relation with one other initially.

For now i will give a brief introduction. The story begins with a girl sitting in railway station. She remembers some incidents and starts crying. A man observes her.

Other side,
A beautiful girl makes a call its ishita. She calls raman. Raman picks the call and asks did you find her?
Ishu says no just now we searched her in bus stand but she is not there.
Raman ; ok i m on the way to railway station. U just go to room as its already late.
Ishita; no no we too will come there. Raman; ok and cuts the call.

Ishita places her hand on guy’s shoulder. Its arnav. She asks him not to worry as they will find her at any cost. Arnav nods.

On railway station
Man goes Near the girl and asks what happened? Why are you crying? Treat me like your bro and feel free to share with me. She even cries more. He tries to console her but in vain. She wipes her tears then he again asks what’s your problem? She says myself a big problem to people like u and grab his neck..

Guys there will be some fictious scenes too in this story and i hope u like this story. If so pls do comment and share ur views with me else i dont know whether to continue this story or not. If i get enough comments i will write next episode or else i will stop it here. And my next update will be on sunday. Pls do support me and i m not so good at english pls bear it. I will be waiting for ur comments. Bye

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  1. Nice dear continue

  2. nice concept it will interesting to read further

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