3 november 2016-ishqbaaz


guys i m here with some of the observation n some of my thoughts…though i wont really comment abt rumya..cuz idk..their story is unpredicatble

bt shivika..it is! now i dont like ladhaai n jhagra n mistrust n sepertion of shivika bt what i feel after watching today’s epi n precap is that annika will continously try to find proofs n she wil bt tia being more clever will do something tht all her proofs etc..turn against her..soon after 3-4 failures by annika…the OM will mistrust her n shivaay’s trust wud be greatly broken..n she will move away from the OM listening cruel words from shivaay n getting dissapointment by othrs,maybe…bt i think…i just think,i might be wrong…
bt while leaving she would say something tht would make shivaay angry..n he would stay for a long time..bt since annika is annika for shivaay she wud actually plant a seed of doubt…soon shivaay will find abt tia n he will realize tht he messed up things again n how wrong he was..n he should have trusted her..bt then also he wont realize his luv bt actually do things n trials for her forgiveness…tht will bring forward the promo..n annika will continously reject..n after that when things turn normal shayad kuch baat bann jaae n they pro….
bt i think this thing alone will take 4 months atleast..even if i calculate atleast 2 weeks diwali+ (2 already) 2/3 weeks tia+1 week tia bhaanda phod n annika moving+ 1 week anger n finding truth,maybe at last moment+ 2/3 or more weeks manana….

that very rough bt i heard jealousy track coming up..n m so happy…bt i dont want this to hapen since i dont like seeing leads cry n getting seperate..bt i atleast want shivaay not to shout on her n show gr8 mistrust..bt it will…..

btw serials bhi kitne ajeeb hoti hai galti se bhi galat pair ko pehle kalash ya koi rasam nhi krni chaheye..
bt i seriously dont want any hate or zabardastii marriage of shivika…they r my fav..n i dont mind saying i will stop seeing show if they spoil shivika

abt acp i thought he had come to investigate gayatri case but yaha toh he is doing his own raas leela..girl must be someone imp.for himm…
good to see om’s story..

n romi devi ..lol

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  1. This is yr point of view r really going to happn

  2. This is yr point of view r really going to happn

  3. Ishqkum

    Nice dr

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