Hey guys ….its dolly back here ….I was literally shocked seeing yesterdays response seriously ….it has reached 100 in comments ,..I am very glad to know that ….thanks for the huge response guys …it means a lot …..
I was literally nervous as some of u will not know the meaning and was hitting this Alia ….but at last she was paid off …thanks for her also

So here is the story ,
========================1 YEAR LEAP========================

Present ,
Dp : is Swara coming today
Ap : she said …she will come in evening …
Dp : u do one thing …we all will go there and bring the both here and let them stay here still Swara gives birth to baby OK .
Ap smiles and nods ,..
Laksh : we all r ready to leave …
Dp : we didn’t even say it to u …how come
Laksh : papa while speaking to me in phone only u said mom na …he ha ha (laughs)
Dp : OK OK ..became old na mind is not working …
Ap : only he became old ..I am still young only
Laksh gives a naughty expressions
Laksh : ma …y don’t divorce him and marry some other handsome boy like me …
Dp (fake angry ) : Laksh flirting with own mom …
Laksh : how can I ….when a barrier like u in in front ….
(Laksh runs )
Dp smiles : mad boy ..became a father but still thinking young …
Ap : not only him ..even ragini ..I don’t know how Alisha will manage these both idiots …
(Ap & Dp laughs)
Manik comes .
Manik : badi ma , bade papa come let’s leave …
Dp : now who said to u …
Manik : Laksh bhai ….
Ap smiles : OK come let’s leave ….
@swasan mansion
sanskar was in kitchen making some juice and talking in phone .
Sanskar : hmm yw submit that file to conference …not that khanna file OK
Pa : OK sir ..
Sanskar : OK then bye
Pa : sir when will u come to office sir ..
Sanskar : hmmmm …after Swara delivery only ..
Pa smiles
Pa : how is mam Sir ?
Sanskar : hmm she is (he stops )
Sanskar shouts : oh my god !
Pa : what happened sir ……
Sanskar : oh god she is bathing ….Swara Swara (he shouts)
Sanskar : I will talk to u later …he hangs up .
Sanskar rushes to room and bangs on the washroom door
Sanskar : Swara …Swara …come out (he hears some splashing sound )
Swara from inside
Swara : no way sanskar not today !
Sanskar : I beg u come outside ….plz plz …
Swara laughs : no …ha ha h
Sanskar : Swara don’t play with water come outside now doctor said u will catch cold ..and this period is very important …
(Guys Swara is playing with water not bathing ….ha ha ha lol sanskar )
Swara : sanskar let me play na …what’s gonna happen …baby is safe ..
Sanskar : I know baby is safe but about u ….u come outside or else I will break this door and come inside …
Swara : OK OK I am coming ….
Sanskar : stop the water …..
Swara : OK ….
Swara comes outside
While coming ..the water was there in the entrance and it slips her ..
Swara : ahhhh ….sanskarrrrrrrrr !
But in nick of time sanskar catches her …..
Sanskar (worried) : r u alright Swara ….Swara ..
Swara stands up and holds her stomach .
Swara (puzzled) : hmm,…haa ok
Sanskar : I said na……don’t do these stunts ….plz Swara …
Swara wipes sanskar tears
Swara : I won’t do …I swear …
Sanskar smiles ..and kisses her forehead..
Sanskar ; OK now come …its ur juice time
Swara (frustrated ) : yuckkk !!!
Sanskar : no yuck nothing u should drink it and that’s it OK …..
Swara : no no ….
Sanskar : if u drink this ….I will give u whatever u ask …
Swara smiles
Swara : really
Sanskar : hmm yes …..
Swara : then OK ….
Sanskar smiles and thinks she is impossible …
Sanskar holds Swara and goes in stairs …
Swara : ufff sanskar I am not baby that u hold me going in stairs also …
Sanskar : u r not baby mummy but baby is in ur tummy mummy
Swara pouts …..
Sanskar makes her sit in sofa
Sanskar : u wait ..I will bring the juice ..OK …
Swara : OK .
Sanskar does to kitchen then the door bell rings …
Swara goes and opens it
“Surprise” they shout
Swara was surprised seeing everyone ….
Swara : come in …
Everyone comes ji and sits on the sofa
Ap : how are u Swara
Swara ; I am fine ma …
Laksh : ma what silly question u r asking ….when sanskar is here no need to fear …
Everyone laughs …
Ragini : by the way where is sanskar …..
At that time sanskar comes with juice in his hand ….
Everyone smiles seeing him …
Sanskar was surprised seeing them
Manik and Laksh bursts out laughing
Laksh : ha ha ha sanskar my sister made u ..servant huh ….
Sanskar : no no actually
Ragini : instead of smiling learn from them laksh …u down tdo anything like that to me ..how mean …
Manik : see now u r gone ….super bhabhi ..
Manik and ragini gives HiFi ….
Sanskar : array bhabhi ka baccha ..one day u will also get wife then we will see who is laughing at whom …
Everyone laughs ….
Dp : sanskar u gave super idea ..
Sanskar : what dad …
Dp : array even manik is getting old ….what about his marriage …
Everyone looks at him
Manik : why r u all looking at me …
Arjun : haan ….if u would give permission to us ….we will proceed .
Manik blushes ..
Laksh : oh oh some one is blushing …ha ha na
Everyone laughs …
Sanskar gives Swara the juice …and signs her to drink …..
Lisha : see while we r laughing here …a romantic movie is going there ….
Swasan feels embarressed and Swara blushes ….
Everyone again laughs
Arjun : why r teasing my daughter and son huh
Swara : correct dad …
Both gives hifi ..
Dp pouts
Dp : me …
Swara gives HiFi to him also …..
Lisha : OK OK now manik matter ….do u love anyone ..
Manik nods no …
Laksh : wow ….I guess he is very good boy huh !
Lisha : of course everyone cannot be like u Laksh ….
Everyone laughs ….
Swara : mom I have an idea …why can’t we think of uttara .
Sanskar : hmm ya even uttara is also correct age ….(here rp and Dp are friends not brothers …Adharsh is rp son)
Arjun : uttara ? Who is she
Ap : vo …Dp friend daughter …..
Lisha : OK then ….u talk with him then we will consult …..what do u say …
Ragini : haan correct ma ….u know what she is very good girl ……she was calling me and Swara bhabhi only …..
Lisha : accha …then OK when my daughter in law says ….consult it ..
Both hugs ….
Sanskar : wait a sec guys …we will first ask about manik …
Everyone looks at him …manik was blushing …..like hell
Manik : what is your wish that is mine ……
Everyone laughs ….
Arjun : then OK …..
Ap : hmm Swara we came here to take u both to mm
Swasan : y ?
Dp : array if u both will stay alone here ….of some problem comes ..and sanskar u can’t be with always ..if she comes there ragini is there , manik will be there only …..ap ….more are there so
Sanskar : ya u r correct dad ..what Swara ..
Swara : OK ….
Lisha : kk then let’s all leave ….
Laksh : OK …
Swara : one second…….
Sanskar : we will pack and come u all go
Laksh : romancing time ……
Everyone laughs …
Ragini : shameless ….
All nods and leaves ….
Swara : OK sanskar I will packs and come ….
Sanskar : hello …hello …..no u r not gonna pack ..I will pack OK …u just sit …
Swara : sanskar ….
Sanskar : Swara
Swara ; sanskar
Sanskar : baby ……..
Swara : okk …..
Sanskar smiles ……but before going ….
Swara hugs sanskar ….
Sanskar : Swara
Swara : hmm
Sanskar : r u alright …..
Swara looks at him …
Swara : why I can’t hug my husband …..do I need any permission …
Sanskar : no ….dear …u just …hugged me suddenly so
Swara : thank u for coming in my life sanskar ..(she has tears)
Sanskar : Swara r u alright ….(he wipes her tears)
Swara : ya I am alright …..I don’t know I just got emotional …..(she wipes his tears)
Swara : why r u crying …
Sanskar : when I saw tears in ur eyes ….automatically mine started ….
Swara smiles and hugs him ….
Swara : love u sanskar ….
Sanskar : love u too ……princess …
Swara : how mean …only princess not me …(he refers the baby as princess)
Sanskar : OK OK …love u too Swara …
She again hugs him …….

Precap : manik engagement , sanskar care for Swara , all masti

I know this episode is boring …..as I really don’t know what to write …..as I was going to end this in next episode but an idea popped so ..I am just dragging it …sorry for that …..
Plz bear me …..next one will be also family fun but more masti ……sorry for the boring episode .

Sorry for wasting ur precious time ,
With love ,

Credit to: Dolly

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    1. Ya open up what do u want to say dear ….u are free to say dear …come on say me my all ears are open …
      I am glad that u feel I am not dragging …
      Thanks for the comment dear

      1. dolly… u had some mystery in the intro os the story and chp. 1……that a kid has magical powers and also a girl committed suicide….and there was a vampire like man in hospital during the birth of children saying that they will not unite….. just wanted to confirm as your main track was on magic and mystery…but now it has lost its original track soo….
        dont take me wrong but i was just reminding u about it and asking my doubt from u
        otherwise a nice episode today with a good and humorous family time…….and an intense romance between swasan in last chapter….it was seriously hot, sizziling and a kind of erotic but a good one…….wish her a “good job done!!” to alia for the intense part done by her…..and dont beat her for that….. 😉

      2. What I wanna say is plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t say
        *sorry for wasting your precious time* at last…..
        U know we enjoy alot reading ur ff and somehow I felt it to be not bad but am upset over it…….
        Just felt like sharing
        “Sorry if I hurt u by saying this”

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    1. Thanks sissy ….I like u calling me kiddo ..keel the name itself …
      My fb I’d is dolly gupta . I have the same profile as telly updates profile pic


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      1. Alia! ? ? OK I admit I am ???
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        Thanks for liking my ff! It means a lot! I am laughing out ? loud! Thinking about What you said about me!
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