Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 25th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 25th October 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 25th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with jai talking to Dhara and giving her lift till the mandir. Dhara thanks him and says I will pray for your happiness that your every wish becomes true. Parul sees jai and says you here. He tells Parul that he met Dhara on the way and came to drop Dhara. Parul asks him to wait for some time as she will go home with her. jai says I will wait here, you go to mandir. Dhara talks to the Lord and offers bhog. The pandit praises Dhara infront of Parul. He says Dhara cleans the mandir. He says Dhara does not ask her something. Parul likes her. Lily asks Ansubaa why are you worried. Ansubaa says I can’t see Parul’s pain, we are unable to do anything for her.

She says Parul is bearing so much since six years. She says don’t know when

will she see jai happy. Dhara gives the prasad to Parul. Parul likes the prasad. She says my parents left me at an early age. Parul asks her to make Kheer for her. Dhara agrees. Parul says but you have to make it on our house. Dhara is puzzled. Parul says you have to do this daily, and help Ketki in the kitchen. She says come to our house as a cook. Dhara happily agrees. Ansubaa says send some girl who would bring happiness in jai’s life, and be his reason to smile. She says no one can replace Bhoomi but my heart says someone is there for jai, who is like Bhoomi.

jai asks Parul to come. Dhara says I will go and give him prasad. Parul says he won’t take the prasad. Dhara says I will explain him. Ansubaa says some qualities of the girl. Parul asks pandit ji to stop Dhara. as jai will get angry seeing the prasad. Dhara gives prasad to jai. Parul looks on. jai gives her Rs. 100. She says I did not come to take money. He says I don’t eat prasad. She says everyone eats it, you have to eat it. He says I told you I don’t eat prasad. Dhara insists. jai gets angry and gives her money. Parul tells pandit that jai is adamant. Dhara thinks if he is adamant, even I m adamant. She says I don’t want money, instead eat this prasad.

jai says what. She says money matters to me, not more than prasad. jai says you are strange. She says have this prasad, you have to eat it. She says if you still say no, then you have Aarvi’s oath. jai says listen to me, don’t give me Aarvi’s oath. He eats the prasad. Parul smiles seeing them.

Chandrika comes to know that Komal is not pregnant. Everyone are shocked. Chandrika is disappointed and says I thought the Daai will give a good news and I will celebrate sweets. Paritosh says don’t be disheartened mum. Chandrika says our fate is not good. Komal is upset. Hasmukh is anxious and meets Daai. He asks whats the news. She says Komal is not pregnant. Hasmukh is happy and thanks the Lord. Dilip does not understand all this. Hasmukh gives some money to Daai. She leaves. Dilip asks whats all this, why are you happy. Hasmukh says yes, I m happy because Vaishnav family is still in the game to win. If jai agrees for his second marriage. Dilip says he won’t be ready. Hasmukh says the Lord will do some miracle that jai gets ready for marriage.

Parul is happy that jai ate the prasad. The pandit praises Dhara. He says which no one can do, Dhara can do it easily. Dhara comes to Parul and says jai took the prasad with left hand. Parul says it does not matter to me as he has eaten the prasad after so many years. Dhara is shocked. jai says lets go, I m getting late. Parul says coming. Parul blesses her and says you did what I could not do in six years. She says you have to come to haveli from today evening, so come on time. Dhara says jai ate so little prasad and Parul is so happy, whats the reason.

jai asks Parul why is she laughing. He says Dhara took Aarvi’s name so I ate it. She says I did not ask you why you ate the prasad. Parul talks on phone and tells jai that its Dilip’s call. She says he asked you to go to mill first to distribute gifts to everyone. jai says don’t tell this to anyone about the prasad. Parul laughs and says fine I won’t say. Ketki talks to Aarvi and is making Rangolis.

Ansubaa and other women are making the shagun ready. Ansuabaa says we have to send this shagun plate to Chandrika too as we are related. Everyone are shocked. Ketki says why Chandrika, this time what they did with Aarvi, should we still send them the shagun. Ramila agrees with Ketki. Ansubaa says but we can’t forget this Chandrika is related to us, we have to do our duty.

Chandrika throws the shagun. Paritosh says we have to send them the shagun too. He plans something evil.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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