4 Special Upcoming Stories Of Naamkaran <3

4 Special Upcoming Stories Of Naamkaran
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Neil doubts Amol’s hand behind, dangerous smoke bomb attack on Avni

The upcoming story of naamkaran will entertain you with some suspense. Amol will not spare Avni at all, since he hates her for insulting him and telling him off. He throws smoke bomb at Avni’s house, so she can die with suffocation. Of course, Neil saves Avni. So people don’t worry, Avni is safe. Neil thinks that Amol can only do this, since he hates her. Neil turns suspicious towards Amol. Neil thinks that if he comes to know that Amol has done all this then he will not leave him.

Neil rescues Avni from Riya’s killer plan

Neil has broken his marriage alliance with Riya, confessing that he loves Avni. Riya loves Neil and wants to marry him at any cost. She gets really furious when Neil breaks the marriage. Riya vows to ruin Avni, so that Riya would get her love, Neil back. She decides to get revenge on her. Then she makes a killer plan against Avni so that she can teach her a lesson, for snatching her love and to remove, hurdle in her love story. But Neil will rescue Avni from her killer plan and he will not let anything happen to Avni.

Ali endangers his life for saving Avni from Dayawanti’s dangerous attack.

Dayawanti comes to know that Ananya is none other than her granddaughter Avni. As soon as she finds this out, she plans something against her. For the mean time, Dayawanti pretends that she doesn’t know anything. Dayawanti has come up with a plan, but Ali would fail her plan, successfully saving Avni. Ali puts his life in danger saving Avni, Dayawanti gets irked.

Ali turns the biggest hurdle in Avniel’s love story

Ali discovers about Neil having feelings for Avni. He also knows that he will confess his feelings for her. Ali gets jealous seeing Neil and Avni together because he loves Avni. Ali decides that he will not let Neil confess his love for her. Basically, Ali has to turn into the biggest hurdle in Avniel’s love story. He will try to separate them.

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