3D (Dil, dosti, dushmani) Intro

hai guys i am excited to write this story.
if any spelling mistakes are there please excuse me.
i am divya i am writing a story of 2 best friends. from small age.
characters; ram(u can imagine sanskar of swaragini)
anu(ucan imagine avni of Tum Hi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi)
lukky(imagine lukky of swaragini)

episode will start with bike racing all bikes are in line. from back a voice will come that who will take the flag at the othere side they are only winners
the race will start and there is very much competetion with 2 bikes at last one will take the flag he is the winner he will stop the bike and take the helmet
he is ram.but while this he will get wound on his hand

on other side we will show the collage some one will call anu…….
turns the girl; come fast..
anu: comming 5 min
the girl; come fast..
anu: comming 5 min
anu: a ram bee hena ek din be samai mey nahi ata anaido usai
from gate ram will come runningly
ram ; sorry sorry sorry
anu ; why r u late
ram;because of u anu
anu; what?
ram: ha for u i went to temple
anu so sweet
she turns his ear and says saying lies

on other side we will show some boys are playing basket ball . one boy tipping the ball
back one boy shout lukky goal……..
lukky wear a goal then one boy says u are wear here goal means there ram wearing goal to your girlfriend
lukky love anu but anu not she and ram to dont no thast lukky love anu
lukky: see what i will do
he trows ball on ram bot unfotunately it will fall on anu
ram see who trowed the ball see lukky he will take anu to lukky
ram shows his finger to lukky than they both will start fight but
anu; guys please stop dont fighy ram and lukky leave this
than lukky will says slowly if u will say i will leave anything .
anu: hah
anu; ram lets go

anu caches ram hand were he got wound but he wont say anything

tankyou guys hope u like this you can give ur sugeetions and please give comments


Credit to: sai


  1. hey divya i thought am the only person who thumhi oh bhandhu saka thumi. nice one. but where is rags and swara. is sanjana and ajay is there in ur story

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