3 alag alag alag prem kahani (part-8)


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Now lets start.

Flashback is going on.

That day arrived which is engagement of sanskaar & ragini. All are feeling very happy for them. The hall is beautifully decorated. First sanskaar is invited to sit. He is in blue & red color sherwani. Looking so hot & handsome.

Then our ragini enters feeling so shy & nervous. She is in golden color lehenga which brings even more brightness in her face. Besides her both swara & aaru bringing her. They are also beautiful one with red & black lehenga & another with pink lehenga.

Sanskaar sees ragini for the first time & he constantly falls in love with her. Ragini after sitting beside her sees him. She also cutely loves him. Then engagement is done.

Swara & aaru perform dance on song nachde ne saare song from baar baar dekho. (I love this song. A perfect celebration song right ???)

They also joins ragsan in middle & whole family rejoice.

After few days upto now ragsan have become good lovers. Swara & aaru are busy regarding their studies. One day swara is kidnapped suddenly. Ragini , aaru & their parents worried for her so much.

Sanskaar tried to console her so much. But she cannot. They tried so much to search but all in vain. After one week when ragini , aaru & sanskaar are busy in searching swara in mean time ragini’s parents are also missing.

This time ragini & aaru was completely collapsed. They cried a lot. No one is giving hope to find their parents & their sister. Sanskaar’s parents also trying their level best to find them.

Then after one week aaru is seen sitting sad holding her family photo. Then someone rangs door bell she hears it & goes to open the door. Then she sees police arrived.

Aaru: Inspector what happened do u got any info about my di & parents.

Inspector : Well miss aradhya. Is miss ragini is here.

Then ragini came with sanskaar.

Ragini : Yes inspector what happened? Do u find any clue.

Insp: Sorry to say miss ragini we found two bodies near jungle in city outskirts.

Aaru: What ???

Insp: Yes ragini ji. But we are not sure that they are your parents are not. So you two should come to hospital once.

Ragini is in deep shock that she is not even responding. Sanskaar also in shock he tries to talk to her but she is in faint state. Aaru comes to her.

Aaru: Di did u listen what he is saying? No di just tell him they are not papa & mom. Tell them to leave di.

Ragini then moves. Aaru cries by hugging her. She also cries.

Sanskaar : Ragini i think we should go & see them.

Aaru: Jiju what are you saying they can’t be my parents. Please atleast u don’t say that.

Sanskaar : I can understand aaru but we can be sure if we see them.

Ragini: Yes we should go. Lets leave.

They goes to hospital & checks them & they are shocked to see them because they are her parents. Aaru & ragini are shocked & cries a lot.
Sanskaar & his family consoles them.

Ragini asks inspector about swara but they told her that they cannot found her. Ragini & aaru are alone & depressed.

After few days one day swara is seen running on road & some people following her. She runs so long & she will stop near one house. Goons will come near her but she hides & they leaves from there.

She goes in that house & request them to just make one call. Then she calls ragini. Ragini is in her deep thoughts not even responding to her call. Swara is trying trying but all in vain. Finally she prays to god to please help her. Then she calls her this time ragini sees her phone but thinks unknown number & ok she thinks to lift.

Swara: Hello ….. hello ragini di..

Ragini is shocked but also happy by hearing swara voice.

Ragini: Swara….. swara where are u ? Just tell me where are u i will come there.

Swara: No di u can’t come here it will be risk for you. I will come home.

Ragini: But swara….. hello… hello…. swara i can’t your voice.

Swara: Hello di…. hello…. can u hear me. Then call will be cut.

Swara thinks to go to her home as soon as possible. She thinks ” i have to say everything to u di. We are in danger. I have to save u & aaru.”

Here ragini thinks “hope swara should be fine please god help her”.

Damakedhar entrance of swara & shocks.

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