The 4 am phone call || Chapter 6 || EDKV

Last episode guys, here it goes..!

Note: ‘oh did I say Shravan’s? No no.. the calls were from my house’ says Sumo

Soory, my autocorrect messes up at times!

-Chapter 5-
-The Truth-

I was in my home,  which I had to clear out by tmr. I had found no house yet, I was gonna be homeless, I am already jobless.

I was sleeping when someone knocked my door. Who could it be? I opened it to find Shravan standing there.. what was he doing here?

‘You had left….right?’

‘Yes, because I was mad at you! Not because I stopped loving you!!’


‘Suman, Sumo does not exist, you have to get that!’

‘Shravan.. what do ya mean?’

‘Forget it, it’ll take time.. come, pack up.. we’re moving to my house’

I did not know what was happening, Sumo’s calls stopped after a few weeks. They came to my room’s landline only..

A few days passed, and everything changed.. I forgot about her.. everything was normal.. we used to work in office together, and then stay at home.. I guess ot all changed after my visit’s to a doctor.. Shravan talked to him most of the time, and I still don’t remember what?

———-Shravan’s POV———
Im so glad I have my Suman back.. oh about Sumo? Well, Sumo never existed.. I was travelling down a road, and saw a familiar lady in her mid 40’s. She was in one of the pics at Suman’s room.. I ran up to her and talked to her about it..
Turns out,  my baby had split personality disorder, she always wanted a sister since she started talking.. her parent’s couldn’t help it, they weren’t ready for one. Even when they tried, they had a boy. Suman hated him, she always wanted a sister. One of her school friends started calling her Sumo.. She got into her world of imagination, imagining Sumo as her sister. She uses to play with her and everything. When she turned around 10, she got out of her dreams. Every night we used to hear her talking to Sumo.. but once she grew up, I guess she stopped talking to her. She started behaving like Sumo.. whenever they called her suman, she half the time responded and half the time she said, ‘No I’m Sumo’. Until once, she couldn’t imagine Sumo.. she started having panic attacks, thinking that where is Sumo.. to console her, they told her Sumo is dead. And she imagined a whole scenario that they were playing, and she slipped in the well.. she was disturbed after that.. she stayed indoors and then she left for Delhi.. they moved here for her. They’ve been with her, without her knowing.. they told me that they have seen her following her landlord, and shivani.

I was very upset knowing all this. I blamed her.. I went to her and took her to my home.. I loved her after all. I took her to the doctor’s and luckily, she is being treated and is being better..


Sumo’s POV —

Oh and did I tell you? We’re married now..

That’s all. I know this series was boring. Cliffhangers were quite good, but idk.. bleh! Andd.. do you want me to post more writings? Or for this to be the lasst? Your wish, after all!


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  1. Love_forever

    Post more writings?
    No, not at all!
    I swear I’ll kill ya if you ask this again!??
    Anyways, this ended pretty quick, plus the chapters were short, but never mind, i know what’s gonna come up soon!?
    Love ya?❤

    1. Nikita

      Baba.. I know.. chill. I won’t stop.. love ya!

  2. WeirdSister

    Oh wow..
    This was so different.. and an amazing concept..?
    Although.. I have read this kind of plot.. quite a few times.. I never expected it to be here..
    I have only one complain and that is.. you kept the chapters really short?..
    I mean.. it wasn’t necessary to just go along the original story.. you are such a creative writer.. you would have made the story even more amazing with your own inputs.. but I guess you are busy nowadays.. so it’s fine..?
    Loved the story..
    And well.. it’s upon you.. whether to continue or not..
    But i would just say..
    Keep writing..
    Love you loads?

    1. Nikita

      Thank you and sorry.. I know I could’ve.. I had one or two plots in mind, but I couldn’t think of the end.. sorry.. im really sorry.. I did not want to apologize to you.. I’ll keep writing .. love you too.. please don’t be mad ^_^

      1. WeirdSister

        No dear..
        Please don’t say sorry..
        You are a writer.. and you have that creative freedom.. so it’s upon you..
        As a reader.. I told my views.. there is nothing to be sorry for..
        I know… There must be some reason..And it’s totally fine…
        I just want you to keep writing.. that’s all?

  3. Hey Nikita I am really sorry for not commenting on previous episodes. Acchuly I had my exams that’s why. But I read all episodes of your ff.
    And they were good. I like the suspense.
    If you don’t want to drag this ff. So please write another one. You are such a great writer so keep writing dear. Don’t stop writing. That’s all.
    Hope you will continue writing.
    Loads of love and God bless you.
    Take care. Bye…
    See you soon.

    1. Nikita

      Its okay Reema.. and im really sorry.. love you too :)) thank you so much!

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    OMG only 6 chaps btw i love these kind of thrilling stories so i enjoyed it a lot it wasn’t boring at all woah so that was Suman’s imagination cool its quite different concept i loved it ?

    1. Nikita

      Thank you so much Joyee dii.. thankss.
      Love you tooo!

  5. The track of this story was so amazing dear. Amazing thought….Suman was mentally sick.
    This idea woes u thousand claps !!
    I’ll miss this story yaar.
    Write another plz.
    This episode is lit !!!

    1. Nikita

      Thousand claps? That’s too much.. anyways, thank you soo much Diyu.. I lovee youu ♥

    2. Nikita

      And please returns with your writing. Diyu, I miss them ♥

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