The 4 am phone call || Chapter 5 || EDKV

And when I woke up….. I could only faintly see my landlord standing there.
How did he enter? Forget that, why is he here?? Did I not pay him already?

‘Move out from my house by 12th’.. I checked the date. It was 10th..


‘Why? How? What? Nothing…! Stop thinking, you have done what you had to. Please leave!’

He joined his hands. He slammed the door and left. Me and Shravan’s pic fell down which was hung due to the sudden vibration of the door. It broke into pieces. I had a feeling that our relationship was broken into much miniature pieces which cannot be mended.  I lost all hope. Shravan leaving me, landlord asking me to leave, sumo leaving. Why do I always have to lose something. I couldn’t even cherish my and Shravan’s moments. It had hardly been a few weeks and all over. I loved him, is that not enough? And he always used to say that he never liked Shivani. He loved me. Then why this? Why?

Ok I agree it was a little of my fault.. but wait, technically it’s Sumo’s fault. I got a call. I checked the number, my boss’s. So now he’s gonna fire me..

I picked it up. He told me that I had to take a break from work. For a few weeks only though. I complied with his suggestion, I did need a break, badly. Most importantly, finding a home. Now toh Shravan’s home is off the list. Where will I live?

//You have done what you had to\\

Why’d he say that? What had I done? Wait a min, was it…….HER?

I ran to the nearest center, and told the person to check my calls.

I saw all those 4 am calls had been made..

I tried to listen to the last call made to my landlord.

It sounded like my voice, cursing him, complaining about the house, his looks and everything else. I was utterly shocked. ‘It wasn’t me!’ I screamed there and then.

‘Are you okay, Ma’am?’

I nodded silently. Until I noticed the place from where all those 4 am calls were made and the call from landlord was made.

It was Shravan’s home.


–Chapter 6–
–The Truth–

Last update: 15th April

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