3 alag alag alag prem kahani (part-9)


Hey guys moni is here. I am so sorry i know u people are angry on me but i cannot upload the ff because i lost my grandma. I love her a lot & i am missing her. I know it is awkward but i want come out from that tragedy so in order to make up my mind today finally i am continuing my ff. So shall we start now.

I hope u guys will understand & support me. Thanks for your valuable comments.

Recap in short

Ragsan’s engagement, swara’s kidnap , her escape from there.

Flashback is going on. All are waiting at ragini’s house for house. But sanskaar’s parents are not seen. Ragini & aaru are tensed about swara. Police also will be seen waiting for her.

Then after sometime swara came to home. She is in such a poor state with pale face, improper hair. She is so dull but with full of anger in her eyes. By seeing her rags & aaru will come to her & hugs her tight. Swara also hugs them & cries hard.

Sanskaar is happy seeing her. He come to her to talk to her but she stops him by showing hand.

Swara: No sanskaar maheshwari don’t u dare come to me.

Sanskaar, ragini & aaru are hell shocked.

Ragini: Swara what happened to you? Why are you talking with sanskaar like that?

Swara: Because he deserves it di. First tell him to get lost from here.

Aaru : Di please tell us what happened? Y are u like this? Who kidnapped u? And y are u saying jiju to leave.

Swara : Aaru u don’t know anything. He is the reason for today what we are. Just ask him to leave.

Ragini: But swara…

Swara gets angry & she holds his collar & pushes him out of the house. She says ” never ever meet my di & us in my life go to hell.” She closes the door.

Flash back ends.

Sanskaar stops saying & both laksh & aryan are shocked listening this.

Laksh was confused about whole story & thinks what happened that day which leads swara hates sanskaar a lot.

Aryan: Bhai what happened after that. Who kidnapped swara?

Sanskaar : Don’t know aryan i tried so many times to talk to ragini & aaru but they never said anything & ragini is not even talking to me.

Laksh : But bhai we can see that ragini bhabi is still loving u.

Sanskaar : I know lucky she loves me more than me. But y swara told that i am a murderer i have to know about it.

Laksh: Don’t know how she is now.

Sanskaar & aryan are shocked by his word.

Aryan: Lucky bhai do u know her before?

Lucky: No but i just met her today.

Aryan: Bhai i promise me & lucky bhai will surely try to know the reason behind swara’s hatred towards u. There is one person who will tell us the truth.

Lucky: Who is it aryan ?

Aryan: Is there one. But very tough to handle. They will have a trio hug.

Here ragini’s house.

Swara is still in unconscious state. Ragini will take aaru out of her room.

Ragini: Aaru i am warning u for the last time. Next time ever u won’t talk rudely to swara. See her state. U know if she get tensed she can go to truama.

Aaru: I am sorry di but today today fault is swara di’s. She is not even trying to understand ur situation. It is wrong with u right.

Ragini : No aaru for me my life is not important. The thing which hurt my sis is not mine forever. Even if it is sanskaar.

Aaru: Stop this nonsense di. I love u both. U can’t sacrifice ur happiness for us. I will never let u do this. No matter what swara di have to face the truth that u love jiju.

Ragini: Enough aaru i will not spare u if any thing happened to swara. Be careful.

She leaves from there. Aaru is hurt but she calms down. She then thinks ” sorry di. But i want to see ur happiness. I promise i will never hurt swara di but also u. I will set everything. But it is difficult to handle. ”

Screen ends on showing decided faces of both aara.


Two cars will be seen coming & stops in an isolated area in opposite directions. From one car one boy will be seen getting down wearing cool glasses & in another car one girl will be seen getting down wearing cool suit.

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  1. Crystal089

    awesome yaar glad to u see back waiting to know why swara hates sanky…….. Update soon
    hope u are fine take care dear i can understand how it feels i was also going through same when lost my grandpa we were very close miss him
    we can’t change past but we can make future better they would be sad seeing us sad take care

    1. Thanks for your support crystal & sure i will update soon ???

  2. Sreevijayan

    Nice update dr

    1. Hi sree thank u ☺☺☺

  3. AMkideewani

    Superb dear????
    I know the feeling, when someone loses their loved ones???

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  4. after a long gap ur updating dr……….. Feeling sad for ragsan………

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  5. Sindhura

    Dont feel bad try yo divert your mind
    Nice ff

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  6. Asra

    awesome dear…

    1. Thanq asra

  7. Nice update. I’m missing ur ff so much..why swara hates sanky..plz reveal the truth..and I think nothing happened ragsan…plz add more ragsan scenes….brothers bonding are super..waiting for next part soon… Update regularly…

    1. Thanku suhani ???

  8. suprbbb

    1. Thanq pooja ☺☺☺

  9. Try to divert ur duties….I know it’s very painful but past will never come…coming to ur ff..awesome epi…sanlakaryan bonding was mindblowing….l like Aara character….keep rocking….waiting for ur update….take care….

    1. Thanku fira ☺☺?

  10. Moni_ragz

    Welcome back.. jus keep trying to distract urself.. nice update..

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    Itsssssss awsmmm missed it

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      Hey silent _reader thanq ???

  13. A.xx

    wonder why swara reacted like that or who made her think like that but because of her ragsan are suffering and i think the person aaryan was talking about was aru,,,,,,
    loved it and post soon.xx

    1. Mounika

      Thanq a.xx ???

  14. Inu

    Superb epi

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    awwww feeling sad for u but stay strong dear and loved todays part

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  16. Hemalattha

    my condolence to you dear.i know and can fell that kind of pain dear.don’t worry your grandma will always with be happy and your grand ma also will happy dear.this part really amazing.continue,

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      Thanq hema it means a lotttt ???

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